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 Cosmic Weather Report: 
                  Riding the Dragon from Air to Earth
Putney, Vermont: August 2009

This month the Dragon's Head (North Lunar Node) enters Capricorn after a year-and-a-half moving through Aquarius. The Sign the Dragon's Head passes through indicates the opening for collective evolution-it points the way forward for our species. We've been experiencing an airy Aquarian porthole in evolution, which means a great merging is going on. Mental currents are flashing through the shared psychic space like strands of programming code. The inside story of our race is changing. Old myths rise up and die to be born again in some new fashion.

capricornAquarius is the Sign of mixing and matching. Elements that had been separate suddenly find themselves together-and don't always like it or know what to do about it. Things become very mergy. Recent cosmic weather surveys reveal a hodgepodge of violent ups and downs. One minute you're riding a high, then plummeting to a sudden trough. Who knows what to think?
This volatile collective environment can seem dangerous and crazy. But if we step back and view it from a greater perspective it can restore balance to our species. Our culture in recent years became so twisted that a great shake-up is needed to untwist. The rupture of life structures that formerly provided security is not such a bad thing, when you begin to glimpse the new possibilities emerging on the other side.
In the next few weeks as the Dragon finalizes its passage through Aquarius, the theme of merging will become more pronounced. Whatever families, groups, pods you belong to are being blasted by growth rays.
The high side of this is the feeling that you're not in it alone, you have support, you're part of an entity which itself is part of a greater entity, and the interconnectedness of these elements is being heightened. The down side is that it can be exhausting to feel pushed and pulled by forces beyond your control. Life doesn't seem to stay put anymore like it used to!

This rigorous motion is an evolutionary phase of accelerated development, a cleansing and purging action. We're all together in the rinse cycle. Dirt flies by, what goes 'round comes 'round, feelings, thoughts, visions and monsters crop up like never before because our species has agreed to move beyond its former limits. We're being held to task. This is definitely not life as usual on Planet Earth, but a sweeping curve in species evolution. We've achieved warp speed, and many things are being left behind.

Air signs are fast. Air is the element of the mind. Thought is instantaneous.
The same surging wave of transformation that's gripping the world enables us to release old thought patterns, stuck ideas that outlived their usefulness. This shake-up effects everything across the boards. It's not limited to one group of people, one country or society, but mass humanity. This is the sign of a great clearing.

When the Dragon swoops into Capricorn in late August, the collective way forward shifts from air to earth. This is good news for the part of you that feels like everything's spinning and you've been running around like a lunatic. Aquarius is a spinning centrifuge. Capricorn is the reestablishment of a new world.

Capricorn is a buckle-down Sign, which is going, in the next year-and-a-half, to put our ideas to the test. We're moving from idea to embodiment. From crazy merging and the surging of ideas, to hard and fast realities that must be grasped as building blocks of a new society.

When tens of thousands of people all over the world start dreaming a new dream, the ignorance and apathy that have held our species back dissolve in the light of fierce new radiance rising from the soul. We lose the tight security of former identities. We gain a whole new chance for our species.
Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait?
Star Genesis: Reading the Book of Destiny
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Issue: 26
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Ignition Point 3-part series Mystery School Recordings

The recordings I mentioned last month have been getting a lot of attention through the world, and are still available on my website.
In three two-hour sessions, including questions and answers, Ellias Lonsdale pinpoints the nature of our time, and how to prepare for 2012. Some readers are new to 2012, others have been hearing of it for years.
These classes got to the gist of it like nothing else I know. They've become our most popular recordings series. Many people have listened repeatedly, to mine the wealth of information. I highly recommend this mini-series. -- Mark

Aug 8, Radio Show
I'll be talking about my book "2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future" on A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic on BBS radio Saturday, August 8th at 10 PM Eastern time.
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Transforming Through 2012:  Anthology Coming this Fall


I contributed a chapter in the upcoming anthology written by many writers, Transforming through 2012, which will be published simultaneously as a print book and e-book, including multimedia clips produced by the authors. My piece is titled "Springing the soul of a stuck species," which is my first entry in the world of 2012 literature since my book came out last year. Fellow contributors include noteworthy writers such as Daniel Pinchbeck and George Noory. I haven't seen the other chapters yet but am excited to help bring forth a new vision in this manner. As soon as the book comes out we'll offer it as a mail-order volume as well as the e-book version. 




Mark Borax

Soul Level Astrologer


Please share this information as far as possible.  Anyone wishing to sign up, please do so through my website: www.markborax.com. This is a private list -- I do not share it. For personal readings, email me at mborax@gmail.com. My new book, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future can be ordered on my website or at your local bookstore. It was published April 15 by Frog Books, in conjunction with Random House.