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Cosmic Weather Report:



October 2011, Putney Vermont



Star Genesis

Star Genesis twists astrology into a new form, like jazz did to marching bands, bringing the music of the soul into waking consciousness. In this system there are outer signs = Aquarius, Aries, and Libra, and inner signs = Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo. Outer signs are more interested in connecting with others. Inner signs strive to connect to self. 


Recently nine of the fifteen planets have been in outer signs with Jupiter as the lone ambassador of the inner. That means the pressure is on to get things moving externally, to hook up with those relationships and connections that pack the power to get your creativity moving.


But Jupiter, as the Lord of the Heavens, has a crucial role to play. Even though he's currently outnumbered by all the outer activity, he's so gigantic that every other planet in our solar system could fit into him simultaneously. Which means that even though we're compelled to get things moving out there in the world, there's simultaneously a deep summons to get so clear within that you become Royal.


In this case royalty means a celestial awareness of higher purpose, which is the domain of Jupiter.


We each have a higher purpose, which is the propulsion that shot your soul out of cosmos back to earth at the moment of conception. That purpose drives your inner life, though few of us remain consistently aware of what we're really doing on this deep of a level. More often, our sense of purpose gets lost in the piles of daily obligation. But more and more in recent years the people who contact me for private soul readings seek to know if they're on their track of purpose. In terms of Star Genesis, they seek Jupiter, seek the knowledge and blessing of greater awareness, which can guide their ups and downs through the tremendous obstacle course of modern existence.


With Jupiter as the lone ambassador of the inner, we're being summoned now to correct our course in mid-stream. Amidst the bustle and flurry of so much white water surging around us, there still remains an inner voice and a clairvoyant view to see above the chaos, clear through to that someday destination downstream.


Taurus is the Mother of Invention. As she hosts the King of the Gods, a royal living awareness of who you are on the other side can inform your ego-nature of its greater existence. Jupiter rules the mytho-poetic role your soul plays in dimensions far removed from mundane complication. The story of the soul, the grandeur of why you came, the fuller reach of your potential, are all being reinvented now even as you hurtle through hurdle after hurdle.


Even though we're not usually conscious of this macro-level, even though we normally only tap into it on vision quests, medicine journeys, in altered states, at peak moments of art, lovemaking, or music - when you're not aware of the celestial dimension it remains aware of you. Jupiter on the inside at this time is exerting a mighty pull to get you to be right with yourself, even as you push outside yourself to get so many things done, handle so many responsibilities.


The key to working both inner and outer channels this month, during the season of Libra, is Balance, and balance is the source of power. When you rise to meet the surging energies flooding into your awareness, there's a way to not leave yourself behind. There's a way to use the pressures of the moment to crack through your limited illusions of self and world, and claim that mythical potency you display on the other side.


As our species wrestles with the important choice currently facing it: Are we going to finally rise out of ignorance and bigotry and become the species we truly are in our heart of hearts, or piss away another incarnation?, each of us is being challenged to be in the world but not of it. To address all that needs to be addressed without flattening out, overwhelmed by the false thought forms of media and politicians. To become royal sovereigns of our own inner nature, and get down to the work and play of the soul.


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Who are you really?  What are you here to do?    



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