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In celebration of Earthy Day, we thought we'd share a couple of earth-friendly projects we've been working on here at Anvil Studios.
Nice Reusables, Inc. asked Anvil Studios to design the world's first truly easy to clean, environmentally friendly, highly sustainable, and ultra-low carbon footprint stainless steel water bottle. ALEX, which stands for Always Live EXtraordinarily, is made from recycled + recyclable materials, and features Clean Seam Technology; a patent-pending mid-body split allowing for super easy cleaning. The CST split also allows the base half to nest inside the top half, saving space during shipping, storage + traveling. ALEX comes in two sizes + will launch on May 2nd, but is making a special appearance in honor or Earth Day. Stay tuned to learn where you can get your ALEX bottle!
NiceReusables, Inc

ReSource Fitness sells retrofitted elliptical trainers + stationary bikes that convert your workout into electricity and then puts it back into the grid. Anvil Studios was hired to design + develop a patent-pending approach to give life to this vision. To accomplish this task we partnered with Ethan Albright, mechanical engineer, + David Iverson, electrical engineer. Units are currently featured at The Green Microgym in Portland.
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