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 Cosmic Weather Report:

Burning Karma 


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October 2012

Westminster West, VT


Deborah Koff-Chapin

On October 5 at 4:54 PM Eastern time the giant planet Saturn enters the sign of Scorpio for the first time in twenty-seven years, ushering in a three-year period with the accent on burning karma. This raises the question: Just what, exactly, is karma, and how does it burn?


Karma usually gets a bad rap. Most of the time when people talk about it they mention "bad" karma. But the idea of good and bad karma results from misunderstanding what karma really is and what it has to offer. For all of us during the next three years as Saturn passes through Scorpio it will be good to get clear about this. For people born between late 1953 and late 1956, and for those born between early 1983 and late 1985, who have Saturn in Scorpio in their birth charts, it's especially good to get clear. More than anyone else, these 27-to-29 year olds and 56-to-59 year olds have the willpower to turn our world around in the coming years, as Saturn returns to the all-powerful land of Scorpio where it was when they were born.


There are three sources of karma: personal, ancestral and collective. Personal karmas result from acts you made, or failed to make, in past lives. Ancestral karma is passed down through your bloodlines. Collective karmas are the challenges new generations of people must face for evolution to take place.


In each case karma provides an anchor for you to ground more deeply into the nature of your existence, and a springboard to spring your optimal destiny on earth. Karma lends your life an underlying theme. It stitches consistency from who you were to who you will be.


Deborah Koff-Chapin

Karma is no more good or bad than is physics; it's the underlying law of existence. Acts you took or failed to take in your last life go on vibrating in this life, offering you strong threads of a cosmic tapestry to tighten. Struggles your ancestors faced bubble in your bloodline. Karmic threads necessary for evolution to take place dangle in the collective consciousness. As Saturn passes through Scorpio each of these three branches of karma lights up, stirring you to grasp the loose threads and draw them into a tighter clearer pattern that frees you from bondage to unconscious forces.


The purpose of karmic pattern is to keep drawing you back to root forces you must transform to catapult your awakening. Karmic patterns repeat from life to life and within the course of a single life to get your attention. The moment of awakening in the midst of karmic pattern produces a revelation. Like a mystery story, the clues were there all along but it required some further digging before you could put them together into the revelation.

Until you gain this revelation you often fail to recognize how you yourself create most of your own lifelong patterns. Events and relationships that seemed random, pointless or dysfunctional now take on an underlying consistency of theme.



When you grasp your main underlying karmic themes, the same pressure that used to lock you down to the creaking wood of a giant catapult springs you toward freedom. The same forces that had you bound draw your soul back like an arrow awaiting release. The great paradox of karma is that it's a very unfree way to get free. The very dysfunctional patterns that most trap you are your only chance at freedom! This is the main principle at work in karma -- that when you awaken to your most impossible patterns you're also awakening to the roots of your greatest happiness and well-being.


 Deep freedom results when you not only create a change in your external circumstance but even more poignantly, release the roots of the dysfunction that you recreated again and again until you awakened.


People who inherit the hardest karma have the most capacity to awaken. People with less karma have less motivation to awaken. Whether you have a lot or a little, during these next two Make-it-or-Break-it decades of human evolution, we're all being pushed through the karmic wringer to get clear as to who we are and what we're doing, on both local and global levels. This is the underling mechanism of what's making life so intense these days -- human karma is quickening to offer us our greatest chance to awaken.


During the next three years as giant Saturn passes through rigorous Scorpio, karmic lessons will intensify. The good will get better, the bad, worse. This has already begun, but it's going to get more so. As the Lord of Karma plows through the dark lair of the scorpion, each person who awakens from the Trance of Normalcy adds to the force of a collective karmic bulldozer, plowing up the dark underlayer of collective consciousness. Our world, which has been so misguided for so long, gets lit by an underground radiance. Everything not yet right about modern society and everything out of accord in your own life will come back and back and back until you awaken to your role in the grand drama of our time.  


Everyone in their late twenties and late fifties is now being pressed into service by the Galactic Command, because we have the Scorpionic power to undermine this false system that has taken over human consciousness like an addictive growth.


With this onslaught of karma comes our greatest chance to awaken. It is a little-known astrological truism that the most loving sign of the zodiac is not Cancer or Libra or Taurus but Scorpio. When Scorpio transmutes karma with the burning love within, it gains the most powerful kind of love that can never again be transgressed. As all of us learn to turn the karmic nightmares of our time to grace, the soul of the world lights up.

Here and now, in the end time of a flailing and dying civilization, poised on the brink of destruction, we turn dysfunction around only to find that we're closer to transformation than ever.


It's true, our world leaders cannot be trusted. It's true that western civilization is dying. The people in charge of our politics, education and media must awaken or get out of the way. Normalcy has become an addictive trance and must be replaced by a rising force of radiant consciousness that lives within each of us. If you let this karmic barrage of Saturn in Scorpio strip away your own obsolete thought forms and dysfunctional patterns during the next three years you will turn the world around with the power of Scorpio, and a new civilization will rise from the ashes of the old.


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