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Green Needham Update:
July 2011
Upcoming Events
Green Communities Presentation to Needham Selectmen
July 26 7:25 pm

Needham summit on Energy and the Environment:
October 24
6:30 - 9:15 pm
Olin College
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About Green Needham
The Green Needham Collaborative is a community-based group bringing together people and organizations to build a more sustainable community through collaborative efforts on energy and the environment.
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Because it's summer, we'll keep it short and sweet.  This month, we present several opportunities to save money, save energy and be more comfortable in your home without breaking a sweat!

Green Communities Study Committee: Presentation to Selectmen July 26
The Green Communities Study Committee will present its report and recommendations on adopting the Stretch Energy Code and joining the Green Communities program to the Board of Selectmen at their July 26th meeting.

The Green Communities Study Committee is scheduled to present to the Selectmen at 7:25 pm. Be aware that the meeting can proceed more quickly (or slowly) than anticipated, so this time is approximate.

Please join us at the Selectmen's meeting to support this important step for our town.
Appliance Rebates Available Starting July 28
Another Massachusetts refrigerator and appliance rebate program begins on July 28th. As with last year's appliance rebate program, funding is limited. So don't miss this opportunity to get a $150 rebate on an energy-efficient refrigerator and $50 on an energy-efficient air conditioner


More information is available on our blog.  

GNC Grant Enables Free Energy Audit!  

Green Needham is honored to be selected to take part in this pilot program, which will enable Needham residents to take advantage of NSTAR's no-cost home energy assessments and to follow up with energy and money-saving efficiency upgrades that NStar will arrange and help pay for

Check this page on our web site to learn how to seize the opportunity!
Needham Summit on Energy and the Environment on October 24th: Save the Date!
A collaboration of Olin College, Needham League of Women Voters, and Green Needham.

The forum will include: interested citizens; town leaders; students from Olin, Wellesley, and Babson Colleges; Needham students; representatives from businesses, houses of worship, and community groups; and legislators.


Read more abut the summit on our web site.  

To paraphrase a former mayor of New York - "how're we doing?" Send us your thoughts and suggestions via e-mail or on our blog.


Michael Greis
Green Needham Collaborative
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