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Mark Borax, Soul Level Astrology:
 Cosmic Weather Report
   November 3, Putney VT
The Dancer with Eight Arms
 The New Moon in Scorpio October 28th ushered in a powerful month of initiation. Scorpio initiates through the darkness. The collective is being initiated through a long darkness into a fertile and chaotic zone of challenge and change which can release great light. The maddening contrast of this moment in history is that things had to get darker before they could brighten, humanity has to be tested before showing its true colors. This plays out on the screen of national politics. The challenge is to believe what the heart knows to be true, that there in fact is a light in the darkness, it's not just dark and darker. The Chandra symbol for 6 Scorpio, the New Moon degree is "A dancer with eight arms." The image represents eight dimensions of existence at work in our universe.
For eight years a Bush White House trashed our reputation and dramatized the worst of our national delusion. Are you fed up beyond belief? Scorpio has the power to channel that fed-upness into resurrective power. The power is that until lies and falsehood are torqued to their max, truth is reluctant to climb out and take its place on the world screen. When things get THAT absurd beyond belief, they conjure an opposite force of good. Since Bush took over things have gotten so dark that even mainstream awareness has tackled issues you used to have to find in radical alternative press.
The Trance of Normalcy is wearing off our country. Here, less than one day away from the US Presidential Election, our challenge is in believing, beyond the ignorance of recent years, beyond the broken dreams of the 60s, that truth will out. Whatever his flaws, Obama represents Change. He was wise enough to sense this in the beginning of his campaign, and so tap into a deeper truth rising in the collective. Oppressed minorities the world over are carefully watching this election. Many broken people, turning their hearts on the hope our country used to symbolize, find it hard to believe that a black man will be elected, and if so, will ever make it to the White House.
This moment in national politics has galvanized many ex-hippie dreamers and closet radicals into caring again. Afteer JFK, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and, especially Bobby Kennedy went down, it's been hard to muster belief in the rising spirit of our country. The closer Obama gets to the White House -- and polls indicates he could win by a landslide -- the more worldwide fears arise that the dark side of the 60s will repeat itself, and Change will once again be stopped cold.
The power of being a multidimensional soul in a multidimensional universe, the power of the dancer with eight arms, is that truth has risen up and been shattered so many times since the dawn of humanity, that each former death plants the seed of a new light. Each previous disaster can strengthen us to dredge our own deeper truths up out of the debris into the light of day. Scorpio is a rugged, hearty sign, that rolls up its sleeves and gets down to work, right at the point where every other sign throws in the towel. The hope for freedom and justice, for environmental sanity, for leaving a thriving, healthy, decent world to our children is not a lost cause. A Scorpionic initiation is taking place, not only in the hopes and dreams of our country, but for millions all over the world who want to believe again. When belief rises out of experience, in our post-911 world, it has the benefit of being seasoned rather than flimsy, capable of going the distance. 

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait?

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I'm excited to announce that, due to the popularity of my book, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future, my teacher Ellias Lonsdale is going to inaugurate his first World TeleClass-- Mark Borax
Star Genesis: Aqua Star Portals
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After many years traveling the world, the Wizard is resuming the mystery school begun in the Santa Cruz Mountains twenty years ago, which I wrote about in my book. To orient people toward planetary changes of the next four years, approaching 2012, Ellias is going to present his latest breakthrough material via this class.
Aqua Star Portals is a new transformational system that's been given to Ellias within recent weeks. These portals link us to twelve dimensions that stand behind existence, dimensions that  wish to aid humanity in embodying its true soul nature at this time on earth.
Classes are open to all, and will be Monday evenings, 9:00 to 10:30 Eastern time, November 17th through February 9th, (no class December 29.) The tuition of $240  can be paid by card via the following registration link. 
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No former experience of astrology is needed. 

Lunar Currents:  
Claiming Something Deeper
The New Moon on October 28th in 6 Scorpio ushered in a potent initiation, which the Full Moon on November 12th will catalyze to its fullest. This axis of Scorpio/Taurus is the pole of possession, demand to for figure out what we belong to and what belongs to us, what we own, value, possess, and are possessed by. The rigorous side of this comes in confronting ourselves enough to relinquish that which is not ours. Are you attached to things that don't belong to you? Are you spending your life force unwisely? Scorpio Moon intensifies attachments to show us where we need to release, and what, instead, is ours to hold onto. Are you holding onto the limited past? What thought forms, objects and ideas have you been clinging to that must be relinquished? Have you attached yourself to old dreams that need to go? Scorpio is a relentless Sign that will keep nagging at us until we release whatever holds us back from love and truth and desire of an authentic kind, desire deep enough to light the world on fire.
When the Full Moon kicks in in 22 Taurus, a revelation is possible, the kind that only occurs when we strip away and relinquish what isn't ours. The revelation is a crystal clear vision, in our mind's eye, of what we're here to serve, what we carry, how the shape we've had has been bent this way and that, but has always concealed another shape, now emerging, that is our true nature. Can it be that some part of you has all along been masterminding your eccentric path through life and love and meaning? The lunar realm this month holds the peculiar magic of vocation, and of love and belonging. This revelation is not for the faint-hearted, but those willing to hold true to themselves no matter what.

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The Dancer
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Lunar Currents
Solar Spotlight

Solar Spotlight

November  forecast for Scorpio:

See the Worst and Stand for the Best

Between you and me, your sign generally gets a lot of bad press from astrologers as the Big Bad Guy of the Zodiac (how many of us like to cozy up to a nice little scorpion?) but the truth is that reputation is more due to astrologers disowning their own shadow and projecting it on to someone else, than it has to do with you.
Disowned darkness, discomfort with the things your Sign represents: Sex and Death, is rampant in our country. The truth is that Scorpio is the hope of us all, for it's only by facing and naming the shadow that we can banish it from its stranglehold and free our greater potential.
In this moment a new dream is arising from the dregs of our national psyche. When you see the worst and stand for the best, Scorpio resurrective power kicks in. You are the one who knows that each of us has died and died again. We've been dragged through the ashes, and yet still possess a burning innocence.
Each human heart is an arena for the clashing of good and evil. Don't sit there and let your love die without a fight. At this time your belief in something good and real and necessary is the way to go. That will open the door.


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