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Spring, 2010
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I am honored to be the Official Fitness Trainer of the Miss Illinois Scholarship Association and to be a  part of the health and fitness journey of all of these fine young ladies!
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Patti Ploke ran the 8k Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday March 20th in 1 hr. and 10 minutes. She filled in for her sick sister-n-law completeing her first race EVER! Way to go Patti!  
Congrats to Melanie Bogue who worked out with Staci through her entire pregnancy and just recently had a baby girl! 
Way to go Maggie Pawelek and Tammy Prather! Maggie received 3rd place at the 2010 NPC Mid-IL Body Building and Figure Championship! She also received 1st place at the 3rd Annual ABA Natural IL Show where Tammy took 3rd place. Both ladies competed in Firgure, while our very own Staci Boyer took 1st place in Bikini! Work it ladies!!
Competition Group
 The Ladies pose below with Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler!
Jay Cutler
Dave Pady
has lost 100lbs since last summer! Amazing Dave!
Brian Krieling continues to Motiv8 with yet another 5K! Thanks for the great support Brian!
Brian Krieling 
 Mel was
Conratulations to my beautiful twin nieces! Class of 2010!,
Nieceson April 10th.  
  Welcome Spring!
If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.  ~Anne Bradstreet

My Personal Message... 

Sometimes self doubt can bring great growth. If you let it.....

Imagine standing on an uneven surface - a Bosu, or wobble board, or one foot... the simple act of you being off balance, and regaining your balance allows you to become stronger. This in fact is actually part of the exercise and part of the strengthening process.

Sure, I don't want you to doubt yourself on a regular basis - BUT if you find that you are in that mood or that MODE - catch yourself and ask yourself WHY?  There is always a good reason and if you think about it there is always an opportunity for growth - right there, right at that moment.  If you let it happen.....

For example, if you find that you are insecure about a situation, or a person. Ask why? It may not be that that person is any better than you - it may just mean that you have subconsciously identified areas that you need to work on within yourself.  So why not take the opportunity and grow from that self- discovery. 

Remember Strength is not defined by the absence of moments of weakness, but more in our ability to overcome those moments.  In times of great imbalances, and self-doubt - if you choose to grow and become stronger as a result - you will.

Until next month...
KNOW that Motiv8n U - Motiv8s Me!
Your Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach
Staci Boyer
Motiv8n U 

Rain or Shine it's Motiv8n U Time! The St. Patricks Day Parade was a success! 
Make a difference NOW! 
NCO Youth Organization
Hesed House
People's Resource Center
Triple Threat
Feed My Starving Children
Community Christian - My Church! -
Triple Threat Volunteer opportunities are available!
If you would like to volunteer with Staci as part of TEAM Motiv8nU please contact for more details.   May 8th proved to be a chilly but rewarding softball tournament. We stayed warm with our obstacle course, dance routines and hula hoop contests! Sound fun??
Contact us!


Next Event  is at Beaupre Elementary School (Ohio & Galena) Open Gym activities on May 17th

 Tripple Threat
Recipes Please!!

Ziploc Omelet Recipe




1 small ziploc freezer bag

4 egg whites per bag...or egg substitute

1/2 cup of your favorite veggies (Staci loves broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes) 


 Make it:


 1.Seperate egg whites and pour into ziplock bag coated with cooking spray.

 2.Squeeze air out of bag and zip.

 3.Place bag in rolling boiling water for exactly 13 minutes.

 4.Open bag and omelet should just roll right out!


Nutritional Information per serving

calories 101

fat .5g

carbs 6.5g

Food 4 Thought - Great  ways to eat my favorite foods!



Egg White Tips

1.       Put egg whites in a bowl, add salsa and frozen green veggie, add pepper mix and microwave for 2 min - remove, mix and microwave for 2 more min

2.       Blend in a blender 6 -8 egg whites, salsa, and green veggies, pepper if desired and pour into muffin tins. Bake in oven for 20 min at 350.

               Let cool, eat or freeze for later!


3.        Make number 1 and wrap in a spelt tortilla (if you are eating spelt instead of oats!)

4.        Finally the obvious egg white omelet - no need to grease the pan! Just use a non-stick!


Oat Tips

1.        You can eat your oats raw with a bit of natural sweetener or brown sugar Splenda

2.       Eat your oats raw and add berries - no need to cook or add milk or water

3.        You can mix your oats with your whey and a small amount of water - mix into a pudding/paste

4.       Finally eat the obvious cooked oatmeal but use water not milk!


                                                          Ezekiel Bread Tips

1.        Toast it - it tastes better

2.        If eating with any lean protein , place the protein on top of Ezekiel toast, add a slice of tomato, pico, salsa or simply spread on some grey poupon! YUMMY!

3.        Sprinkle a tiny bit of real organic grated parmesan cheese on top of the toast for side.



1.        Chop and eat raw - you can mix this with any protein and add Pico, peppers, salsa, tomatoes, or balsamic vinaigrette

2.        If you are cooking chicken in a pan - simply add chopped cabbage to the mix!

3.       Of course you can make this a salad or put the mixture into a spelt tortilla for a wrap!



1.        Use the foreman grill - from frozen to fantastic in 10 hot minutes

2.       Chop from the foreman or cook in a pan and chop after and mix with any green veggie - add salsa, Pico, peppers, or vinaigrette - make a salad, or wrap in a spelt tortilla

3.        Eat plain with grey poupon, or simply add some Pico, or place with topping of choice atop Ezekiel toast

4.       Grill on the bbq and season with lemon or lime juice or balsamic vinaigrette

5.       Place 4 frozen chicken breasts in a crock pot with 1 tub of Trader Joes Salsa - slow cook for 4-5 hours! Shredded yummy Mexican style healthy chicken to eat anyway you like!



