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Harken Radial Winches
Radial WinchesWinches Haven't See Changes Like these in Years  

Combining advanced technology and materials with the creative minds of Harken Italy engineers, Harken's Radial winch line is revolutionary and breaks through to the next level in winch design.
Radial Revolution
Press Release
Harken Hydraulics
Formally Opens for Business
Harken Hydraulic Cylinders
Despite industry-wide difficulties in a down economy, Harken Yacht Equipment has announced strong plans for the full introduction of a new division focused entirely on hydraulic systems and components for the sailing market
Harken Hydraulics: Setting a New Course
Press Release
Evolution of the TTR AirBlock®
From Good Idea to Award WinnerTTR Blocks 

Read Ethan Brown's article on the development of the TTR AirBlock® - from the design team's first "good idea" tested in the 2003 America's Cup, to the award-winning block used by Grand-Prix racers, to the TTR technology found in Harken's Black Magic® Big Boat line.
TTR AirBlock®
Electric FurlingHarken Answers Your Questions
About Electric Furling

Is Electric Furling easy to install? Can I upgrade from a manual system? How much maintenance is there?  We answer these and many other of your questions about Electric Furling, like why installing it on your boat is not only a great idea, but lots easier than you think.
Electric Furling Q & A
Tech Team's Best Refit
Electric Furling Simplifies Sailing

Converting Unit 2 Cruising, or MKIV Unit 3 manual furlers to powered push-button operation is pretty darned easy with a Harken Upgrade Kit. The kit includes the lower furling unit, a 12-or 24-volt control box, switches, and circuit breaker. Also included is a cordless drill adapter and emergency crank handle. The toggle and link plates are sold separately. In many cases the wiring in your boat's bow is already in place for a windlass, allowing you to splice into that system when you upgrade.
Pelagic Expeditions
High Latitude Exploration 

Pelagic ExpeditionsLooking for adventure? Skip Novak's Pelagic Expeditions won't disappoint. These "go anywhere, do anything" voyages specialize in exploring the globe's remote high-latitude areas, including the Antarctic. Both sailing vessels, Pelagic and Pelagic Australis, are comfortable, built and equipped to sail safely, and require minimal maintenance. Which expedition is right for you? Their outstanding library of slides will help you choose. Bookings for the 2020/11 season are in full swing.


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