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A Hallmark for US Design Firm and Turkey's RMK Marine

Nazenin VHarken has supplied the 52 meter (171 ft) Sparkman & Stephens-designed flybridge aluminum ketch, Nazenin V,  with hydraulics, winches and deck hardware. "Our team worked closely with our colleagues at Sparkman & Stephens and RMK throughout this collaborative project so Harken could properly enter the megayacht sector," explained Peter Harken. "We never take a project like this lightly, and coming in as newcomers in the hydraulics field, we have worked tirelessly to make sure everything is right."  Nazenin Deck Gear.
Aboard Oceanographic Research Vessel

Data Cable BlockA sailor, who also works at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, came to us with a request to build several strong, lightweight blocks that were anti-corrosive, self-lubricating, and could handle the marine environment long-term. They would be used to lead cable overboard from the boat and to deliver scientific instruments to the ocean floor. This challenge was right up our alley and we jumped at the chance. The blocks we designed are really big with 500 mm and 750 mm sheave diameters. Why so large? Find  the answer at:  Cable Data Blocks.

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genoa lead cars
Variety of Styles Functions, Load Ranges

Custom Genoa Lead CarHarken Genoa Lead Cars encompass a wide variety of styles, functions, and load ranges, from the elegance of mirror-polished stainless steel, to llightweight, strong aluminum cars with soft attachments  Roller bearings and ULC sheaves handle loads as high as 66,150 lb (30,000 kg.) Brochure
Halyard Lock
Wire Halyards on Large Cruisers

Halyard LockThis strong, aluminum fitting frees up your winch to trim the sail (Instead of holding the halyard tight) and ensures your main always hoists to the top of the mast, locks in place, and stays there for the duration of your cruise. Brochure
new projects

Lady B-Dubois design, Vitters Shipyard build.

Wally 100-Frers/Wally design.


Wally 130-Wally/Soto Acebal design.

Lionheart-J-Boat (45 m) Hoek design, Claussen Jachtbouw build.

X-50 (49.7 m) Dubois design, Fitzroy Yachts build.

No Raised Components

In-Deck Loop PadeyeOur low-profile padeyes are recessed into the deck with no raised components for lines to catch on. Tough lightweight construction carries 5 to 12-plus tons. Perfect for your soft attachments. Brochure  
1145 Winch
Holds Loaded Sheets; Speeds line Retrieval

1145 Self-Tailing WinchThis wide-body aluminum winch allows sheets to be held securely under high loads and speeds line retrieval when sheeting. Winches can be driven by pedestal or hydraulic power and come in self-tailing and top-cleat configurations. Brochure

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