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 Cosmic Weather Report:
 Pushing into Aquarius
Putney, Vermont: March 2009
This month three powerful planets, Jupiter, Alpha Omega, and Neptune, are heading toward a rendezvous in the sign of Aquarius, which is the sign of the coming astrological age. After 2,100 years we're departing the precincts of Pisces and moving on into new territory. But the new territory is also old. Sleeping in our cellular memory is the experience our species had in Lemuria, an age more ancient than our first civilization in Atlantis. Lemuria has been written about down through the ages as the primordial paradise prior to the division of humanity into male and female gender.
That time was the original Age of Aquarius that lives on in the form of a deep dream of our race that peace and love may prevail. This is more than a dream, though, it's a memory of a stage when oneness ruled, and we were integrated into complete wholeness with ourselves and our environment.
As an air sign, Aquarius pertains to the vision of our higher consciousness, a vision that each person can be free to follow their own star, and be liberated from the fractured consciousness dividing our species. Now that these three planets are scheduled to meet in late May in 27 Aquarius, inspiration (Neptune) is going to receive a mandate from the king of the gods (Jupiter) to heal the past and get on with the future (Alpha Omega.)
Here's what Ellias Lonsdale says about this degree:
A man laying stones for a path
He is given a task, an assignment. He lives to fulfill this special destiny path. All he has to do is stay with his own truth sense and not be distracted by what people say and do when they are idle or caught in onlooker consciousness. He is activating, mobilizing, and he must participate, do what is in him, not talk about it, think about it, worry about it, or explain anything to anybody.
As these three planets head toward rendezvous during the coming months, each of us is being asked to boil down our truth to its essential core. Normally we live removed from this core truth, and tend to get caught in thinking about things, worrying about things, having to explain ourselves. But there is a more powerful link to that core nature being activated from now through early June.
The energy is at hand to lay the path for a new world. Aquarian influences are flushing lesser truths up and out of your system, inviting you to dig down into who you really are, and let that be a stepping stone for the new. Alpha Omega, especially, the planet other astrologers call Chiron, has a magical power much needed at this time. It's the one planet with no negative or disruptive side. It has the power to build a bridge from everything that's ever happened in the past, to a bright future trying to come in from the other side. It unbinds time. It helps us stretch our self-imposed limits, dare ourselves to reconceive life, open our hearts to the possibility of love actually happening in this world.
Check my interpretation by looking into yourself this March, April, and May. Could it be that a new dream is taking root beneath your old life? Can you sense the change in the wind all around you? Is life giving you clues that it's anything but normal? 
Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait?
Lunar Currents:  
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
The full moon in 21 Virgo, Tuesday March 10th, 10:38 PM Eastern, is in a heroic degree of the zodiac. The heroism of Virgo happens when you use the full moon intensity to shine a laser beam into our own murky depths, and get clear as to the promise you made yourself when you decided to reincarnate. You came here for some reason besides keeping everybody else happy. You came here for something besides endlessly analyzing everything to figure out what it's all about. You came here to use your time on earth as a secret agent of love, disguised as a mere mortal in order to sneak your way into normalcy and change it from within.
The new moon on March 26th, at 12:06 PM Eastern, in 7 Aries will spring the spring. Like spring itself, this degree is the Inshallah degree of the zodiac. Muslims say, "Yes, I will meet you next week, Inshallah," meaning "If Allah wills it."  This doesn't exempt us from taking our own initiative-far from it. Rather, this is the time to launch strong new momentums, giving it your all, while realizing that your designs must parallel the greater design of spirit if you're to succeed. Be willing to claim the healing inside the wound, the wholeness resulting from the trauma, and the powerful Aries initiative will be on your side.

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March forecast for  Pisces:
On Thursday, March 12th, 9:27 PM Eastern Time, the Sun conjuncts Uranus in your Sign. The Sun is your basic nature, your selfhood, your identity. Uranus is the great liberator who tears down everything in the way of evolution.
Pisces is one of the most psychic signs of the zodiac, but during the few days surrounding this conjunction you'll be up for a cosmic zap, that can pop your illusions and plug you into universal current.
Pisces has so many currents and cross-currents (think of the sea) that the main issue is always how to identify any main issue. But now you bypass that eternal Piscean which-way ocean and gain a blazing clarity as to why you're here. 
The only unstoppable force in the zodiac is Pisces. If you claim your clarity from the roots of your being and follow it all the way, nothing will stop you.
Reader's Forum
Melita Marshall shares about her experience in the Aqua Star Portals Teleclass.
From this last class, I developed a deep love for my mutant self.  As I understand it, this mutant self is the unity between who I have been and my future selves. I long to unite with her, as Ellias asked, to place her in the center and be at her service, to bring her gifts all the way down. And when I don't know how to do that I will endeavor to help others, for in helping others I will help myself.
Melita enjoying life at her Oregon Retreat Center
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