March 2009
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Dear Member: 
We hope you enjoy our first California Heart Connection newsletter!  You'll find information on our upcoming picnic as well as other important information so please read on!
9th Annual Picnic
2008 Picnic water play
We're celebrating 9 years of support and information to families! 
Please join us at our 9th Annual Heart Picnic for fun, food and friends! (Getting soaked is optional!)
Date:  Sunday, May 31st (after Memorial Day)
Time:  11am - 3pm
Location:  William Mason Park in Irvine
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9th Annual Picnic
Inspiring Stories - Athletes with CHD
Warm Weather Tips
Online Support Group
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Athletes with CHD - New on the site!
Shaun WhiteWant to be inspired?  Read about some amazing young athletes who happened to have congenital heart defects!  You'll find information and links to stories on
  • Shaun White, Olympic snowboarder with TOF (pictured at right)
  • MacKinzie Kline - a teenage golfer with single ventricle who is raising awareness of CHD
  • Several other athletes including soccer, basketball, baseball players and more!   
Warm Weather Tips
sunWarm weather is here!  Many children with CHD get overheated in hot weather.  Drinking lots of water (even before thirsty), taking breaks in the shade, and wearing hats can help a lot. 
Swimming can also help cool kids down, but because of circulation issues, some children with CHD get very cold while swimming - even in fairly warm water.  Many parents have found that wetsuits can help keep children warm while swimming.  There are several different companies that sell infant and children's wetsuits, and one of them is Warm Belly wetsuits.  If you tell them it is for a child with a heart condition they may waive the shipping cost.
For more tips and information, please see our Resource Guide and informational handouts
Online Support Group
Our online support group has really grown and become very active.  Many members prefer to just "listen" while others ask questions or offer support.  We'd like to invite you to join us, as we often share great information and tips that are applicable to many of us. 
Just go to the online support group at Yahoo and sign in. If you don't have a Yahoo ID, just create one.  (Please use the email address listed on your membership form - the support group will NOT recognize any other email addresses.)  If you wish to use a different email address, please send us an email first, with your first and last name and the email address you'd like to use for the online support group.   
Thank you again for making California Heart Connection such a caring and supportive place for families.  Please feel free to contact us with any feedback on our first newsletter, our website, or events.  
We hope to see you at the picnic!
Debbie Hilton Kamm - debhilton@aol.com
Karin Yospe - theyospes@aol.com
California Heart Connection
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