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 Cosmic Weather Report: 
Blasts of Will
Putney, Vermont: June 1, 2010
tango-free On June 8 Jupiter and Uranus come together in the first
 degree of Aries, a hot spot that packs a pure blast of willpower like no other point in the zodiac. Jupiter is the grand design that high spirit forces hold for the universe. Uranus is highest consciousness. When these two conjoin at the beginning of Aries, it's like touching two live wires. Destiny meets emotion, firing the will. Explosion is inevitable. What get most exploded are our old assumptions.

There are times when spirit works slowly, gradually, aloofly, at a distance, to prod our species forward. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES! This is time for the Maker of Lightning and Master of Consciousness to blast a greater will into the sagging soul of the species.

The world is changing.  Old structures collapse. Fond thought forms are dying. Every assumption you were taught about the way things are is an offering you're being summoned to place in the fire. For too long dreams have been stalled, soul fires dampened. Evolution sputtered, raged, and stalled. Now, like in the 1960s, blasts of willpower are shaking the rafters. Your part is to believe the future can be better than the past. Your part is to let your old life blow away and make way for who you really are.

artwork by http://svet.blbne.cz/
incredible artwork found http://svet.blbne.cz/
In the early 1960s (before the 60s were the 60s) change was imminent, raw, and inevitable, but we didn't know what to call it. It was hard to recognize rockslides in Stratford, Connecticut, as a cultural avalanche. Pockets of consciousness pooled up in towns and cities like rainstorms all over the world, before they surged into mass awareness in the late 60s. Once again we're in the raw pre-revolutionary stage of revolution. If it doesn't look that way, drop beneath the way things look into the way they feel.

Change doesn't happen when enough people meet to decide about change. Change doesn't happen when you hold televised conventions about the matter of change. Change doesn't even happen when you convince people of the need for it.

Change happens when the underground force for evolution swells to critical mass, and, like a dammed river set free, surges through the world and can no longer be stopped.

As I look beneath the way things seem, I feel the heart of womankind yearning to return from exile. I feel the soul of man raging like a caged beast. I feel every false compromise, every unconscious choice you made to swallow your truth and hold yourself back to fit into a broken world, breaking.

In this Year of the Tiger, Jupiter and Uranus are about to blast the Tiger of Your Soul through the flaming hoop of global disorder. If your old dream is dying, that's because it got too cramped in there and must make way for something new. In tiny towns and big cities rain is falling, rocks are tumbling, and people are beginning to do the one thing most dangerous of all-ask questions.

Don't play it safe now-give your brightest future the chance to happen. If you're not in touch with that future, come at it from the other end. You're on your death bed, breathing your final moment. What do you want to look back at and feel the big AHHH about? What do you want to go to sleep happy over? What makes you gladdest in the heart, that, while you didn't manage to get everything done, you at least got THAT done?

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait? 

Issue: 36
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Living On the Threshhold
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 Ellias delivers another of his annual, unforgettable Cosmic Weather Reports. Many of you recall our Spring '09 TeleClass, The Ignition Point of 2012: Triple Conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune, and Alpha-Omega. 
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