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 Cosmic Weather Report: 
                  Plunging to the Heart of Earth Life
Barbara Lindsay, "Flame On!". IP Altar 2009
Putney, Vermont: July 2009

            In the last few weeks our College of Visionaries & Wizards finished its first year of TeleClasses with a special three-part Cosmic Weather Report by Ellias Lonsdale. In three two-hour phone classes, Ellias called the moment. He pinpointed the underlying nature of the current time, and gave a detailed description of how our time fits into the coming transformation of 2012. Some readers are new to the concept of 2012, others are saturated with bumping into this topic everywhere they turn. But no one has gotten to the core of the matter like Ellias did in the last few weeks.

The classes are called Ignition Point because Ellias sees our current time as the key ignition point of the whole 2012 transformation. Now that the series is over, the recordings can be purchased from my website. I can't recommend these enough-it's become our most popular recordings series. For those of you who have a fuzzy understanding of 2012, or are burned out on hearing surface talk about it, these recordings, which are easily downloaded onto your computer, will give you insight and inspiration to meet the coming challenges. I have been so energized by the class experience that I'm devoting this entire Cosmic Weather Report to reprinting a tiny introductory portion of the class transcripts.

2012:  Ignition Point Transcript
Ellias: Because of this triple conjunction of three planets, we are being given a rare opportunity right now to plunge into the heart of earth life as never before.  Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron/Alpha-Omega have converged in the constellation of the Water-Bearer, the three most supportive planets synchronizing with each other. Most supportive for getting inside of things, seeing and feeling them as they really are, and taking them up in an evolutionary step, a move, a ritual gesture, which is now activated.

The human soul of contemporary time is split between a world above and a world below. In the world above, these things I'm telling you are felt, are seen, are known. The part of you who lives in worlds beyond, and who lightly touches in with this world, knows these things, has seen these things, has been shown all of it. And this part of us is seeing it and knowing it stronger than ever now.  IPR Anonymous 

There's also a part of us who lives in the world below. And usually, the one who lives in the world below is not able to rise to that same consciousness; the knowing-knower, the knower who knows that they know, but instead tends to karmically generate a denser world, a more customary, ordinary world where they pretend to themselves and others that they don't fully know what they know, and that they're having to play out all of the stuff of the world.
                                                                              Therese Jornlin's IP Ritual Altar
The difference in the current configuration of planets is that this particular sequence, that perpetual gap between the one who knows that they know and the one who pretends that they don't, that gap is being bridged. We are going to be developing in the next years a mediating self. An awareness self, who can navigate and circulate, moving ever more fluently back and forth between the cosmic and earthly worlds.

As that bridging happens, as that navigational fluency develops, we will be able to sense simultaneously that somebody in us is wise, aware, awake, in tune. And that somebody in us is somehow still lost. And the further we're able to sense and know and be with that, the more the one who's lost will find themselves, and the one who is navigating from a greater cosmic reality will be able to embody through the one who thought they were just a little self caught in the world.                 

Jupiter is a precision instrument specialist, developing a form of consciousness that has not been happening on the planet previously. You can see it in the eyes of children who are coming through. They see something, they know something, they're on a track right from the get-go.  Each one of us, child or not, at whatever stage of existence, is now being granted a Jupiterian gift, a treasure of being able to see our way forward in a clear arc, a direct transmission from source to destination. This is going to have profound results in the world.   
IP Altar JenniferStar
The degree of the zodiac where Jupiter, Neptune, and Alpha-Omega came together is 27 Aquarius. The Chandra symbol of that degree is "A man laying stones for a path." In this degree you're given a fine-tuned instruction manual to find your way forward even when you don't know how. Even when you don't know who. Even when you don't know much of anything. Somehow the steps are given to you, laid out stone by stone, brick by brick.
IP Ritual Altar by Jennifer Star
We're getting updated. We're getting fine-tuned. We're getting brought alive. We're getting brought forward, brought through, consciously-wakefully. And it will take years for this to fully register and integrate. But it is already happening, and it is a tremendous advance.

Meanwhile, on the surface of things out there in the world, there's a tremendous destabilizing energy at work. We're being pushed right out of the past but into no place yet. There's an anxiety, apprehension, a millennial fever of subliminally sensing that something big is happening, but what is it? and can we go with it? and what is it really asking of us?

IP Tarot Reading
IP Tarot Spread, from She Dreams Us  Awake Student  

So of course everybody's freaked out. Of course everybody's destabilized. Of course they're being pushed out of the past. Every world that they've been in that's not in this fresh, alive way of being is rapidly becoming an empty husk. It would have to. What would you expect? Do you really expect people not to suffer? Do you really want people to go through this super smoothly in some kind of New Age magic carpet ride? Do you really believe that's the way it's supposed to happen?  

No I don't.

So I start to tune in a little bit deeper and I find that this tragic historical consciousness, which the US took on from Europe is still with us, still functioning, and is dominant on the mental levels. Yet it's important to say that this tragic historical consciousness always looks at life in the rearview mirror.

IP Ritual FireAnd what we see when we look at life in the rearview mirror is "It didn't work out. It didn't work out every previous time. It didn't work out when the greatest changes occurred in our planet. People didn't know how to deal with it."  And here we have the most dysfunctional humanity in the history of the world-how can it work out now?

That's what the despairing mental voice of the collective says.
 Marcella's IP Fire Offering

It says that with a bite, with a sting, with a venom to it, a self-stinging venom. It's a corrosive, critical, cynical voice. And it has a lot backing it up. Because it's true-we have had a very hard time in previous cycles, being able to take hold of this kind of edge and take it forward with us.
So what's different this time?

            This time humanity is so at the bottom of the barrel that it's really hard for people to keep hyping themselves on the old program. This time we've been preparing for this exact moment since, certainly the 1960s, and, on an underground level, for a long time before that. Even when the mind of man is clueless, a deeper part of humanity is waking up to the tremendous possibility being offered, and knows exactly what to do.

And what I most find these days is that we're getting it despite ourselves. We're getting it in dosages which couldn't have previously been possible. What are we getting? We're getting what we're doing here.
                                                                                    Mary Webb's IP Altar
Mary's IP Altar
We're getting that destiny is coming on strong. That we won't be perpetuating the old. That something very different is in the works, that it's extremely close now, and that we're each part of it. We're getting that if we join forces with it, it will be there. It is there. The cosmic quickening action is there. Something is coming toward us, out of the future, that is so liberating, so enlivening, so marvelous, that, despite our tragic European rearview mirror consciousness, we cannot deny or refuse it....
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Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait?
Issue: 25


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