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 Cosmic Weather Report: 
Sacred Sex
Putney, Vermont: May 2009
When external conditions get confusing it's a sign from spirit to look within. You've heard this a million times before, but what does it mean in this living moment?
All May the structural planet Saturn rests in 16 degrees Virgo, smack in the middle of the Virgin. What's a virgin? Probably not what you think, according to the original meaning of the word. In the 1,000-year period when the matriarchy ruled in the Middle East, the word virgin meant "a woman unto herself." Sovereignty. In that time virgins were sacred prostitutes, priestesses of the goddess, trained in the great secret of how to make love in a way that brought spirit to earth.
It was felt that men lacked the direct connection to the goddess that women had, so these virgins danced in temple gates to lure men in and make love to them. Sacred prostitutes could own land, conduct business, and held a very high place in society, but no man could own them. They were free to make love with whomever they chose, however many they chose, and it was a sacred path of redemptive healing for body and mind.
Later, when political Christianity came along it split the feminine into the profane and the whitewashed: Mary Magdalene, whore; and Mary Mother of Jesus, Blessed Virgin. From that time on a schism has persisted in our culture between the sacred and the sexual. We even have two words for them, making it nearly impossible to conceive of them as one. For some people the term Sacred Whore in itself will draw laughter and ridicule, raising age-old specters of religious conditioning.
Inside every Virgo is the ancient key for how to make love in a way that brings heaven to earth. With Saturn in mid-Virgo this month, we are all passing through the rays of the virgin, that is, the rays of the sacred sexual. The key to turning within at this time is to imagine that you're here to make love to life. No matter how challenging life gets, no matter how many burdens are on your shoulders, a deeper mystic avenue exists, which opens the gates to heaven on earth. There is a way to walk through this world as if every breath were a sacred act, every footstep a dance of union.
Most western sexuality is still caught in archaic and obsolete trappings-look at Hollywood's depictions.  Why does every depiction of hot sex have to include something forbidden-like someone having an affair, or dying of a rare disease? Viewed in this skewed context, sexual freedom ends up reading like the freedom to have more than one partner, or the freedom to have intercourse in elevators, or to use sexual paraphernalia. I'd love to see a cultural vision of a happily married couple using sexuality to open deeper and deeper channels of sacred bliss between them, with nothing bizarre or taboo thrown in for artificial enhancement.
There is a great treasure inside you. Women carry one aspect of this, men another. The treasure is your Birthright of Bliss. When you dig beneath surface passion, a music of the soul springs up. A rhythm of the spheres aligns your body with the heavenly bodies. Laughing freedom, like that of an infant, restores an innocent virginal state. Earth existence becomes a renewable resource. Your inner environment regenerates body, spirit and mind. (Whoever thought of body, spirit and mind as separate anyway?) Practicing this form of worship as a way of love not limited to sexual encounters, the Lovers fulfill their age-old promise, that if we chose to leave the Garden, paradise would be restored deep within our own bodies.
True, learning the keys to sacred lovemaking won't eliminate the list of world problems facing us today. But it will provide a non-toxic, deeply sustainable, life-renewing human being who can come at those problems from a vibration of wholeness and healing. Lovemaking of this sort is not just a sexual, but a revolutionary act. It's hard to stuff your dreams in an office cubicle after exploding into the goddess. It's difficult to go along with the mass-trance, brainwashed, shutdown state, when your body is flooded with the ecstatic news of being.

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait?
Lunar Currents:  
Full Moon In Scorpio
 The full moon in Scorpio on Saturday, May 9, one minute after midnight Eastern Time, is designed to expose a missing piece of your own nature. Have you been keeping something from yourself? Has someone you love been keeping something from you? If you feel an intense pulling in your gut, that's the reason why. Just remember, Scorpio's great lesson is that external difficulties are produced by the part of your own inner nature that hasn't yet owned something buried in the shadows. Scorpio works territories of the taboo, verboten, those boogey-men that find ways to keep coming back until you wake up and realize they're products of your disowned nature. The craziness of Scorpio occurs when the demons strike and we get all caught up in the artificial drama of it all, which the ego creates in order to justify its own existence. Beyond the drama of ego, however, lies a more direct realm, where profound breakthrough becomes the main reason for why you got yourself in the thick of dilemma in the first place. Let the midnight Scorpio Moon shine its penetrating rays in this part of you, and you'll be in store for a reunion.
Sunday, May 24 brings a new moon in early Gemini at 8:11 AM Eastern. The great gift of a Gemini moon is the ability to make way for the unknown, open up a portal to let fresh currents blow through. Along with this evolutionary portal goes the reluctance to accept life as normal. Boredom with the way things are, restless search for the opening, now are signs that you're tuned into lunar currents. During each new moon, though, it's more important to open than to know, more timely to imagine than to nail down. The sheer tentative quality of new moonness fits Gemini's fabled restlessness. Staying alive, keeping touch with the cool track of improvisation, trying on the coat of many colors, reimagining your path to the future are the best ways to use this moon.

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Solar Spotlight
Forecast for Taurus: 
The big news at the end of the month is the triple conjunction of Jupter, Neptune and Alpha-Omega (Chiron) in Aquarius, which squares your sign. The square is a challenge to meet something squarely that you need to meet in order to grow strong.
This powerful triumvirate in Aquarius is supplying a direct blast of spirit into the thick of things. As that blast accelerates, you will tend to feel as if some people or things are running away with you into Aquarius Neverland. It's just a challenge for you to meet your own high dreams with that immensely fertile ground of your own nature.
Taurus has a supremely fertile imagination. Don't let everybody else's creativity make you forget about your own.  If your current life doesn't support your juiciest dreams, now's the time to change your life. If it does, then hitch a ride on that Aquarian express train to the future, and let it ride-you are capable of so much more than you think.


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