The Buddha's Path to Happiness
An Insight Meditation (Mindfulness) Retreat
Robert Beatty
Eugene Oregon,
January 30, 2010
Golden Buddha CM

The Buddha taught that our essential nature is wise, loving and joyful. The key to revealing your true nature is found in self-awareness, love, forgiveness and compassion. For over 2,500 years the practice of Buddhist meditation has provided the skills to free oneself from anxiety, self-criticism, depression, fear, loneliness and the root causes of suffering.


 You do not have to become a Buddhist to practice Mindfulness meditation (Vipassana). You need only be willing to make the effort to pay attention to your life experience one moment at a time. Doing this you can learn to detach from moods, overcome your deepest fears, let go of the scripts from the past, and open to love for yourself and others.


Robert Beatty is a member of the first wave of Theravada Buddhist Teachers who brought the Dharma from Asia in the 1970's. His mission is to help others discover the profound ways Buddhist practices can transform one's life, reduce suffering and create happiness. Robert founded the Portland Insight Meditation Community where he is the guiding teacher.


When:  Saturday, January 30 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: Avalon Lodge, 5210 Canyon Drive in Eugene (Take W. Amazon Drive, turn left on Martin. Please park on Martin and walk up Canyon Drive (on the right).


Cost: $20 plus dana for the teachings.

Bring a sack lunch with a bit extra to share.  Cushions and chairs are available.You are also welcome to bring your own. You may want to dress for the weather for outdoor walking meditation.


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