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 Cosmic Weather Report Report

Lessons In Love

 March 2012,  Putney Vermont  


The elemental distribution of Planets this month accentuates Planets in Water and Fire Signs, with a lack of Planets in Air Signs. Air is the element of perspective, vantage, and detachment. With those things lacking, we're going to be thrust into the thick of the realms of Feeling (Water) and Burning (Fire.) Also, Saturn, Planet of underlying purpose, moves through the final three degrees of Libra this month, where the most advanced and complex lessons in love reside. The forecast for the cosmic weather is:


Kat McAdams Rebirth
Kat McAdams "Rebirth"
Intense waves of feeling battering and buffeting the soul, catalyzing a need to strike out in a fiery manner, with little vantage or perspective, little detachment.

When you combine this forecast with advanced lessons in love, the stage is set for personal breakdowns and breakthroughs. 


How do you distinguish one from the other?


You can't, really, because you can't have a breakthrough without a breakdown. Some former ego-identity you've been clinging to in your personal approach and/or your relationship (relationships have egos, too) has to break down before a deeper core part of you can break through. However, caught in the throes of such fiery and watery waves, it's not easy to tell one from the other.


 There are times when your relationship has a more authentic view of you than you do yourself. There are phases where your significant others are more in touch with the real you than you are. Conversely, there are times when love leads you astray by giving you false reflections and holding you back from your true destiny. Both situations are likely to intensify this month, because Saturn can't supply your advanced lessons in love without first raising the issues by calling them to your attention.


Is love worth what it's costing you to keep it?

Are you once again caught in some personal hell that your relationship can bring you out of?
Must you delve down deeper to dance one more round with those demons that have haunted you since forever?  


With the accent on Fire and Water, and the lack of Air, you may feel claustrophobic in the first two weeks of the month. A brief easing of this suffocating feeling is likely in the middle of the month, (due to a lot of trines, or easements between Planets) before the second round of intensification at the tail end of March.

Pisces rules this month, and is likely to send wave after wave of emotion through your body, not only due to the short-term cosmic weather, but even more, because the 2,000 year-long Age of Pisces only has four months left before giving way to the Age of Aquarius.(See my special 2012 three-part report)


Pisces, ruling the art of cinema, is flooding a cinematic recall throughout your subconscious mind's eye, in order to unspool the scenes of your past lives and help you release them. That altered state quality which life has been taking on recently is not just your imagination, but a necessary raising of the figures that people your inner life, to release the old relationships and make way for the new.


 The difference between a love that serves the partners' true natures and one that thwarts this, is that a true love prompts each one to become not more like each other, but more like who they really are.  At a time of such collective disillusion and disarray, with societal leaders caught in the worst denial and distortions of the last two thousand years, we need love to lead us back to ourselves. 


Inauthentic relationships thrive on endorphin infatuation. An addictive quality keeps hooking you by providing a temporary rush at the expense of long-term well-being. Though some part of you knows you're sabotaging yourself, you keep doing it anyway. This holds true with relationships to your family, friends, and jobs and well as lovers.


Authentic love is not afraid to show you your demons, while providing a stable and trustworthy base for you to face them from. With Saturn moving through the final, most advanced degrees of Libra this month, breakdowns in sexual love and relationship of all kinds pack an extra power to free up your claustrophobic inner clutter, and break you out into a more rightful future. 



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