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Canon Andrew White writes...


Dear Friends,

Greetings and Blessings from base in Hampshire.

Ken, Micaiah, Jihad and I have just returned from Bradford. It was a very very good visit in a very different part of England.  We had a truly wonderful time, organised by Canon Sam Randall who I was at Cambridge with and have not seen since he left 22 years ago. He did a truly wonderful job.

In Bradford there is a huge Pakistani Muslim community. We met with Various Muslim leaders there and had a wonderful time at one of the Mosques.

I spoke at a great Anglican Church (St Peter's, Shipley) which is attended by one of our colleagues in Iraq, Ian Hearn. It was the first time I had seen him in the UK and it was great. I also spoke at the University of Bradford, which has the top peace department in the country.

On Sunday I spoke at the Abundant Life Centre in Bradford. I have to admit that some of my Anglican colleagues were not very happy with me going there. I also have to admit it was probably the best church that I have ever spoken at in the UK. The offering for our work was well over 5000 and the largest we had ever got from one service here in the UK.

Amongst many amazing things the highlight for me was seeing the home of the great Pentecostal leader Smith Wigglesworth. I have his well used Bible, as my Grandfather used to be his assistant. And the book I write after my next one will be with his grandson Henry who is a Dentist in Wimborne.

So I will go back to the Middle East this week. First to Lebanon for some American friends to have stem cell treatment then back to Baghdad, then to Synod in Cyprus back to Baghdad and finally to the USA so a rather hectic few weeks with at least 11 flights.

Well blessings for now. 

Andrew White

Canon Andrew White

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