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MARCH 2009
McConaghy Boats, Alfa Romeo

McConaghy Boats Pushes the Envelope

Since it was founded in 1967, McConaghy Boats has pushed the envelope in design, material, and build technology. Yachts such as the Alfa Romeos, ICAP Leopard 3, Wild Oats, VO70 Green Dragon, and dinghies like the new Melges 20 and Mach 2 Moth are all products of this diverse yard. How does the build process differ between a race boat and performance cruiser? What research and testing goes into each project? http://www.harken.com/interviews/McConaghy_Boats.php

Whitbread 1993-94 winner Endeavor

Volvo 2001-02 winner Illbruck Challenge

Volvo 2005-06 winner ABN AMRO ONE

Whitbread Around the World Race

Harken became an around-the-world player in the 1989-90 Whitbread, equipping six Whitbread Maxi's (including the second place finisher Fisher & Paykel New Zealand), with blocks, sheaves and titanium fasteners.

In the 1993-94 race the new generation Harken AirBlocks® designed for the 1992 America's Cup were on board 10 of the 14 boats, including both the Maxi class winner, New Zealand Endeavor , and the W60 Yamaha, winner of a new division of "box rule" racers that have evolved into the boats we see today.

Volvo Ocean Race

In 2001-02 the Whitbread became the Volvo Ocean Race, with Germany's VO60 Illbruck Challenge taking home line honors. Said U.S. skipper John Kostecki, "Our Harken winches and hardware performed so well we could trust the gear and focus 100 percent on the job. At each stop, Harken's team was with us servicing winches, checking deck gear and keeping our Harken engines fine-tuned."

Under skipper Mike Sanderson, ABN AMRO ONE dominated as the VO70 fleet sprinted around the world in 2004-05. "Our winches and hardware were faultless throughout our winning Volvo Ocean Race campaign on ABN AMRO ONE. But then again, our trust in the gear has become so high we never expected anything less from Harken."

In the 2008-09 Volvo, Harken equipped 7 of the 8 boats with TTR® carbon winch systems, CRX travelers & jib cars.
Ericsson 3 Racing Team
Ericsson 4 Racing Team
Puma Ocean Racing
Green Dragon Racing Team
Telefónica Blue
Telefónica Black
Delta Lloyd

Related Projects
TP52 Class
Artemis 2009—hydraulics, hardware, winches
Emirates Team New Zealand—hardware, winches
Matador 2009 —hardware

Grand Prix Service Team Spotlight
Massimilliano Ronchetti

Massimilliano Ronchetti
Volvo Ocean Race & International Regatta Support Manager

Max manages the support team that meets the Volvo fleet at each stop-over getting the fleet ready for the next leg. He checks and services hardware, disassembles, cleans and relubricates winches, and solves any technical issues crew bring to his attention.


Chantal Coggiola

Chantal Coggiola
Global Service Coordinator & Logistics International Events Manager

Chantal is responsible for 2008-09 Volvo regatta logistics. Chantal has been on-site at each stop-over, servicing the equipment. She also coordinates communication between the offices, makes sure Harken gear clears customs, and that the right parts are delivered to the right boats.


Grand Prix Products

GP2 Battcar System

GP2 Battcar System

The GP2 Battcar system was developed in partnership with Spain's Telefónica Group for the Telefónica Volvo 70s Blue and Black. Harken engineers developed the geometry for the cars and track by modifying CB Captive ball bearing traveler technology so the batten cars could carry higher loads. "We received valuable input from the Telefónica team," said Dane Blackburn, custom engineering leader. "They have thousands of miles of ocean racing experience and we used this knowledge to help guide our design."


GP3 Battcar System GP3 Battcar System

The GP3 Battcar System was developed for the elite sailing team of the giant multihull Groupama 3. Based on its superb performance, the GP3 system has been chosen for a variety of racing machines, including the 98' (30 m) maxi Speedboat, and what is now the largest racing multihull ever built, the 131' (40 m) Banque Populaire V.



Global Tech Team

Regatta Service

November 2008 Newsletter

TTR AirBlock®

TTR AirBlock®

 Race-proven in America's Cup and Volvo Ocean Races, the versatile TTR AirBlock® is well-accepted by Grand Prix racers. This award winning block is 98% efficient under its maximum load, recovering the trimming speed other blocks lose to friction. The loop feature lets sailors tie it all together and lash everything to beckets, spriddles and spreachers.


1111 Winch

1111 Winch

This reliable winch features aerospace prepreg lamination and autoclave curing to maximize stiffness and strength of carbon fiber jaws and drum. Winch gears are titanium and 17-4PH stainless steel. http://tradeonly.harken.com/pdf/

Harken 606 Gear Box606 Gear Box

The 606 is designed for up to six-man, three-pedestal input. With a 98-percent efficiency rating and oil bath lubrication, this small box is virtually maintenance free. http://tradeonly.harken.com/pdf/606gearbox-lr.pdf

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