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January 13, 2010

Dear ,

At the Parish Leadership Forum in September 2009, we announced that the
Diocese was preparing to implement a service for reporting financial fraud and
malfeasance. EthicsPoint was selected to provide us with a confidential method to hear suggestions, concerns or the report of misconduct. EthicsPoint allows
employees, volunteers, parishioners, vendors and other interested parties to
report concerns regarding a wide range of suspected unethical behavior by
trustees, officers, directors, employees, volunteers, staff, agents or contractors of
the Diocese. EthicsPoint is already used in multiple (arch)dioceses in the United
States, including Chicago and Monterey.
We are pleased to announce that we have implemented EthicsPoint this month
and it is now available for you to use. EthicsPoint accepts reports of financial
misconduct through its website, or its hotline telephone number 1-888-325-7863.
EthicsPoint provides a complete report to the Diocese of San Jose, which is tasked to review, give feedback and resolve the reported issues. Through this
comprehensive, open and methodical report management system, the person
who is concerned, the experienced diocesan manager who investigates the
reported issue and the Diocesan Leadership Team - view, communicate and follow up on the report by logging back into the system or calling EthicsPoint and use the assigned case number for updates. By sharing access to the report and its documentation and resolution, accountability increases at all locations for all
people and furthers the our ability to secure all that is entrusted to our care.
If a reporting person requests anonymity, that will be provided to allow the individual to act without fear of retaliation. This is not a change of current policy and practice, which already allows for investigation of anonymous complaints. We are also bound by civil and ecclesiastical law to investigate allegations - even if made anonymously - if they involve issues of morality. It is important to emphasize that this process in no way changes or replaces any existing lay or clergy personnel policies, nor the Whistleblower policy currently in place.
While we are confident that the stewardship of our resources is handled honestly and competently by the overwhelming majority of our clergy, employees and institutions, we are nevertheless committed to responsible oversight. We want to hear from you and your employees or parishioners about any concerns that you have regarding the mismanagement of parish and school property, including cash and all other assets and any apparent disregard of policies pertaining to the proper management of these assets.
If you have any questions about EthicsPoint or reporting concerns, please contact Teresa Conville, DSJ Compliance and Parish Financial Services Director at 408-983-0241 or


Robert Serventi,

Chief Financial Officer
Diocese of San Jose