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 Cosmic Weather Report: 
Karmic Theatre
Putney, Vermont: November, 2010

 During November the North Node of the Moon conjuncts Pluto, something that happens every eighteen years or so. During these times we have to go backward to go forward, because Pluto's realm is the personal inner hell we all carry, compounded of unexpressed and unresolved issues of the deep past, while the North Node is the path forward. The past becomes the way to the future, something designed to confound modern linear analytical intellect. How can going backward lead you ahead?        Amplifying this confounding theme is the degree where the conjunction occurs, 4 Capricorn: Footprints in the snow. This degree requires old cycles to run their course to get us to new ground. In some way the old patterns need to play out one more time before bringing us beyond them. The danger here is how do you distinguish the forward motion while caught in some dark undertow?      

 The answer lies in your willingness to recognize an underground path that required going deep enough to find its opening. You can't find the new inside the old, however, by mustering up a half-hearted version of the old. Capricorn insists on playing the whole gnarly thing out. The drama must be rich and compelling enough to grab you one more time until it heats your raw ingredients to a fusion point.

 Shadow work of this sort is tricky business that must be gained for us to reach new ground. If the pattern is back, let it take you someplace it was always trying to show you, but you had to go through further drama before tuning into the magical gift held in the darkness.

When the past comes up now it's to get you to witness the old parts of you that needed to create that story in order to learn firsthand by experience, the results of carrying those thought forms. Can you witness your distortion without distorting? Can you face your demons without feeding them? Can  you withstand the full impact of this world we have unconsciously created, even as it dies and releases its old form?

Reports have been surging toward me from many parts of the world as to a new wave of intensity battering our species. People are feeling attacked, dying, getting wounded in the call of duty, relationships are being torqued past their breaking point.

If you take a step back from the drama to realize the role you've played in its creation, you begin to release the whole thing even while it floods over you. It's more important than ever that we find ways to do this now, not just because the current way forward lies through the God of Death's hidden realm, but because our world has to expose its invisible shackles before we can burst them. The old stories have to slash and bite us one more time before we can release our attachment to them.

Cosmic Weather Report Book CoverMy next book, a collaboration with Ellias Lonsdale, due out on December 7, explores Karmic Theatre as a way to dramatize the past in order to get free of it. The contradiction involved is that it takes powerful discernment to distinguish one from the other. But when you awaken to your role in bringing a force of light into the darkness, the intensified dramas of life serve to produce a great awakening. Instead of cursing and disowning your shadow you recognize it as profound catalyst. Instead of blaming any external force for your suffering, you claim your heroic role in the hot spotlight of your life.

As you begin to perceive a grand design hidden in the reruns, you gain the power to take everything dark and difficult and turn it around. At that point both your own and everybody else's demons lose their power to impress you. You spar with your shadow without letting it poison and destroy everything. You dance with the part of self and other that is repugnant to you.

As the backward tugs draw us to circle our own footprints in the snow, past life connections, childhood memories sweet and bitter, old gifts and slights flash over your screen of consciousness. When you approach these recollections as the looping path to the future you discover that the painful places contain potential for powerful healing.

In my private Karmic Theatre I witness myself being put through the same dark places over and over to get to the light, and to find a way to guide others through the same territory. When the whole world goes through its Karmic Theatre at the same time we've come to a major crossroads on Planet Earth.

Even while descending into hell you sift the pattern for the gold. Even while succumbing to the frenzy you're observing the whole thing from the cool shadows of the audience. Gradually the clamor and din die down.

By rising to your performance in the theatre of worlds gone by patterns that dog you from life to life release their hold, old scars and hurts come up and fly away along your spiral dance down into the great mythological creature you are. The part of you that knows better stops judging your dimwitted mortality and begins to dance with it. You rise and open even amidst the greatest pressure of the world, and find a moment so worth living that it implodes you with mad passion to be alive.

Who are you really?  What are you here to do?   
How much longer are you going to wait?

Mark Borax

Soul Level Astrologer

Issue: 41
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Mark Borax

Soul Level Astrologer


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