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Wondering what to do with your #5 plastics, such as yogurt, cottage cheese and sour cream containers?  The new Whole Foods Market on Route 1 in Dedham  takes these #5 plastics, which are not accepted at the Needham RTS.

For more on the Whole Foods program, visit the blog post on our website.

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About Green Needham
The Green Needham Collaborative is a community-based group bringing together people and organizations to build a more sustainable community through collaborative efforts on energy and the environment.
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So much has happened since early May when I sent out the special notice about
our EPA Environmental Merit award that it was hard to wait for our next newsletter to let you know. Though it's only a drop in the e-mail bucket, we hope doing that makes it just a bit easier for you to take a minute to catch up with what's happening in energy and the environment in Needham. Our blog is another way to do that - and to tell us and others what you think. Please check it out and bookmark it for future reference.
Becoming a Massachusetts Green Community

Check out the letter to the Needham Board of Selectmen, as published in the Needham Times on June 3rd. The letter describes several reasons why Needham should become a Massachusetts Green Community, including access to grant funds, cost savings for residents and the town, a reduced carbon footprint and enhanced appeal to prospective residents and business.
Temporary Zoning Approved for Wind Project
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Evaluation of the potential for wind power at Needham's Recycling and Transfer Station took an important step forward when Town Meeting approved two zoning articles permitting the erection of a temporary Meteorological Tower to measure the wind at the RTS.
Needham Public Facilities Dept. wins Green Award

Needham's Public Facilities Department was recognized with a Green Business award at the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce's 2010 Green Business awards luncheon.
To paraphrase a former mayor of New York - "how're we doing?". Send us your thoughts and suggestions via e-mail or on our blog.
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