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Welcome to the ODS eNewsletter!

ODS is happy to announce the start of a new tradition. For the first time, we will be sending a regular eNewsletter to our Educational Entities within OEBB in order to better communicate information about our insurance plans, services and other important health information.

We are aware that receiving multiple e-mails and announcements can be overwhelming and hope this eNewsletter will help channel that communication into one source.  We encourage you to share this with your employees so they are aware of the programs and resources that ODS offers. 

Your feedback about this and future eNewsletters is welcome and appreciated; please send any feedback to [email protected].

ODS [email protected] launches

We are pleased to announce the ODS [email protected] Employer Toolkit. The toolkit is designed to encourage the discussion of workplace wellness, assist in creating or sustaining a wellness program, and provide useful resources. Through this toolkit we can help employers:
  • Learn the basics of health promotion and workplace wellness
  • Set up campaigns, share ideas and increase participation
  • Suggest ways to measure success
  • Provide proven methods to build the company's wellness culture
  • Suggest wellness opportunities based on population- and condition-specific risks
This exciting addition is now available on our website in the Entity section.

ODS Health Coaching

The ODS Health Coaching programs are a free benefit to ODS medical members. Health coaching is designed to provide members with with extra support and resources between doctor visits. Health coaches will work one-on-one over the phone or via e-mail to help members set health goals and work toward meeting them. The health coach will give the member advice and information if they are interested, but the member will set the tone and create the action plan. In essence, the health coach is a member's personal, experienced health professional, available to answer questions and help set goals.

Health Coaching programs include:
To enroll in or learn more about ODS Health Coaching, please call or e-mail us.

Portland/metro: 503-243-3957
Toll-free: 800-913-4957
TTY number (for hearing- and speech-impaired): 800-433-6313
E-mail: [email protected]
Depression Care Program

The holidays are here. Life is busier than ever.

It is common for people to feel overwhelmed with daily work and family responsibilities. In fact, an estimated 19 million Americans suffer from clinical depression each year. The good news is that depression is highly treatable.

ODS Behavioral Health is here to help your employees get the support they need to care for their mental health. If ODS members are experiencing depression, anxiety or another mental health issue, finding the right provider can make a big difference. ODS has experts ready to assist ODS members, and they're only a phone call or e-mail away. With more than 2,000 behavioral health providers in the ODS Plus network, we can make sure ODS members find a provider who is an ideal match by searching our database for the following:
  • Language
  • Ethnicity
  • More than 50 behavioral health sub-specialties
ODS members can also take a depression screening called the PHQ-9 evaluation by logging in to their myODS accounts and navigating to the Depression Care Program page.

If an ODS member has been diagnosed with depression and is already receiving treatment, they can enroll in the ODS Depression Care health coaching program for additional support between office visits. Participants in our Depression Care Program will:
  • Work one-on-one with a trained health coach over the phone or via e-mail
  • Set goals and learn how to achieve those goals
  • Track progress to better health
Contact the depression care program at:

Portland/metro: 503-948-5548
Toll-free: 877-277-7281
TTY (for hearing- and speech-impaired): 800-433-6313
E-mail: [email protected]
Please refer to your member handbook for plan-specific information.
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New Website

New ODS website delivers better help

At ODS, we enjoy a little refreshment. That's why we have whipped our website into shape. Our new, more sophisticated website design offers better help than ever before, quickly and easily getting you to the resources you need. Besides a refreshed look, our new website offers:
  • Clearer, more concise navigation
  • An easier way to search for providers with our "Find care" tool
  • A convenient news scroll that gives you one-click access to news and relevant information
Check out our new website today.
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