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Cosmic Weather Report:

Say You Want a Revolution?


November 2011, Putney Vermont



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In my January, 2011 Cosmic Weather Report I mentioned that 2011 is a Year of the Cat, (also Rabbit) and that 


"in an earlier Year of the Cat, 1987, a Harmonic Convergence in August swept us into new global awareness. In August of 1963, another Year of the Cat, a Baptist minister from Montgomery, Alabama led a march on Washington where he delivered a dream that summoned a new future for two clashing races. Some laughed, some sent death threats, some clung to the insanity of old ways long after they were proven bankrupt. Others listened to Martin Luther King, Jr. on radios in the crackling silence of bus depots, and nodded; millions of nods going out from 300,000 souls gathered in the shadow of the Washington Monument all over the world. My prediction is that this summer another wide scale event is likely to draw collective attention to the need for change in a way that will ring through the years."


Now I see that my astrological eye must've been gazing ahead to the current Occupy Wall Street Movement, whose seeds were planted in the summer, when Adbusters, in response to global uprisings in the Mideast, began to dream up a demonstration. From organizing and participating in demonstrations of the 1960s and 70s, I was struck by main similarities and differences from then to now.
The most similar thing I note is the outraged cry in voices pleading for change, the ringing truth of the indictments that our country has been stolen by the rich and powerful. (For the inside scoop on how top US bankers and politicians robbed their own banks and plunged us into a financial crisis, see the film Inside Job, narrated by Matt Damon. For daily updates on the real news of the country, unfiltered by corporate bias, watch or listen to Democracy Now!)
The most different thing I note is that 57% of our country currently agrees with the sweeping indictment of this Movement, and more citizens than ever feel dissatisfied with our government. 57%! This is a whopping big number, which makes more sense when you learn that one out of every four children in the US is on food stamps.
When the Peace Movement began, when Civil Rights, Women's Lib, Black Power, and Gay Rights began, there was no 57% of the country behind them. Not even close. No Movement in this country has ever had anything close to the broad and sweeping empathy which the current Movement has.
It might not have grown so fast to a national and international movement but for the New York City police crackdown against the occupation in its earliest days, and the violent tactics of the Oakland police in its recent phase. The Mayor and NYC Police, more than anything, fanned the first early flickering flames of both the media and angry citizens who began to realize, more and more, that they felt more aligned with protestors than police. You'd think that law enforcement would've learned their main lesson from the 60s: you can't stop a growing national movement by shooting at it; you can only increase its support.
In April of 1966, the stage for revolution was set astrologically by the conjunction of the powerful outer planets Uranus and Pluto. Uranus is the Great Liberator, the lightning strike of higher consciousness, which blasts obstacles in the way of evolution. Pluto is Shiva, God of Death, who slays old thought forms, clearing obsolete power structures to make way for the new.
On June 24, 2012, the next major stage of Revolution is set astrologically, as Uranus squares Pluto. It takes 46 years for Uranus to move ninety degrees away from Pluto. The conjunction of the 60s was like a New Moon, planting the seed of change, which has taken all this time to come down to earth. 
The square is like Half Moon Waxing, which roots the New Moon seed to its deepest soil. Astrologically, everything that's happened in our culture since 1966 has served to deepen the seed thought forms of revolution, which needed decades to work deeper into the soil of mass consciousness. In all the time since, the cry for change never went away but went down underground, gathering strength below the radar of mass consciousness, biding its time until social elements shifted, setting the stage to bring the need for change back into widescale view.
It's no longer outlandish to stand up and state the emperor has no clothes. It's no longer marginal to protest the drastic inequality of our economic system. Daily outrage has spread from the ranks of leftists, anarchists, socialists, bohemians, hippies, yippies, armchair intellectuals and radicals, into the mainstream. The tables have turned: For the first time in history, a majority of Americans mistrust their government.
Through November, Mars attains its strongest force, by being opposite to the other fourteen planets. This is a fairly rare event that supercharges the lone planet to become stronger than all the rest combined. Mars is the spirit of change. It's the psychic-emotive force to break the bonds that hold us back from being who we truly are. It's the part of you sick to death at living a lie, supporting a false system, letting your tax dollars provide corporate welfare for the billionaires and politicians, while scrounging to support your family and health.
With Mars super-energized this month, the overwhelming accent is on busting out of whatever holds you back from striking your true path of destiny. Sexuality, athletics, spiritual warriors, forces of power, authority, chains, and rebellion dominate the cosmic weather, as rising forces gather toward next summer's Uranus Pluto square. (Ellias Lonsdale and I delve deeper into this worldwide moment in our new book: Cosmic Weather Report.)
The young often pick up on Mars energy quicker than their parents. If you find children and teenagers relentlessly acting out now, part of their shenanigans may be spiritually designed to get you to stop placating the status quo, and bust out of your own chains.
The true use of Mars is to champion social change by opening the stuck gates of evolution.  This summer a spark was lit in the streets of New York City. It spread to Boston, Chicago, Oakland. It's going to spark further crying out throughout the nation and the world. Once enough people get fed up with the drastic imbalance of economic power, change, like in the 1960s, will be imminent. And this time it will sweep through many more corridors than it did then, when far less people were behind it.

 Who are you really?  What are you here to do?    


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