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 Cosmic Weather Report:

Evolve or Perish


May 2012

Westminster West, Vermont  


Since 1987 people have been looking toward the year we're now living in as a crossroads in human development. Many people are finding increasing signs and portents pointing toward the end of the world. Others see a golden ray of light breaking through the darkness of recent times. The Information Highway is surging with auguries of doom and utopia.  Because I published a book on 2012 a few years ago, talk-show hosts, reporters, listeners and readers have been asking me what's going to happen by the end of this year.



On June 24 the giant planet Uranus (Revolution) will square tiny Pluto (Hell), marking a ninety-degree angle that is the next step in the story of these planets since they first came together in 1966. I see this square as a Gateway in Consciousness, which our species is being swept toward with immense force. To transform the living hell of our species we must overthrow systems of false power. This revelation is nothing new - Shakespeare spoke of the same thing. But what makes our time unique is that we have new technology that spreads the news of change instantaneously around the world. This single development has the power to teach people how our commonality outweighs our differences, and how we're all looking for the same thing. 


Powerful subterranean forces of change, that have been increasing force since the Sixties revolution went underground in the 1970s, are erupting back onto the surface again. This will happen even more in the coming summer. There is no prophecy written in stone that is forcing our species to a predetermined outcome, but a great mandate is being imposed on us, and the way we respond to it will determine the fate of our time: Evolve or Perish. 


There's a way to talk about these things and a way to live them. As a soul level astrologer and author my job is to translate the mysteries. For decades I've wrestled with the task of bringing the stars down to earth, making the mysteries real. At such a historical turning point as 2012 this task becomes more crucial, as a wave of intensity sweeps across the world. 


This wave is not going to lessen but increase its force in the coming decade, as the Age of Pisces gives way to the Age of Aquarius. Even people who know nothing about these matters are feeling the intensification of our time. Corporate media responds one way; visionaries, artists and children respond another, as both hope and paranoia increase. To follow the false marching orders of a dying civilization is to perish. To drop deep down into the truth bubbling in your heart and soul is to evolve. 


The times we're living in require faith and fearlessness, to dare yourself to believe the future can be better than the past. You can't take your cues from the entrenched power structure that runs most media and education. You have to open your mind to the premise of something different. Right now, all over the world, the choice is being offered to the human race: Evolve or Perish. 


We saw this choice in the 1960s, when an earlier Tsunami of Change swept through the world, and people awakened to the fact that our society was heading for a fall. Many of us took that wake-up call to heart and changed the direction of our lives. But now the stakes are higher. We're not just trying to end a war in southeast Asia, but stop the War of Deceit that occurs every day in the name of Normalcy.  


Even if you can't yet see your part in this changing of the guard you can feel it. Even if you haven't learned to read a birth chart you can read the faces all around you - faces searching for something real to replace the Machine World, somebody human to replace the false leaders, something good and fine and natural to the soul to be the vote you cast. 


People ask me if I vote. The answer is, yes, locally. I refuse to take part in the presidential hoax. It's a sham, because by the time someone is bred to enter federal politics they have been trained in the art of acting. They say exactly what their handlers tell them to. They respond to polls. National politics has become soulless and holds little hope of making any real change. Thankfully, however, national politics is only one of the forces that govern our fate. I take my cue for activism from Mark Twain, who said, "I believe in my country always, I believe in my government when it deserves it." 


Both the politics and the astrology of our time indicate the same thing: the times we're living in are the make-it-or-break-it point of human history on Planet Earth. As many things darken on the world stage it constellates the light buried deeply in human beings. An unfortunate quirk of human nature is that we rarely make huge strides in evolution until we are forced to.  


Here, now, the pressure is on. 
Upon what you choose to do with it rests the fate of the world.  


Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?

How Much Longer Are You Going To Wait?  


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