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July 2012

Issue No. 16


What's Happening at Citizenship Now! 

Camilo Aparicio
Volunteer of the Month 

An immigrant himself, Camilo Aparicio is an outstanding member of the CUNY Citizenship Now! Volunteer Corps.  Having had a challenging process to obtain his citizenship, he understands that there is a great need for many New Yorkers who maybe currently facing what he faced for almost ten years. He joined the Volunteer Corps because he wanted to help people in need of legal advice, so that they too can reach the American dream. While his favorite borough to volunteer is Manhattan, he attends as many events throughout the city looking to help as many New Yorkers as he can. Read more about Camilo and other Corps members!

June 30th event

Recent Events    

CUNY Citizenship Now! recently held two Citizenship Application Assistance Events, at New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn and LaGuardia Community College in Queens. The event in Queens was developed in partnership with the Office of New York State Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand.  At these events we assisted 158 applicants in determining their eligibility for citizenship.  One lucky participant was told he did not need to fill out the N-400 and was elated to find out that the he was already a U.S. citizen. He was given information on how to apply for his U.S. passport. Read More

computer based event

At CUNY, Citizenship Works!

On June 28th, 2012 CUNY Citizenship Now! held its very first computer based Citizenship Application Event at New York City College of Technology.  We used a new online tool, "CitizenshipWorks", to assist New Yorkers in applying for citizenship.  We plan to incorporate the use of technology into some of our events so we'll be needing volunteers with computer skills.  Keep an eye open for these to volunteer and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Read more about Citizenship Works and read the full event recap.



Unpacking the Legal Briefcase 



Amerasian Act

"Public Law 97-359 (Act of 10/22/82) provides for the immigration to the United States of certain Amerasian children. In order to qualify for benefits under this law, an alien must have been born in Cambodia, Korea, Laos, Thailand, or Vietnam after December 31, 1950, and before October 22, 1982, and have been fathered by a U.S. citizen." (Source:
Click here to learn more about this act.


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At an event you are helping Mr. Ramos, a participant, at the Fee Waiver station. Mr. Ramos hands over to you paperwork showing that his Medicaid benefits were renewed on January 1, 2012. Mr. Ramos tells you, however, that they stopped giving him Medicaid just last week because he started working. Mr. Ramos does not receive any other public benefits.


What do you do?

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Mark Your Calendars

August 11th, 2012

Citizenship Now! Application
Assistance Event in Brooklyn
Registration Coming Soon!




  Bulletin Board

Practice Advisory:

Arrests and citations can have serious consequences.  If a participant discloses they have been arrested, but they don't have a certificate of disposition, please raise your paddle and ask a supervisor for further assistance.  Click here for information on how to request a certificate of disposition.  




  Fun and Stuff 




Become a Citizenship Now! Contributor 

Do you have an immigration

Ask here!

This month's question is:

I am very much interested in becoming a citizen.
I've been here legally since 1985 and have worked
ever since paying taxes. Unfortunately, I got
arrested on a grand larceny charge in 1991. Is
there any chance of me becoming a citizen? Can I
request a pardon from the governor?  

-Name Withheld     

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