1.       Eat raw - chop it and put it in a cabbage or spinach salad - or eat alone

2.        Grill in a pan with chicken - or on the bbq - or on the foreman




1.        White Albacore tuna in water, add pepper, chopped celery, 1 spoonful of fat free cottage cheese, and chopped tomato - wrap in spelt, place atop Ezekiel toast  - eat by itself

2.       Mix this combo with spinach or cabbage or broccoli for a great salad!


Ground Turkey / Turkey Burgers

1.       Brown lean ground turkey in a pan - eat with any green veggie, mix in a salad, mix into egg whites, add salsa, or Pico. Put in a spelt wrap

2.        Turkey burgers can be eaten just like any of the chicken tips!


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Sharon Asks..

Is it better to stretch before or after a workout? 

In the past we were always told to warm-up and stretch before exercise and many people especially runners would simply start stretching "cold"  to save time - in a perfect world it would be great to stretch providing you are nice and warm as often as you can. Most people do not dedicate enough time to stretching and only throw in a few minutes at the end of a workout.  Typically a good rule of thumb is - if you are short on time - stretch after. If you have the time do more moving stretches not ballistic but fluid movements after a warm-up and before your workout and then static (still - holds) stretches post workout.


Some tips to get bikini ready! Give yourself 3 weeks. Ready - Set - Go!


Many ask - can I do a detox or a fast? Well, I have found one product and in my professional opinion one that can be trusted. The 3 day Jay Robb Fruit flush. You can download his e-book for 5$ at this site.



Now the ultimate tip is to embrace who you are, be the best you that you can be and find a suit that accentuates your assets.


Victoria Secret has a variety of suits for every body type -


Target - gives a wide variety of options at a very affordable price.


Finally if you are looking for an edgier bikini option try http://www.HotMiamiStyles.Com


Now the hard part! Exercise and nutrition are ALWAYS the key to your best physique and here are some tips of the trade to follow.


Take your weight and divide by 5 or 6 and eat that amount of protein in grams per meal. Rule of thumb for the ladies is to stay below 30grams of protein a meal.  Proteins are essential for muscle growth, but think about it as helping you to rid belly fat! So essentially your Abs workout will be done in the kitchen!


NOW - limit your complex carb choices to every other meal, only one serving, and eat these items

Quaker old fashioned oats, with berries INSTEAD of cereal

Ezekiel toast (1 slice) instead of wheat bread, bagels, English muffins etc.

Spelt tortillas - INSTEAD of wheat or flour choices

Sweet Potato - INSTEAD of white potato, pasta, French fries,

Brown Rice - INSTEAD of white rice


Eat as many GREEN veggies as you want - drink water ALL day and take Flax oil and COD liver oil to ensure you are getting healthy fats! You do want great skin and hair with your bikini body.


Incorporate at a minimum 2 (60) minute zone 2 cardio sessions. YOUR age - 220 X  .75 = HR range goal


Add in 1 interval program to your week - this can be a kickboxing or dance class that you enjoy or even a spin class.


You must strength train - keep it simple and split your muscle groups into something like this

Leg day (4-6 exercises) 4 sets of 16 at a challenging but not too heavy weight

Back / Shoulders (3 exercises each) 4 sets of 16 at a challenging but not too heavy weight

Chest/Bi/Tri (3 exercises each) 4 sets of 16 at a challenging but not too heavy weight


You will always benefit from a yoga/Pilates or Yogalaties Fusion class.


Remember CONSISTENCY is the key to success - track your food and exercise to ensure that you are doing what you think you are doing!


Be kind to yourself, and be patient!

Be realistic - your bikini body is just that YOUR bikini body! Embrace it - Now get to work!

Some fun things Staci is doing around town


Naperville School District 203 announces Partnership with Staci! 

Staci is honored to have signed a Business Partnership with Naperville School District 203. She will be offering her services on a wide variety of levels. From developing unique and motivational physical education programs and teaching hip-hop at the elementary schools, to guest speaking at career day, volunteering with REACH,PE4Life, and working with local Girl Scout troops.  Please contact Staci@Motiv8nU.comto schedule an event.

Hip -Hop Class at Naper School last month was a lot of fun and super Motiv8n!
Naper Kids Action            Naperville Kids Motiv8n U 

Upcoming Events


Staci is heading to New York to do some Motiv8n! May 25th - 28th

Staci will be Signing her book Motiv8n' U at Book Expo America in New York!

In-Booth signings on Wednesday the 26th  from 3pm - 4pm 

Traditional signings in the Autographing Area on Thursday the 27th 

Staci: Table 8, 10am - 11am

The BEA is held at:
655 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001-1114

Upon returning from New York - Staci will be in Springfield for the weekend with the Miss Illinois Organization presenting important Miss Illinois and Miss America - Health and Fitness Pageant prep information.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world!
Mahatma Gandhi
Staci ~
Staci Boyer
Your Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach
Motiv8n U Personal Training & Wellness Coaching