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 Cosmic Weather Report: 
                   The Beginning & End of Everything
Putney, Vermont: January 5, 2010

Reports are coming in left and right regarding the amount of shake-up going on in people's lives. We've entered the Make-It-And-Break-It year of our time, and begun a new decade. What's breaking apart are your links to a form of society that's dying. Wherever you got entangled in life structures based more on false security than higher truth, your life is breaking apart to make way for the coming of the new.


What's being made are the first tentative links to a new world. Though subtle and inward, those links are the most important thing you can do with your time now, because the world that's beginning looks very similar to the one that's ending, with one important difference: It feels much better to the soul. The more you follow this feeling the more you'll separate out of the dying and join the living.


With the Sun conjuncting Venus and Mercury a bright warm light is beaming through the shake-up and break-up, opening an inner path to a new existence right through the smoke and rubble. You take this path by recognizing that it matters how you feel in your heart of hearts, more than it matters what everyone around you is saying. It always matters but it matters even more at a time like this with so much busy being born and so much dying.


Even if no one around you is reflecting the inner truth of your heart, even if you yourself aren't sure what it is, you're being asked to sense it, touch it, taste it, smell it, imagine it. Even when the shared psychic space is filled with doubt and disdain, you've got to trust what your inner nature tells you.


My inner nature tells me a whole new world is being born right under our noses now.


The birthing of the moment is to reverse field on the old way to do things, and place a stronger priority on the way things are, rather than the way they seem. The path opening here is to give more attention to how you feel inside rather than what you think you're supposed to be doing. Old supposed-to's are dying by the minute, and you get to be born by learning to trust something deeper.


Ten years ago when my mother lay dying I felt an enormous buoyancy, a wave of elation that was like an inner angelic soundtrack accompanying the more expectable track of sorrow and loss which I also experienced. As the life force of her body drained, the light inside her grew more and more radiant, until I could hardly look at her. I saw a side to my mother I'd been blinded to all my life.


The same thing is happening now with the world body. As the old structures expire a great light is being released from the heart of the world.


Yes, there are many reasons to feel sadness at the passing of an age. Yes, many things are going wrong, but something deep is going very very right: We're emerging from the long years of denial.


Humanity is going through a powerful transition now equal to death and birth. Each time someone dies there's an equal pull to get caught in the dark riptide, stuck in the passage, or for breathing free and emerging out into the new stage of rebirth that accompanies loss, sorrow, and pain.


Whether you see this as the Beginning of Everything or End of Everything is largely up to you. In the coming months there'll be plenty more reasons for both.


Through most of this month the Dragon's Head (north node of the moon) moves through 22 Capricorn, which asks each of us to give something up in order to get on track with higher truth. Whatever's in the way of your bright future is going to come up in your face, and come up and come up, over and over, until you push off the dying world and tap into the new.


Capricorn isn't known as an easy-going goddess, but a Rigorous Kickass Kali Kind of Gal. As soon as you realize life's kicking your ass now to get you out of the way things seem into the way they are, that stubborn goat lady becomes a great asset.


Imagine you had a secret spirit friend who knows the truth of your heart and the way of the future with no if's and's or but's, no wavering uncertainty, but absolute laser-beam clarity.


And this friend loves you so much that she won't let you get away with pretending to be anything less than you are. Are you going to get all ticked off when she points out the way to go and won't take no for an answer? Are you going to get pissed when she shows you what you have to let go of to get from here to there? Or say Hallelujah?

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait? 

Entering Aquaria: Dropping Into Sacred Space

Cat McAdams Cat McAdams Emerging 3
 5-Day Equinox Retreat, Kauai, Hawaii 

Friday, March 19 -Thursday, March 25


Led by Ellias Lonsdale & Lumanara,

              Mark Borax and Marcella.Eversole

In recent time we've lost the ability to meet ourselves and each other from a place of deep truth. Instead we've been meeting self and other on superficial levels.


This workshop is designed to initiate a sacred form of presence which can be used in everyday life, enabling us to remain tuned in to a deep part of ourselves even as we flow outward toward others. This enables us to remain grounded in our truth while expanding to fill our multidimensional role in the universe.


We're going to use the astrological start of the year, the moment of spring equinox when the Sun enters Aries, to ritually enact the coming of the new in our personal lives and in the life of the planet.

In this fashion we intend to prepare mind, body and soul to enter the Age of Aquarius, which begins in 2012.


A key feature of Aquarius is learning to navigate through multidimensional realms while becoming even more grounded in the physical. When we learn to inhabit sacred space within us, and within our connection to others and to cosmos, we become initiated into a powerful new era of human consciousness.


Ellias and Lumanara will conduct morning sessions of 5 Elements Activation, followed by an afternoon session by Mark and Marcella to further the morning process, and integrate it more fully into people's consciousness.


We intend to create a strong circle of support to foster wholeness and karmic clearing, and catalyze the radical evolution of individuals and of the group through intensive process at a strong moment on the magical island of Kauai. 


West Coast Readings:  February 2010

Mark will be spending February in Cambria, California on the central coast, and coming up to Santa Cruz to do readings on February  for folks in the Bay Area. Email him at 
mborax@gmail.com to set up a session. 
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Retreat: Entering Aquaria
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Behind Closed Doors:
Sacred Intimacy With Yourself & Others
Valentine's Day Circle
 Led by Mark Borax & Marcella Eversole in Cambria, Ca
Sunday, February 14
1 pm - 5 pm

Join us in person on Valentine's Day in a warm circle of support for the emergence of the deep, juicy truth of your soul.  


The way we give to others, the way we be with them most intimately, reflects the deeper relationship we have with ourself. In both cases a strong love seeks to emerge, which is more based on inner truth than on the way things look.

Mark and Marcella are going to use their deep relationship experiences to teach sacred sharing from the heart and soul, as it relates to sexuality, love, and intimacy.
We plan to create a special chamber of intimacy around the group circle, which may flush out old programmings and past-life dysfunction.
WARNING: The contents of Love may be highly transfomative to old pockets of grief and shame your past selves are holding onto. Bring tissues.

 Register Below:

 Behind Closed Doors:
Sacred Intimacy With Yourself & Others
Feb 14, 2010 
 Led by Mark Borax & Marcella Eversole in Cambria, Ca
by Vanesa Martinelli


Star Genesis: Reading the Book of Destiny, Part 2



 Mark Borax


 12 Wednesdays


February 10th through April 28th

  7 to 8:30 PM Eastern/4 to 5:30 Pacific

 Cost: $210



Mark Borax

Soul Level Astrologer


Please share this information as far as possible.  Anyone wishing to sign up, please do so through my website: www.markborax.com. This is a private list -- I do not share it. For personal readings, email me at mborax@gmail.com. My book, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future can be ordered on my website or at your local bookstore.