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 Cosmic Weather Report: 
The Dance Of Purpose
Cambria, California: March 5, 2010
From November 2009 through the end of this month (March) Saturn has been moving through the early phases of Libra, after spending a couple of years in Virgo. Then Saturn retrogrades backwards through the end of Virgo until July of this year, when it goes back into Libra for the next couple of years. This dance from Virgo to Libra to Virgo to Libra is raising some interesting energies, and pushing many of us through evolutionary hurdles.

Saturn is the planet of Purpose. Its main purpose is to remind you of why you came here. After you died in your last life, and before you were born into this one, you looked back at what you'd accomplished in that life, and saw how it fit into the overall scope of your reincarnational purpose through many lives. After looking back you made some key decision about why to send your soul into a body one more time. That prenatal resolve is held within the Saturn sphere, and is the deepest underlying purpose of why you're here.

When the things you do reflect that prenatal vow, you experience release along the clear arc of your greater purpose. When you do things counter to that vow you experience resistance, like trying to swim upstream.

When Saturn dances back and forth between Virgo and Libra as it does in the nine months from November to July, your role in the world is being shaken around, danced with, questioned, probed, pushed through the wringer to see how well it fits with the whole reason of why you're here.

The Virgo side of this nine-month dance has been to awaken your inner knowing in relation to how skillfully you're tracking with your own purpose. Are the things you're doing each day clear reflections of what you really need to be doing? Is your life serving some greater point than just keeping all the plates spinning, keeping all the juggling pins in the air? Are you going to sleep at the end of the day with a feeling of inner satisfaction that you got something meaningful done?

The Libra side of the dance is teaching you how your choices and actions effect others, and how you're affected by the actions and energies of those around you. Virgo is the skilful management of your personal gifts and resources; Libra is the energetic engagement between you and others. With Saturn straddling both signs for a while, we're all being challenged to find a way to balance the two.

This is the time to discover how your individual purpose and personal relationships align with the greater thrust of evolution. As Saturn moves through Libra this month, the accent of the dance shifts to partnership. How well are your connections with others serving a greater need? How well are they serving you? Have you been holding some crucial truth at bay for fear of the waves it'll make when you finally face it? Are your feet stuck in the mud of obsolete patterns of relationship? Are you gathering your true tribe around you? Is there a current of inspiration you can draw into the shared space between you and others? Is your love giving you what you need? Have you dropped beneath your assumptions and disguises to let love show you who you are? Are you healing and releasing the wounds of the past? Is there anyone in your life, that if they died tomorrow, you'd spend the rest of your life regretting that you haven't yet cleared the air between you, or haven't yet told them how much you love them?

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait? 
Issue: 33
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