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 Cosmic Weather Report: 
Passing The Stone
Putney, Vermont: April 8, 2010
In the last two months I've performed more readings, healings, and teachings than any time in my twenty-five years of doing soul-level work. Four days ago I returned to Vermont from eight weeks riding the Soul Train through the west coast and Hawaii, where I conducted more sessions in-person and by phone than I can count.

From delving so deeply into so many people's psyches I've noticed a regenerative force arising in the soul of the species, like a new inner compass for finding our way back home. I'm witnessing a growing movement (that doesn't yet know it's a movement) to reclaim our planet from the void, and carve magically real lives out of the end time of a false civilization.

Children's movies, which I use as a kind of national oracle to reveal the state of the nation, have become tainted with existential despair as the predominant underlying tone. Characters feign a calloused cynicism which is supposed to seem sophisticated and up-to-date. Pure open-eyed innocence and wonder have become rare in even the most basic stories we're telling to the young ones.

A different story, however, is emerging in the depths. During our Spring Equinox Retreat on the island of Kauai, I watched miracles occur between fourteen adults who came together for one week to enter sacred space with themselves and each other. I saw strangers gather from various countries and states, and change on the spot. It's hard to convey the full impact of this, which, as I write, is still coursing through me, and, I know, through the others as well. 

Entering Aquaria 2010  

Entering Aquaria Retreat 2010

 If you ask me the key ingredient of what enabled separate individuals to transform so powerfully, in a way that, judging by the last two weeks of emails, is still coursing through our lives, I'd say it's the willingness to believe in the power of love more than any other force.

 In such a sophisticated and complex time as ours it's easy to search for sophisticated and complex answers to the questions that plague and mystify us, such as how to get our world back on track. But the path forward is clearer and simpler than that.

The miracles of transformation I witnessed during February and March happen when you identify a force of love operating at a much deeper level than any other force in the world. Period.

Why is this simple recognition so hard to access, and so easy to relinquish in the course of daily life, love, work, politics, and relationship?

Because we've  forgotten who we are in the depths, and have settled for false reflections. We began to get false reflections in childhood, and they never stopped. Modern society has become falser than at any time in history.

But those reflections sweep away when a stronger force from within is activated by your willingness to believe in love, and by the clear reflections provided by others around you. It doesn't take much, which is the most ironic part of the current transformation.

When I sit with someone in sacred space, in person or on the phone, regardless of what Sign they were born under or how old they are, regardless of whether they grew up impoverished or wealthy, struggling or cushioned from the world's intense emotional blows, and we meet on a soul-to-soul level, a deep power is released that is tangible and long lasting. My training and expertise in matters of the soul helps, but more than that, it's my willingness to believe in something so crucial in the depths of your nature, that turns the tide more than any astrological insight.

In Kauai fourteen people tracked the emergence of this core force working its way out from under each person's baggage, as one by one each of us woke up and joined the living. The primary means we used to accomplish this was a simple speaking stone, a talisman I found on a California beach while walking with my six-year-old son, a chunk of rock half-buried in the sand that I picked up and felt its energy course through my hand. We placed the stone in the center of the circle for seven days, with the intention that only the person reaching out to hold the stone gets to speak and the rest of us get to listen. The rest of us get to witness, but not respond, not try to "fix" the person, not fill the room with chitchat, but soul talk.

This may not sound like a powerful cosmic truth that will rock your world and change your life, but if you talk to any of those who circled up with Marcella, Ellias, Lumanare and myself in Hawaii two weeks ago, you'll probably hear tales of life-changing transformation. My morning's emails indicate that the force we set in motion is growing deeper inside people as they take it from Kauai into their own personal circles, and it spreads.

If you're close to someone, if you're in need of transformation, if you're caught in dilemma, try sitting with others and passing the stone. Not only does this method enable others to really tune in and hear what you're saying on a very deep level, but even more-it enables you to tune in and hear yourself the same way.

I've found, in a quarter century of transformation work, that the soul doesn't need many complicated rituals and secret formulas to reveal itself. Your inner nature asks one thing of you-that you learn to value your truth more than any outside source.

Tuning into your core nature this way, rather than making you selfish and narcissistic, will likely provide the kind of profound regeneration I witnessed through February and March. And in this Year of the Tiger, our ability to spring forward from the coiled-up contracted inner state society's been stuck in since the 1960s, is very powerful and close to the bone. Here's the stone. Your turn...

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait? 

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