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 Cosmic Weather Report: 
                                  Solstice Ignition!
Putney, Vermont: December 4, 2009
Energy storms are brewing in the short-term and long-term cosmic weather. Squalls of gut-instinct, heartbursts of emotion, lightning surges of willpower will flash across the inner sky as we approach the second Ignition Point of 2009.  

The first Ignition Point last June catalyzed surging forces we discussed in our Ignition Point TeleClass, (available on my website.) The information that emerged then inspired me to write a new book, Igniting Your Soul: A Path of Meaning and Magic Through the Incredible, Contradictory, Impossible, Absolutely Marvelous Dance of our Times. It'sa collaboration between me and Ellias Lonsdale, which will be out next autumn, and presents the nature of our time with more depth and vividness than anything else I've seen.

      The June Ignition Point sparked people's need to get their life on track with their soul. Since the spring many people have
asked me how they can do that. In dozens of readings people from different parts of the world, different walks of life, say the same thing: Something is calling me to get somewhere I've never been. I know I'm being asked to change but I'm not sure how. I want to be a part of whatever it is that's brewing up the future. 

      This eyewitness report from around the globe is cluing me into the early preliminary trickles of a worldwide movement which will grow in the next decade, until it dwarfs the revolution of the 1960s. We stand poised on a whole new era which will replace the broken machinery of the past with a world that really works. That's why people are itchy,
restless, striving and searching, It's becoming harder to pretend to be these measly little critters who go along with the program. The soul within the species is stirring in a way politicians and pundits have no say over. It's starting small and subtle but will grow in coming years to a huge wave of transformation

      A burst of energy will strike December 17, 18, and 19, when Jupiter, Neptune, and Alpha-Omega (Chiron) line up in consecutive degrees of Aquarius. This triple conjunction will speed us through a time tunnel and introduce us to fresh territories ahead. From Solstice through Christmas and New Year's tremendous forces will gather to push us out of the past.  

      These three planets are the most optimal for getting us on track of what's intended to happen next, for introducing us to the larger design that our lives align with, for providing both vision and energy to bring on the new.

      The Solstice Ignition will propel us into the great make-it-and-break-it, do-and-die year of our time, 2010. When you feel that altered state toward the end of the month, associated with full moons, pregnancies, and medicine journeys, you'll be bombarded with energy to clear the past and get on with what you're really here to do.  

  What does your gut-level truth say about the life you're  living?
      Where does your greater willpower live inside your body?
      What does a free spirit look like?
      Which part of your life needs to get out of the way of the Tiger?

      Valentine's Day begins the Year of the Tiger, time for taking risks, for setting sights and springing clear to the lush and fertile territory up ahead. Something Big and Striped is trying to get through to our species. As the year progresses, the rumble in your chest will become the roar of the Tiger of Your Soul, who is vastly bigger than every one of your dilemmas. 

      From Solstice onward things stream forward at a rapid clip, initiating a six-year period of accelerated growth. The last half of that period, from 2012 to 2015, will be even more intensified, to get us fully into the new. The main difference between the old and new is that in the old world we thought we were these isolated beings, and the new world is teeming with interconnected forces from many places and times. Our species is losing its flatness and becoming multidimensional. Many invisible planes and beings which time
share reality with us will be closer than ever. The veils are thinning. 

      You're going to be bombarded from every angle with super-fast reflections of who you are, what you're doing, and the thoughts you're thinking. It'll be tempting to blame the sharper reflections on somebody else, or the world at large. But the images will be custom designed to show you how you've created the world you live in, and can therefore uncreate and recreate it.  

      When the world goes through growing pains like it will in coming years we have a rare opportunity to strengthen ourselves from within, and combine magic with logic to open the gates for others.

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait? 
West Coast Readings in February 2010 
Mark will be spending February in Cambria, California on the central coast, and coming up to Santa Cruz to do readings for folks in the Bay Area. Email him at mborax@gmail.com to set up a session.

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