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 Cosmic Weather Report: 
Yes, No and Maybe

Putney, Vermont: February, 2011


During February thirteen of fifteen planets are bunched in a tight 90-degree cluster of the sky, with Saturn off by itself. This means Saturn is the delivery agent chosen by cosmos to launch the Year of the Cat, which starts at the New Moon of February 2 (See last month's CWR for more on this year.)


The Cat Year is about following your clear inner truth through subtle currents, psychic waves, underlying thought forms that require extra sensitivity to navigate. Saturn is the planet that holds the message of what you're here to do. With Saturn off by itself, retrograde in Libra, the theme of the month is sifting through social expectations to release the tyranny of the norm and creatively reimagine your purpose. Because Saturn is retrograde the accent is on going inward to find out who you are, rather than judging yourself by other people's standards. The tyranny of the norm is that part of modern existence that seduces a person out of their truth in favor of conforming to the pressure of collective thought forms.


Has your clear catlike instinct for sniffing out the true course of your life gotten clouded by your need to be accepted by others? Have your sights been set on somebody else's goals? Are you clinging to some self-image that needs to be released? Are you living your own life?


The degrees of Libra Saturn moves through this month have to do with defying mundane expectation, refusing to settle for a dimmed-down existence, and bringing your external relationships and situations back into balance with the truth of your inner nature.


When the grim details of "life-as-is" pile up so hugely on one side of the Libra Balance Scales, they overwhelm the joy and wonder of existence on the other side.  Heavy duty expectation weighs down mystery and miracle. Conformity trumps creativity.


The power you have to put things back in balance is the strength of aligning your acts, relationships and expectations with the deep truth of your own desire. Are you here to keep everyone happy or rock the world with your outrageous natural self?


When purpose flows from the deeper source of who you are, life becomes less heavy. Daily existence rises to a worthwhile adventure, an artistic quest through the obstacle course of contemporary existence, rather than an oppressive burden we all agree to out of social obligation.


As an air sign Libra rules the mind. When your mind ignites with the possibility of a well-lived life, mounting pressures give way to a magical, ever-changing universe. Saturn in Libra set off by itself this month invites you to free your mind from all the things it thinks you're supposed to be doing to get by in this world, and try a new approach. This requires gaining an impeccable yes, no, and maybe.


At its simplest form, social interactions boil down to yes, no and maybe. This offers you an opportunity to send crystal clear messages to the universe about who you are and who you're not. Practice saying yes to whatever's in you to truly say yes to, saying no to what is in you to say no to, and, when an impeccable yes or no can't be found, giving a clear truthful maybe.


This is much different than using maybe to mean "No, but I don't want to hurt your feelings." Or using yes to mean, "I really want to say no but don't want to be the bad guy," or "Stop bugging me already." One really great no sets up a clear circle of intent within which a lot of yeses can happen. A flimsy no sends mixed messages that dilute the power of your yeses, and prevent others from honoring your truth or knowing who you are. By exploring this simple practice in February, Saturn's solo position will help you rediscover who you are and what you're doing, apart from the tyranny of the norm.


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Who are you really?  What are you here to do?   
How much longer are you going to wait?

Mark Borax

Soul Level Astrologer

Issue: 42
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