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Electric fans use 90 percent less energy than centralized air conditioning.

Energy Star-rated ceiling fans are 50 percent more efficient than conventional fan/light units.

Turn off all fans when there's no one in the room to increase energy savings.

From the Sierra Club:
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About Green Needham
The Green Needham Collaborative is a community-based group bringing together people and organizations to build a more sustainable community through collaborative efforts on energy and the environment.
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Being part of a supportive and engaged community makes it easier for us - as individuals and as a community - to take steps that advance energy savings, renewable energy and climate action.  But it may also make us wonder who else is out there. 

Quite a few people, as it turns out.  A few weeks ago, I went to
Washington with a group from around the country to meet with Senators on energy and climate change legislation. The breadth of the people, organizations and places represented in the group was impressive and encouraging. Read about them, and you may be surprised

I hope you won't be surprised to hear that It's been an active summer for Green Needham, as you'll see from the items below. 

We're also planning for a fast start in the fall, so please save the date to learn more about solar energy in the home at our first meeting on Monday evening, September 20th

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Seeds Sown for Needham Farm
Needham Community Farm

The Needham Community Farm is one step closer to becoming a reality thanks to a recent vote by the Needham School Committee.

At its last meeting, The Needham School Committee voted unanimously to move forward with an RFP process to license 1.25 acres of land to an agricultural, educational program at the Nike Site.
Green Kids Needham Receives Grant

Started three years ago, Green Kids Needham now operates programs in all Needham elementary schools, including the Saint Joseph School.

Green Kids Needham works to educate parents and families through projects designed to connect what children learn at school with what they do at home.

A recent grant of $7,500 has allowed more Green Kids programs to be implemented in the Needham schools. Read more...
Energy Meters Available from Needham Library

Green Needham Collaborative and NSTAR have donated two Kill-a-Watt EZ meters to the Needham Public Library for loan to library patrons. These handy devices allow you to measure the energy used by the appliances and other electric and electronic devices in your home.

See our blog entry to learn more about the meters and how they can help you save money and energy.
To paraphrase a former mayor of New York - "how're we doing?". Send us your thoughts and suggestions via e-mail or on our blog.
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Michael Greis, Chair
Green Needham Collaborative