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Introducing the Iota Flex designed by Anvil Studios.

Flex is a Personal Mobile Hub that uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly pair with non-cellular, android-based devices (such as tablets, netbooks, or MIDs) to enable them to become cellular phones. Instead of racing to find your cellphone when it rings, imagine being able to answer the same call on your flat panel TV or eBook reader.
recently debuted at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and the 2010 GSM World Conference in Barcelona, Spain

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Iota, Inc. wanted the design to be simple, ultra-small, and iconic. Anvil Studios took the requirements further to encourage interaction with an otherwise invisible device. Our concepts explored unique and interactive forms that addressed fiddle factor, wearability, and the unexpected. We want people to look at this new device and say, "That's a cell phone? Cool!"

Our design solution is a fun, wearable, and irresistibly tactile device that begs to be noticed. The overmolded body is intentionally designed with flexing zones to allow it to open, spring back, and loop around a strap, a wrist, or whatever makes sense to you. The magnetic clasp magically secures the device in place and provides protection for the connectors. And the Bluetooth connectivity gives you the freedom to connect to a variety of devices while stylishly still hanging from the strap of your bag.

Flex will change the way you communicate. Iota, Inc.
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