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 Cosmic Weather Report:

Stories of the Soul


June 2012

Westminster West, Vermont  


The strongest force in the world is not military or economic or corporate or atomic. The strongest force in the world is not industrial, technological, or political. The strongest force in the world is stronger than all those put together, and more intimately rooted inside every human being. The strongest force in the world is a story, and the extra-powerful astrology of this summer is inviting us to find a new story to replace the obsolete stories that are cracking the world apart.

The story of our time is A World Gone Mad.
The story of our time is The Return of Love.
The story of our time is The Little Species Who Lost Its Way.

incredible artwork found http://svet.blbne.cz/ Forty-six years ago in the spring of 1966 the giant planet Uranus (Revolution) came together with Pluto (God of Hell) and struck a gong that launched a wake-up call for Radical Change. To abolish the hell of our species we launched a Revolution in Consciousness. We needed a new story to replace the one then going bankrupt: Keep your mouth shut, trust your elders, do what you're told - the people in charge know better than you. In 1966 the call went out to find a new story to replace that one, and the world changed. And it didn't. The call that went out was All You Need is Love. And it's true. Except that the Love you need must be rooted deeply enough inside you to survive everything bound to arise when your love story is put to the test, everything that will crumble as the old stories fall apart.

On June 24, 2012, the next chapter takes place when Uranus makes it first square (90-degree angle) to Pluto, out of three squares in the next three years. To transform the hell of our species a new revolution must build upon the earlier one. It's not enough to change external situations unless you change your inner story. Without a new story, dysfunctional patterns recreate themselves. From the summer of 2012 through the spring of 2015 Uranus square Pluto is challenging us to gain a story of the soul.

What is a story of the soul?

Beneath the superficial tales reported by mass media, beneath twisted stories in the food business, nuclear business, war business, political business, you must dig down to activate the deeper dimension of what your heart and soul knows to be true, and regenerate your life. A story of the soul packs an inner truth that works its way through your consciousness and awakens a responsive call in the world. Most mass media stories of our time fail that test. They produce no zing when you read them, no inner wisdom, no awakening response. Rather than ushering in a revolutionary new consciousness they perpetuate the same tired, boring, stale excuses of a world stuck in soap opera consciousness.

The United States is a story.
The World Economy is a story.
The need of one group of people to dominate others is a story strangling the planet.

In my work as Soul Level Astrologer I have spent twenty-five years uncovering stories hidden within human beings, tales of love and hope that I have found buried inside thousands of people.  Below stories of can't and won't and shouldn't I have found these deeper tales emerging. My work testifies to the power of story to regenerate lives and create miracle.

Each week I watch the healing power of a few well-placed words unlock contorted snarls of human nature. I watch stories of love replace tales of lack, stories of hope replace tales of fear, stories of a bright future take over the dark past. A story of the soul can penetrate illness quicker than can medicine. The right combination of words can unlock years of tribulation.

Our culture is in need of healing.
The world body is thrashing about in anguish.
Young people suffer the most, because they lack the ability to pretend this is normal. It's much harder for them to compliment the emperor's new clothes when he's standing there buck naked. The distortion of modern consciousness hits them where they live and is very hard to shake off. Just at the point where they should be awakening a dream of a bright future, the reality of a strange misguided culture crashes in on them, and they are faced with one terrible choice: Do I stay true to myself at the expense of fitting into this world, or Do I fit into the world at the expense of being true to myself? Faced with such a choice some choose the slow or fast path of suicide through drugs or self-violence. Others lash out. Some choose to stick around and find out who they are.

Our species is suffering an identity crisis of vast proportions, brought on by people clinging to deadly and obsolete stories. My generation has left this planet in an awful mess. Good role models are hard to find. Even Good and Bad are terms that themselves have become suspect. It's hard to unify the broken forces. Millionaires become billionaires who pay no taxes while inner city children starve. How can a country with the greatest prosperity have one in four children on food stamps? How can we have the highest illiteracy rate, highest infant mortality, highest rate of people behind bars, highest percentage of money spent on War and still keep following these deadly stories?

And yet, beneath those bankrupt tales lies another story: The story of a species who in a time of great turmoil finally discovered what it was made of. The story of individuals climbing out of blind self-interest to grasp their common humanity. The story of something soulful and real replacing something old and broken.

As the old stories crumble you are invited to find a story of the soul to replace them. It is an old story that one person's life can't be radically fulfilling and contribute to the good of all. It's an old story that you must spend fifty years stuffing your heart's truth beneath a workplace world that couldn't care less about inner truth. It's an old story that love can't happen, that the world can't change. With the God of Revolution challenging the God of Hell, here's another story:

Your core nature, or soul, shot you from spirit to earth at the moment of your conception for one reason: To be the love that you are. Underneath every obligation, every wrong move, every lost cause you're here to be the love that you are. Saying this is simple - but the doing  of it will push you through a great spiritual initiation that can last your whole life.

Even in a strange distorted time, that inner purpose never changes but remains dormant until you activate it. Until you claim the great love that you are, that purpose glows like an ember that can be fanned into a blaze. At the moment you recognize that you're here for so much more than to keep the Old Story in place, you join a growing band of others opening themselves to something new.

The whole world, this summer, and during the next three years, is being offered stories of the soul to replace stories of fear. Millions of people are invited to pull up a log by the campfire of the ages and join forces. Here at this changing of the guard, someone else's story of the soul may awaken yours, and vice-versa.

Storyteller Alan Watts illustrated the power of inner stories with an anecdote about the Great Depression. When millionaires committed suicide after the stock market crash of 1929, Watts said the story they clung to did not allow them to grasp the reality of the situation. Money, he said, is a standard of measurement that only has as much power as we give it.

To kill yourself over money, Watts continued, is like a carpenter who shows up at the job site one morning, and the foreman says, "Sorry, you can't work today."

"Why not?" the carpenter replied.

"Well," said the foreman, "we have hammers, nails and wood. But we've run out of inches."



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