April/May 2011
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ODS makes payments easy and automatic  


Let ODS make your job easier. We've recently upgraded our billing system to give groups the option of automatic premium payments.

When you agree to let ODS initiate monthly payments, itsaves you administrative time and money on postage. There's no charge for this convenient service. We'll simply initiate withdrawals each month you do not have to issue a check.


Get started with automatic premium payments today. Contact your Sales and Account Services Representative at 503-243-3948.

ODS debuts new prescription price check tool

Now, it's easier than ever for ODS members to check the price of prescription medications and find alternatives that save money. On March 1, ODS launched its new prescription price check tool.

This new tool has significant improvements over the formulary look-up previously available to members. Members get information quicker and easier, thanks to better navigation and a faster response time. Simply enter the medication name and choose from the list of matching drugs to find the cost and quantity. Members can also see options for ordering through the mail pharmacy or a retail pharmacy.

The prescription price check tool can help members save money by showing them when a lower-cost, generic option is available. At a simple glance, members can see how much is covered by their plan and what the remaining cost will be. Members can also get an estimated price from a specific pharmacy.


Members can access the new tool by logging in to myODS selecting the Pharmacy tab, and clicking on "Prescription price check."


ODS Travel Network offers members in-network coverage

 A new offering from ODS gives members better coverage when they travel. Effective April 1, the ODS Travel Network offers groups in-network benefits when members travel outside their primary service area.

The ODS Travel Network is an additional network tier. When a medical member seeks care outside his or her primary service area for any reason, emergency or non-emergent, we'll review the claim to see if the provider is part of the PHCS Healthy Directions network. If so, ODS will pay the claim at the in-network benefit level.

Members will be able to search for providers quickly and easily

by visiting www.phcs.com and selecting the Healthy Directions network. The PHCS Healthy Directions network boasts nearly 70,000 hospitals and medical facilities and 658,000 primary care physicians and specialists.

In addition, the ODS Travel Network can save money for members with dependents who live out of the area. Normally, these members may be subject to balance billing. However, if an out-of-area dependent seeks care from a PHCS Healthy Directions provider, ODS will pay at the in-network benefit level, providing better coverage and savings to the member.

The ODS Travel Network is available to members who are covered under a primary network inside and outside of Oregon, unless they're already covered by the PHCS network. Your group will most likely either gain automatic access to the ODS Travel Network or will have the option to enroll.


Insured groups (excluding minimum premium and refunding) will automatically have access to the ODS Travel Network upon renewal or initial enrollment. Twenty-five percent of total claim dollar savings will be applied to the group's claims experience.


ASO groups have the option to add the ODS Travel Network and will be charged 25 percent of total claim dollar savings.  


Minimum premium and refunding groups have the option to add the ODS Travel Network, and 25 percent of total claim dollar savings will be applied to the group's claims experience.


The ODS Travel Network is not currently available for groups in Alaska, individual business groups in Oregon, Medicare Advantage groups or Medicaid members.

If your group is not automatically enrolled, the ODS Travel Network is worth the extra step. Members in your group will appreciate the convenience of having access to medical care away from home, and they'll love the savings from receiving care at in-network benefit levels.

Because the ODS Travel Network is not an alternative primary network, members should continue to seek care in their primary network whenever possible. Preauthorization is still required for inpatient services. Healthcare Services will direct members to in-network providers when possible.


 Disclaimer    Not all plans have access to all resources or tools referenced in this newsletter. Please refer to your member handbook, or call your ODS Sales and Account Services Representative for plan-specific information.
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Do you know your Health Age?
We Can!

What's your health age?


A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is the first step to your journey of improved health and well-being.  The HRA is an online assessment that asks a series of questions about your everyday health habits and behaviors on a variety of topics including: physical activity, food selection, health attitude, etc. You will receive valuable feedback about your health and your risk factors immediately following the assessment. By answering questions about your habits you'll come away with a clear picture of what you're doing well and what areas you could improve upon. 


Employers will not have access to personal information as individual results will be collected by a third-party vendor, WorldDoc 24/7.This benefit is only available for those who have ODS medical insurance. Completing the HRA will not affect your healthcare cost-share or premiums.

Click on the  HRA FAQ for step-by-step instructions on how to complete the HRA or log in to myODS at www.odscompanies.com and find the HRA under WorldDoc 24/7.


ODS leads in the fight against obesity


ODS is proud to partner with We Can! (Ways to Enhance Children's Activity And Nutrition) to lead the fight against childhood obesity. As part of our partnership, we sponsor local trainings designed to help spread the National Institutes of Health, We Can! message.


We are pleased our most recent training caught the eye of a Statesman Journal writer and the unique perspective her childhood obesity article shed on the subject of childhood obesity.


To learn more about how you can help in the fight against childhood obesity, please visit the We Can! page on the ODS website.


Make sure to visit the  Apple a Day Blog! Apple a day 2



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