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 Cosmic Weather Report: 
Forging A New World
Putney, Vermont: October, 2010
Touchdrawing by Debrorah Koff Chapin during She Dreams Us Awake TeleClass
Through October the lack of planets in fire signs and preponderance of water indicates we're dipping down into the shared energy field, the watery undercurrents of what we all stream through in realms far from the obvious. This subterranean realm of old stories, stale energies, psychic bugaboos that have trapped the species during the 2,175-year-long Age of Pisces, is being flushed clean. The process is grueling, yet necessary to bring on the Age of Aquarius, the new 2,175-year Age beginning in 2012. Though the new era begins soon it will take a couple of decades for the world to catch on. Those of us who grasp the change before others are being asked to hold a vision of the new dearly and strongly and close to our hearts, especially when it's hardest to do so.

The main difference between these Ages is that during the Age of the Fishes we lost contact with the pure, clear voice within us, and got overwhelmed by external chatter. The outer dominated the inner to a degree beyond any previous stage of history. We now live in a substitute world that stole the passion of the soul and replaced it with ring tones and shopping malls. The good news about this is that the situation had to reach its current extreme before the full extent of what we've been doing could flash across the screen of mass consciousness and awaken us to something better.

Mass awakening of this kind began in the 1960s, when it became obvious that the old paradigm of Shut-Up-and-Do-What-You're-Told was dying and a new world was busy being born. A huge groundswell arose to bring on the world inside the world, where love matters and truth counts, where woman and man and world were each other's allies, where a cooperative model of society replaced dog-eat-dog politics. Music and magic and spirited camaraderie aimed toward the future broke out from San Francisco to Czechoslovakia, Mexico City to Japan. Immediately after, in the late seventies and eighties mass consciousness snapped back in reaction, and a thick layer of amnesia set in, pretending the sixties never happened. Now that we've forged further into this molten Cusp of Ages, it's crucial to take a step back from the rigorous demands of your daily life and view current events via the long-sightedness of an evolutionary arc.

Taken from a soul level, current outbreaks of fear and paranoia regarding the world situation are revealed as the necessary dramatic action needed to change the world. To make the change fundamental and long lasting, we must grasp the full impact of what we've been doing to ourselves. Hence a month of water in a Season of Libran Balance where the Scales tip precariously this way and that to upend the old paradigm.  When minds are blown hearts can open. Just when the old is about to give up the ghost it acts out to the max. World dysfunction exposes itself at the root to reveal its folly, so we can own our part in the change.

The main challenge facing us is to believe in the bright future of our species in times hardest to do so. On the minus side of the Scales is the weight of history that reveals the tendency of human beings to choose fear over love, and stay stuck in the muck even when it proves ludicrous. On the plus side is the fact that outbreaks of a better way are sparking from Tennessee to Timbuktu. Like in the sixties it's the artists who weathervane this change before the politicians. Pay attention to what the musicians and directors and painters and writers are telling us, where the early signs of revolution are leaking out between the lines.

We have one great benefit going for us: The ability of crisis to strip disguise and pry us away from accustomed patterns. Yes, it's daunting to believe in something magical and real while twisted politicians and leaders race around spouting the same old rhetoric but it's important to realize that the change of our time will not be based on what leaders say but what your gut says. As the external scaffolding of world society falls apart it's more crucial than ever to get down to the truth of the soul. Beneath what your life looks like, in the primal regions of your core nature it's time to learn what your heart knows, get real with what you crave and yearn for. 

The funny thing about making this change real is that it rarely happens the way you thought it would. On June 1, me and my little family of Marcella, Sky and Hart moved out of our two-year rental in southern Vermont, and entered a two-month sublet, followed by a month of camping to prepare to move into a new rental on September 1. The morning of September first Marcella and I, along with a U-haul truck full of belongings pulled up to our gorgeous new home to find a problem with the lease, which couldn't be worked out. At the time we were camping on friends' land. The moment when our new landlords informed us it wasn't going to work (after we'd registered our seven-year-old son in the local school) Marcella and I looked at each other. There was a telepathic moment of recognition that opened our hearts to something other than the plans of our heads. Even though we'd arranged our new life around this home, which looked incredible on the outside, it was clear that spirit was talking. We shrugged; turned to the woman we were negotiating with and said, "Okay." She apologized for having misled us, we all shook hands, and left. We got into the truck and drove to a storage unit, unpacked our stuff and returned to the friends hosting our tent, who said, "Why don't you stay here with us and help launch the small healing community we've been longing to create for years?"

So we did. 

Today the rain is pounding; we're still in our tent, and a beautiful small cabin is going up to house our boys and us until we can build the straw bale home we dream of. Instead of fighting the call, or trying to recreate yet another version of the customary life we "lost," we headed through the unexpected opening into a whole new direction that is more aligned with what we dreamed of than the path we thought we were going to walk. In such ways the fluky unpredictable changes of our time may lead you ahead.

Who are you really?  What are you here to do?   
How much longer are you going to wait?

Mark Borax

Soul Level Astrologer

Issue: 40
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Mark Borax

Soul Level Astrologer


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