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 Cosmic Weather Report:
Dowsing For Magic

Putney, Vermont: May, 2011



All May, Pluto is in 8 degrees Capricorn, a zodiac point all about pushing the social fabric past its edge to crack the fašade of false appearances. 

 During May, Pluto is the point planet at the tip of a T-square.  When a planet is ninety degrees away from two planets that oppose each other, it takes on a special role, similar to the tip of a dowsing rod which points toward hidden water. Pluto this month points toward hidden waters of regeneration that live below the appearance of the life we live up on the surface. 


Up on the surface everything's status quo. At least we've been trained to maintain that illusion. We're used to letting powerful people in prestigious positions take charge of our economy, our education, our media, our politics and society
 while we largely look the other way. But like a dowser holding the forked handles of a wishbone stick, we're being asked to follow our gut instincts now to something hidden beneath the masquerade. Could it be that some part of you knows better than the rich and powerful which way this world should go? Could it be you're ready for a change realer than the bullshit changes given lip-service by pundits and politicians?


Several years ago scientists voted to demote Pluto's status as a planet. This seemed ironic to astrologers who see Pluto as the collective shadow - the disowned nightmare monster our culture is based upon, the stinking refuse piling up beneath the rug.  Suddenly scientists decide our society has no shadow, there are no bones in the closet, and Hey -everything's fine here, despite war and environmental destruction.


Between 2008 and 2024 Pluto moves through Capricorn, (social structures/authoritarian power/hidden earth magic.) We're three years into a sixteen year Pluto transit bound to shake the foundations of society. Like in the 1960s, only more so, we've entered the precincts of Change, and the first stage of the Future is to expose the fallacies of the Past so as not to re-create them in some new wrapper.


All May Pluto is in 8 degrees Capricorn, a zodiac point that pushes the social fabric past its edge to crack the fašade of false appearances and get to the secret wealth of self-knowledge hidden below.  But the old rarely surrenders peacefully until it rises up to its fullest folly, and tries one last time to steal the show. This is the key principle to remember in the next thirteen years.


This is happening politically here in Vermont. As I reported last month, just a few miles from my home is one of the oldest operating nuclear plants in the country, unsafe, rusty, having constant problems, the exact same kind of plant as the one that melted down in Japan.  A couple days ago the main statewide agency in charge of where to buy electricity from voted twenty-to-one against purchasing any further power from this plant. They further voted to have nothing whatsoever more to do with the plant's owners, Entergy Corporation, who have been misleading the public over and over regarding the safety of the plant, covering up leaks and breakdowns, in a political farce that's been reported upon almost daily by the local newspaper and in national media like the current issue of Rolling Stone. 


It took a Plutonian breakdown overseas to rally a regenerative current here in the Green Mountains. Whatever chance the plant had of staying open prior to the tsunami has now shrunk to nothing, and the governor, state senate, and even former middle-of-the-roaders undecided about the travesty of nuclear power have gotten pushed to the other side.


With the god of hell at the point of the dowsing rod, it's time to expose structures you no longer need, to blow up illusions you got caught in, to tap those hidden regenerative magical currents of the soul that can lead you beyond the farce to something good and real. Can you feel the old dying all around you? Have you reached the end of your course? Is some part of you about to burst its boundaries and get to something freer?


Let's take heart in the fact that not all politicians are corrupt, nor all futures void of course. Let's spend the month dowsing for the magic that sweeps the debris of the past out from under us, and give us something vital to live for.


Who are you really?  What are you here to do?    

How much longer are you going to wait?


Mark Borax

Soul Level Astrologer

Issue: 55 
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Mark Borax

Soul Level Astrologer


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