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 Cosmic Weather Report: 
Quincunx Tango
Putney, Vermont: May 7, 2010
tango-free Venus, Goddess of Love, Empress of Imagination, Queen of Stories, is in Gemini, reweaving a new story from old tales that have run their course. Gemini's good at opening portals in dark places and letting something fresh in. If your demons are being stirred, it's part of that scouring. Windows can't open in hell without entering hell. Change can't occur 'til the parts of you most needing to change get exposed one more time.

Way down the line at the other end of the solar system, dark Pluto, Lord of Death, King of the Underworld, Slayer of False Forms, is spending May in 6 degrees Capricorn. This dark god is reaching across light years to spin the lusty goddess into exactly where he wants her to be. A symbol for 6 Capricorn is An ancient gold scarab lying in the sand. Pluto's relish is to destroy the old which no longer serves, to dissolve structures you formed which suffocate you when you grow too big for them.

Venus and Pluto were locked in a 150-degree aspect known as a quincunx, which is the most challenging of all, at the end of April. You may have noticed, lately, a cosmic wrenching motion that has become vivid and acute, a relentless pressure that spins you through hope and despair: a Quincunx Tango.  My sense is that what most astrologers view as a minor happening, is actually a powerful activation.

When the Goddess of Love dances with the Lord of Death, Earth has begun her liver flush. Toxic thoughts and obsolete stories we've swallowed are being purged from the world body. Like ancient civilizations, our hold on the world is crumbling. Sludge from the ages is being exposed as the roots of power tremble. Along with spinning vertigo a gold scarab lies in the sand. Beneath the dust of a dying civilization, something deeper is being uncovered-a direct connection to Source.

As your old world pulls away, learn to feel what you don't know you're feeling. When fear strikes, counter it with imagination.  Below the part of you that says you don't deserve any better, lies something golden.  Use the intensity of everything dying to come alive in the depths of your soul, and don't stop for anything.

The old masculine and feminine are being overturned to see what they're made of. Love relationships based on false attachment are being slain. Jobs that pay the bills while sucking the soul dry are being thrown around the dance floor.

At such times it's easy to succumb to disillusionment and despair. It's hard to recognize in the rising flourish, in that exquisite moment of unfulfilled desire, after your head gets swept down to the boards, then shot up the keyboard of an Argentine beat, it's hard to recognize the sublime perfection, when you pause, turn, and flash eyes at the one who is longing for you and slaying you, revealing your panting desire in that naked moment before the music resumes, and the song spins you into the next round. It's hard to know what to believe in when nothing stays in place, as colors spin and shadows flash, and ghosts of the past turn into faces in the crowd.

It's just the rhythm of the new being born beneath your feet. It's just the summons of your deeper self, to give birth to that which you love, to disprove the fools who say love can't happen, to push off against everything  that binds you to a lesser existence, and fly. It's just the Quincunx Tango.

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait? 

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Mark Borax

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