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 Cosmic Weather Report:
 Building a New World   
Putney, Vermont: February 2009
In the final moments of last year Pluto entered Capricorn, where it will remain until 2025. 2009 is the first of sixteen years designated to rebuild our world. When we spoke of these things at the dawn of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, we saw that our civilization had gotten so off track that some huge crisis was necessary to draw the world's attention to how far off we were. (This is the whole premise of my book, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future.)
In order to get back on track, mass consciousness had to first be jerked out of its Trance of Normalcy, the thickly drugged state that passes for ordinary everyday reality. The real news of the moment is that normalcy no longer is. The trance is thinning. It's finally getting through the thick head of mankind that we're here for something more than to hide our heads in the sand. The Ostrich Era is over. Is there anyone out there any longer who can doubt that the crisis, and its accompanying partner, awakening, has come?
From the days of 9/11, and the Bush administration's insane power-grabbing response to tragedy, to the collapse of our finance system, the need for Change Change Change has rippled through our country, and, indeed, the whole world. Obama had been banging the gong of truth and financial change, while Bush was stuck hiding in the mud.
Yet, in true nonpartisan fashion, penetrating every cross-section of demographics, the wake-up call we predicted 22 years ago has come. The need for change is no longer imminent but here. That in itself is a huge breakthrough compared to where we used to be. Of course, the need for change strikes different people in different ways.
And so, the question becomes no longer What, or When, or even If, but How. How are we going to midwife this New Earth rising from the dust and ashes of the old? How are we going to change the world in the next 16 years?
First off, I see little signs of doom and gloom. Yes, it's hard to weather the loss of formerly secure systems. But the American system only ever worked best for the elite few at the top of the pyramid. Everyone else, all over the world, had to pay for something that has now come back to haunt us-the reckless irresponsibility of our leaders. In this Plutonian change I see a new world rising from the molting skin of the old.
I do not foresee the ruination of society, the end of civilization, the collapse of world culture and a return to biblical days wandering in the desert. I do not envision a preindustrial tribal stomp.
What I do see, and feel, more and more each day as my Soul Level Astrology work connects me with many people all over the world, is a resurgence of hope, wonder, magic, and vision. Our current crisis did not spring up overnight, and it's far more than a financial crisis. It's a crisis of meaning, and every crisis provides an equal opportunity. What better time to get in touch with what's real, just as everything unreal fades away.
Imagine a life packed with meaning and value. Imagine a world where creativity triumphs over mediocrity. A place where children are inspired rather than sickened by the truth of their parents' lives. Imagine a blue-green jewel of a planet, whose citizens celebrate the sheer miracle of how we spin through space. A world where simple truths of the heart is what life's about, and we don't have to feel embarrassed and ashamed to answer those prickly questions of our children: Papa-why is there War, and where can I find clean air? Imagine a world where we finally outgrow the insane idea that some group of people is less than us, and deserves to be feared, hated, and persecuted to make us "safe."
We are on the verge of creating that world now. Like every birth, it requires the vigilant support of each of us to assist its full emergence from the hidden realms within. Wherever you are stuck in the old you now have a chance to choose life rather than death, love over fear, transformation over stubbornly clinging to something that didn't work right in the first place.
The Karmic Wheel is turning. Planet Earth is deeply enmeshed in one of her occasional death-and-rebirth spasms. Much is passing. Death always precedes new life. Capricorn is the sign of highest vision. Strike the highest vision you can find about what world you wish to create. Know that all your efforts in that direction will receive a huge boost from Galactic Central at this time. These are no ordinary times. As Capricorn Charles Dickens once said of an earlier time of revolution: These are the best and worst of times. It's up to us which end of the axis to draw from: the stale stories of the six o' clock news, or the radical possibility that Love can actually happen down here, take root, and stick.

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait?

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Lunar Currents:  
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
The full moon Lunar eclipse in Leo on February 9th at 9:49 AM Eastern time is on a very potent degree, 21 Leo. This is the Move Your Mountains degree of the zodiac, filled with brightness. Full Moons don't just happen in a vacuum. The power of this one is so bright that it's already drawing us toward it. Even before it happens it has the ability to separate true inner light from its false forms. False light aggrandizes the ego at the expense of authenticity. False light is the hyped-up media saturation of our celebrity culture. True light is the little-known inner glow that happens when we drop into who we really are. There is a spirit flame in each of us that has the power to move mountains. If people are bugging the shit out of you, your true power is being repressed, and you find it intolerable to be surrounded by its false forms. If your own reflection seems dark and distorted, here's your chance to become the person you really are. Make the tough choices. Break away from convention and normalcy. Every single obstacle on your path is an invitation to tend that inner flame of spirit force. Let your inner light shine; you will be amazed at what you find.
The new moon on February 24th at 8:35 PM Eastern time is in Pisces, a strongly ritualistic degree of the zodiac. Design and perform a ritual, especially one connected to the ancestors. Whatever gold you're culling from the family tree can now be released from the heaviness all around it. Some treasure of genealogy is yours to receive, but you may have to first eject the burden of your inheritance, to set the gift free of its dark housing. Rituals headed in this direction receive a cosmic boost at this time. To be of service to the Family of Man, we must wrestle our own dark karma into a minor force on the road to enlightenment. In Pisces Land the key is to let your compassion make you strong. Let the understanding of the heart empower you to become so much more than the pettiness of your forebearers. Draw a sacred circle of protection around yourself, sprinkle salt and rose petals, and enter the mystical state of union with the very roots of existence. Someone in you knows how to do this even if you don't.
Issue: 19
Mark's Column  
With this issue of the Cosmic Weather Report our little group here at Soul Level Astrology embarks on a new direction. For the past seven months we've been offering teleclasses first by me, then by my teacher. They've been successful enough to build us a base of students around the world, a kind of telecommunity that, despite the fact that most of us haven't met, feels strong and cohesive.  Together, with Ellias at the helm, we've been breaking new ground in Star Genesis, and continue to do so.
For the first time now we're offering not one but two new classes. Also for the first time I'm offering a class outside of the realm of visionary astrology.
Ellias Lonsdale, the Wizard from my book, is going to be leading telephone participants in a twelve-part journey to reconceive the feminine for our time. This is bound to be a juicy, many-layered excursion, which Marcella inspired Ellias to create. I'll moderate the class. Details are below, as well as...
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Solar Spotlight
February forecast for Aquarius:

Jupiter, King of the Gods, spends this whole year in your sign, which is cause for celebration. Normally (if anything can be said to be "normal" for an Aquarian) you're thinking so much of the big picture that you can easily overlook the significance of the current moment. You're so aware of how the whole paradigm has to change that you can miss the way your own nature plays a key role in the change. You've come through a lot to get to where you are.  

Don't let your perfectionist striving blind you to the liberating tides of the moment. Sure, there's always further. And, with Aquarius, further, and further, and further. You're the social scientist, tweaking truth till it emerges from earlier prototypes. I know you won't fully rest till our species finally outgrows its asinine tendency to act as if love, peace and understanding were just vivid dreams that went out with the 60s, rather than the heart and soul of existence.

 I know you're on a Long Ride, in it for the distance. But the great secret of the moment is This is Your Time. The 60s was a preview of the Age of Aquarius, which is three years away. Dare yourself to be even more fully who you are in order to release that royal gift to the world.

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