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  May 2012  

Have you heard about the Sleeve.  This month, we will cover some basic and advanced topics related to the sleeve. 

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Sincerely,  Joseph A. Kuhn, MD

Is the Sleeve the BEST procedure?

The Sleeve is becoming a very common procedure for bariatric surgery.  WHO should have a sleeve?  Is it better than a bypass?  Is It Safer?

These are good questions.  Please see the link below for a video about the Sleeve. 

In general, we think of the sleeve as "in between" a band and a bypass.
Our experience shows that most people will lose about 70% of their excess weight at one year and usually regain a small amount to an average of 60% excess weight loss at 5 years.  

The main side effect is the risk of increased heartburn or gastric reflux.  We now are using manometry (pressure measurements of the esophagus) to help guide tightening of the valve or sphincter between the esophagus and the stomach. 

Gastric Sleeve  Dr Kuhn
Gastric Sleeve Dr Kuhn

  If you are interested, you can also see a presentation we made at a surgical meeting about a new sleeve technique that is safer.

Gastric Sleeve Safety Technique
Gastric Sleeve Safety Technique

    May 14, 2012
         7-9:00 pm, Medical City
          Children's Tower, Class A/B
          Second Monday of Month

   May 10, 2012
         7-8:30 pm, Baylor Park Lane
          2nd floor conference room
          Second Thurs of Month 




TOPIC FOR:      Medical City Support Group:

Plastic Surgery After Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Frederick Duffy

Dr. Duffy has tremendous experience and will share his opinions and recommendations with you

May 14, 7-9pm  Medical City, Childrens Tower Class A/B



TOPIC FOR:  Baylor Park Lane Support Group:



Success Stories--always good to Hear  


Another great topic to learn and connect with others.

May 10, 6:30-8:00 pm  2nd floor Conf Room






New Referrals

For new referrals, we will mail a DVD to a potential person who is considering their options or who simply wants to learn more about bariatric surgery.
You can Email our new patient coordinator to assist with mailings:
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Joseph Kuhn, MD,  FACS Medical Director

Gregory Barnes, MD, FACS

WLS Surgical Associates
Latest TV SPOT on Channel 11 with Dr. Kuhn, Discussing Options for Weight Loss surgery

Dr Kuhn was on TV last month to give an UPDATE on Bariatric Surgery in 2012.  What is NEW.

Update on Bariatric Surgery-2012
Update on Bariatric Surgery-2012

OAC Magazine
These articles are GOLDEN

DNA image

Obesity National Convention in DALLAS in October
this is the BEESSTT
We are incredibly happy to have the Obesity Action Coalition choose DALLAS as the location for the 2012 National Meeting.

This is unbelievable and wonderful.

We will coordinate with a Walk From Obesity at the same time.

Save the Date.
Register Early.

October 26-27, 2012

Dallas OAC meeting

Link to OAC National Meeting info

Darwin Debate Updated with good Review of Critique

darwinism and obesity

A final positive commentary about the article by Dr. Kuhn related to the challenges with Darwinism.

Link To Critique

Hope you are not too bored with this (like Dr. Kuhn's children)

Obesity Action
Obesity Action: Politics E-newsletter

If this were the only link on the newsletter, it would be wonderful.

StateWide Support Group Availability

The State Chapter has already put together a link to allow you to attend any of the "OPEN" Support group meetings throughout the state.

LINK to Support Groups in the State

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