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 Cosmic Weather Report: 
                                  Turning Inside Out
Putney, Vermont: November 1, 2009
Day of the Dead
aquariusAn interesting phenomenon is occurring now, connected to the movement of three major planets through Aquarius, Jupiter, Neptune, and Alpha-Omega. Yesterday Alpha-Omega went direct in 22 Aquarius, the degree which is very connected to the phenomenon.
The world is turning inside out now. Those things that used to be self-contained inside your inner nature are now being turned out into the world, and those things that used to be held in mass consciousness are being turned toward each individual.
The place this transformation most applies is in the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel, which are not your own private domain anymore. Clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience are on the rise, which means your powers of seeing, sensing, and hearing are becoming more psychic, more telepathic.
22 Aquarius is about getting inside a situation, witnessing it from within, observing it and keeping very busy exploring and tinkering around a realm that modern society knows very little about-the inner workings of human consciousness. It's become clear to me from recent reports by clients, students, and friends, that we're going through one of those collective initiations to draw us out of the old into the new.
The old is the self-enclosed model of human beings. The old is the idea that nothing much is going on here. The old is the idea that we each are completely separate beings who have little to do with cosmos, with plants, with animal, with Earth, with the dead, and with each other.
The new is a multidimensional way of being, based on the idea that we are all completely intertwined with each other, with the living, the dead, Earth and Cosmos. This unitive consciousness is arising now to replace the obsolete consciousness that has kept our species back from fulfilling its bright potential.
But when unitive consciousness arises, and you become inundated with other people's thoughts and feelings, at first you rarely recognize it for what it is. Usually you refer it to the old paradigm, i.e.: you don't feel well, you have a headache, your emotions are disruptive, you can't normalize, can't get a handle on simple basic life tasks.
The source of this situation may be more initiatory than dysfunctional. It may simply be that you're getting acclimated to the Aquarian Age, which is a two thousand year period that will begin during the year 2012. In order for the new to stream in and replace the old, a certain disorientation and dislocation effect can be seen now.
To make good use of the initiation, you can practice clearing your mind, releasing your programming that life is limited, that things have no purpose, that there's no greater consciousness or grand design at work in your daily existence. The more you release these ideas, the more you can open to the premise that life is magical and multidimensional, that everything that happens fits into a greater design, and that you are an integral part of that design, even when you're at your worst, puling your hair out, seeming to have no purpose at all.
You'll master the initiation if you realize that your most difficult moments are your greatest stages in the journey of your soul from life to life to life. You chose some very good reason to be here, after you died in your last life and before being born into this one. That soul-level purpose is always at work beneath your trials and tribulations.
Now that humanity is becoming more telepathic, more psychically sensitive, your inner thoughts and feelings are being broadcast with new amplitude. You don't get to have your little, personal, self-enclosed, egoic island anymore. You're being invited into the next age of humankind, which is destined to free the greater consciousness of the species.
Even though things are tough in many people's lives right now, the toughness is there to make you clearer about what you're really here to do. Places where you're not living up to that inner clarity are the hurdles you have to cross in the initiation.
As the inner turns outward and the external folds into the inner it will become more and more difficult for you to hide out in your own little world. Destiny is calling you to come out, come out, wherever you are. You might not like everything you find when you emerge, it might take some getting used to, to deal with the vibes and attitudes being amplified all around you that are whooshing through your psychic space.
But the passage we're entering is a long overdue transformation to put our world back on the track of who we are, rather than who we pretend to be. So on this Day of the Dead let's honor each ancestor who brought their own soul down from the clouds into this karmic gumbo, and stir the soup with the flavor of your own inner nature.
The full moon on November 2nd in 11 Taurus is a degree burning with inspiration. Wildly honest, desperately candid, the power is being released now for you to be the outrageous individual you are and not stop for anything, not settle for less.
Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait? 
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(artwork by Deborah Koff-Chapin produced during the Aqua Star Portals TeleClass.) 

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