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We designed this eNewsletter to make it convenient for you to forward the information to your employees so they are aware of the programs and resources that ODS has to offer.This newsletter has only been sent to OEBB school administrative staff. 

Digital ID cards


In April, we announced the brand new ODS ID cards. We are happy to announce that we have completed the transition and all OEBB members now have access to the new card. With this transition, members now have the convenience of accessing a digital ID card. The card is offered as a PDF in myODS and as a free app from smartphones app stores. With these new digital formats, ID cards will always be right at OEBB members' fingertips.


Rewards for going digital


We want to reward members for going green with a drawing for a $25 gift card to giftcertificates.com. To be eligible for the drawing, all a member has to do is access their digital ID card (either the PDF version or the app) between now and June 30, 2012. Once completed, they will automatically be entered in a drawing for the $25 gift card.


To learn more about the benefits of a digital ID card and how members can access two versions of their card, please visit our digital ID card page on the ODS website. To browse member FAQs, please visit the ODS website. Spread the word!

Northwest Prescription Drug Consortium

ODS has partnered with the Northwest Prescription Drug Consortium, a partnership between the Oregon and Washington prescription drug programs, to offer individuals savings on prescription medications. Any Oregon or Washington state resident may join with no cost to enroll or enrollment charge. There are no age or income requirements. It's just one more way that ODS offers more than coverage.


With the discount card members can save 20 to 80 percent at participating pharmacies on all drugs prescribed by a licensed clinician. This program is great for those who are uninsured or do not have a prescription drug benefit, Medicare participants, or if insurance does not cover the drug.


OEBB members already have access to the OPDP discounts through their ODS prescription coverage and will receive the greatest benefits on covered medications using their OEBB ID. However, members can enroll in the OPDP or WPDP discount card program to receive discounts on non-covered medications or refer anyone living in Oregon or Washington that does not have prescription coverage.


Check out this flyer to find out more about this prescription drug program or visit www.odsrxcard.com.


Three easy ways to enroll:

  1. Print off this flyer, fill in your information on the back, and mail it to the address shown.
  2. Complete an online application.
  3. Call ODS customer service toll-free at 1-800-913-4146.

Dental visits: good for your health and your wallet  


Health research has shown a strong link between good oral health and overall health. In addition, regular dental checkups help cut down on expensive dental procedures, saving you money.


What is the purpose of preventive dental care?


Visiting the dentist regularly is a great way to catch problems before they become serious or painful. Taking good care of your teeth, gums and mouth helps prevent serious dental problems from developing. In addition, good oral health can have a positive effect on the rest of your body. Today, more than 100 diseases show early symptoms in the mouth and may first be detected by a dental exam.


Dental health affects some of the body's most essential functions, including speaking, chewing and swallowing. Untreated oral health conditions can lead to cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness, diabetes and pregnancy complications.


How can preventive care save you money?


Reports show that for every dollar spent on preventive care, you can save between $4 and $50 in restorative care*.


Receiving regular preventive care and dental checkups can help reduce the need for restorative dental care or emergency room visits in connection with oral health. By preventing the need for restorative care, you can save money. All the ODS OEBB dental plans cover one preventing cleaning every six months.


For a list of ODS dental providers, visit www.odscompanies.com/oebb and click on Find Care.


* Ways to take a bit out of your dental bills University of Rochester Medical Center

Lifestyle Coaching Program

ODS medical members are eligible to participate in the ODS Lifestyle Coaching program.


As part of our suite of ODS Care Programs, this program offers members telephone or email-based health coaching by our multidisciplinary team of clinicians. These professionals have a variety of experience in many areas of lifestyle coaching, including:

  • Weight management
  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Stress

Members begin the healthy lifestyle journey by establishing goals and creating an action plan. Lifestyle coaching advocates simple, everyday steps to help members take charge of their health, accept responsibility for making informed healthcare decisions, and pursue a healthy lifestyle. As with our other Care Programs, coaches will screen patients for depression, tobacco use and alcohol abuse, making referrals as appropriate.


Utilizing both patient activation measures and motivational interviewing techniques, one-on-one coaching helps members to make realistic and meaningful decisions that reflect their personal needs and values. By understanding participants' activation levels, health coaches can better segment and tailor programs to meet individual member needs.


In addition to the Lifestyle Coaching Program, OEBB members have access to seven other care programs to help them manage individual medical concerns:

Please refer to your Member Handbook for plan-specific information.
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Acute lower back pain pilot
Acute lower back pain pilot program  


In partnership with the Oregon Health Leadership Council and other health plans,
ODS is participating in a pilot project aimed at helping members with acute low back pain. The program connects ODS members with a
 participating physical therapist during the early stages of back pain, without a physician's referral or physician's order.


The goal of the project is to get patients the early care they need to lessen the onset of chronic back problems, reduce the cost of ongoing back care, and enable patients to continue with work and other normal activities.


Medical studies show that access to early physical therapy for uncomplicated acute low back pain can help patients avoid more chronic, costly conditions. This type of treatment can also improve functional status and satisfaction for the patient, and reduce time away from work.


As part of the program, members are allowed up to four visits with a physical therapist. If care is still needed after four visits, patients are referred back to their primary care provider.


The pilot program will be available through Dec. 31, 2013. To learn more about the program, please visit the ODS website.

myODS, your personal health resource


Don't forget to check out myODS, your resource for health education, advice, tools and trusted answers to healthcare questions.


Visit ODS eDoc. You can email non-urgent health concerns to a doctor, pharmacist, dentist, psychologist, dietitian or fitness expert.


Contact a nurse 24/7 with health-related concerns at: 866-321-7580.


Electronic EOB

Electronic Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) are now available. Members can sign up for eEOBs by logging into their myODS account at www.odscompanies.com/oebb. Help us spread the word and conserve resources. A downloadable PDF

is also available for your convenience.

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