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It has been a while since I sent out a Studio Line update and things have been busy!

At the time of the last newsletter, I was still heading the Art Department at Louisiana College . However, I left Louisiana College in 2011 and spent the following year at Northwestern State University of LouisianaSince our last contact, I have also had solo shows at Carson Newman College and The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor  and numerous group shows. Additionally, I have been involved in the Charis exhibition which to date has exhibited in seven states, the District of Columbia, and British Columbia, Canada. I was also, from January through May, a resident artist at River Oaks Square Arts Center.This summer, I returned to California where I currently live in the North San Francisco Bay area. Over the next few years, I will be pursuing a PhD in Art & Religion at The Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. I have always had two sides to my artistic life, the studio and the scholarly. This new adventure will allow me to further develop the scholarly and in my experience also improve my studio practice. It will be an exciting time.

Rondall Reynoso

Doodling Gone Wild
Collaborating with Providence
Charis: boundary crossing
Website Redesigned!
Collaborating with Providence #100 has been completely redesigned with a more contemporary feel,  added content, and easier navigation.
Stop by and take a look! is All New 
A website returns from the dark ages.
Temperance Series
Once again, my students pointed out to me that my website was feeling a bit dated. I suppose that is to be expected when I was still working with a program that stopped being produced several years ago. So, I bit the bullet and dove into the dreaded work of redesigning my site. I switched everything over to Wordpress which has been wonderful to work with. But, it still took a surprising amount of work and a fairly steep learning curve. I am, however, very happy with the result. The new site is clean, contemporary, easy to navigate, and has added content. In addition to updated galleries and artist information, the new site has the text of my artistic and scholarly writings, student work galleries, course blogs, blog links and more.
Ecclesia Drawing, ink on paper
Find the Ecclesia Series
within the Drawing Gallery
Collaborating with Providence #100
Find the Collaborating with Providence Series in the

Doodling Gone Wild
Sermon Drawings
Ever since I was a child, I would doodle on the church bulletin. Often, I would outline the larger forms or words and draw out from there. A couple of years back I was doing it again. But, this time I kept going. I flipped over the sermon outline and began drawing on the back. The Ecclesia Series has been in progress for over two years now and is growing slowly. This is in part because this series to this point has only done on the back of sermon outlines. But, more importantly the series has been almost exclusively executed during the church services.
Collaborating with Providence
A Theme Returned
The Collaborating with Providence Series goes all the way back to my years in graduate school at Pratt Institute. It originally grew out of my studio process and scraps of paper on which I wiped excess paint. However, over the years the concept has grown and while I still use excess paint to create the drips I have become more intentional and now blend the "providential" drips with the the imagery I use in the Ecclesia Series.
The Faith on View Blog
Art, Faith, Culture, and the Pedestrian

At the beginning of the year, I once again visited the idea of blogging. Faith on View is my blog site and I try to tackle a variety of subjects. Obviously, my art and art in general is a subject that gets attention. But, blog subjects can be anything from art, to spirituality, to politics, to religion, to the personal, to just about anything. It is my attempt to be transparent and honest. It is a forum where I can share my many opinions and thoughts. Feel free to join the conversation. I enjoy your thoughts be they similar to my own or drastically different. Aristotle said, "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." Let us be entertained!

Charis: boundary crossing
neighbors strangers family friends
It Made Her Sad
In the Summer of 2008, I was one of eight North American professors selected by the Nagel Institute for a cross cultural seminar in Indonesia. The follow-up to the seminar is the Charis exhibition. Fourteen artists from North America and Asia contributed work to this show which has been traveling across the continent for the last two years. This exhibition was recently in British Columbia at Regent CollegeThe Exhibition is scheduled to return to the United States this fall at the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and The Arts at Fuller Theological Seminary.
The exhibition includes my series It Made Her Sad made of Mardi Gras and Indonesian masks which have been white washed and superimposed with my own imagery.
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Rondall Reynoso was raised in northern California and educated in NYC where he received his BFA and MFA from Pratt Institute along with a Masters in Art History. His formal abstraction deals heavily with metaphors, both sociological and theological. Currently, Reynoso is working on a PhD in Art & Religion at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA.
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