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Mark Borax, Soul Level Astrology:
 Cosmic Weather Report
   September 29, Putney VT
Birthing the New Earth 
Pregnant Earth
In these final weeks of Pluto in Sagittarius (see the last CWR from early September) we're being compelled to attend the birth of a new planet. Though this planet is not so distant, it's hard to recognize because it looks just like earth. In fact, it's just below your feet. Put your ear to the ground and hear the rumbling. In the glad-handed smiles of politicians running for office, recognize the trembling waves of something staggering that dwarfs their feeble visions, and reaches to the soul of mankind. It is the coming of the new. It is the Void. The wilderness. The gestation chamber of the one we really are, fighting to be born amidst this shell-shocked illusion we call life-as-normal.
That old world is getting used up, spent, running out of steam, like politicians cranking up the cash cow of fear one more time. Fear sells ignorance, and recruits voters. Beneath that corrupt parlor game, another planet is rising at the root-another way to be, a New Earth whose living forces are strong enough to revitalize humanity, and bring isolated souls together in the name of some new dream. Hunger is the main quality that will get us through the coming years. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of listening to insane people running my country telling lies with smiles on their faces. I'm sick of the old obsolete stories cranked up for a new round.
A fierce lovelight is rising in the eyes of the young and reckless, a willingness to be done with these old lies and get on with something real. Each of us is compelled to cast our lot in with these untried young, the dreamers, midwives, mystics, seekers of truth, often sleeping inside average citizens, learning to trust the strength of the soul over the tales charlatan hucksters hawk who are supposed to be our leaders.
 Hunger is our ally. A burning need to bring some new gifts to this birth is what will get us through.  The closer we come to the year 2012, the more the old world dies. The 2,100 year-old Piscean Age is flailing in its grave. This ancient body of thought sprang from the Fall of the Roman Empire and rise of the Roman Church. As the old era ends, ancient dogma runs its course, flaring up in yet another attempt to tell us red is purple and bad is good.
In the middle of October, the Dragon's Head (North Node of the Moon) conjoins with Alpha-Omega (Chiron) in Aquarius. Aquarius is the new world struggling to be born. Alpha-Omega is the time tunnel opening now to the bright future that's trying to come in. Every 2,100 years our world passes through death-and-birth spasms. This is another Cusp of Ages, when two time zones clash and blood fears stir ghosts of the past. Like during the time of Buddha and Christ, we're tottering on the brink of oblivion and miracle. Unlike those earlier times, we have strayed far from the simple truth of our own nature. We've gotten lost in a vicarious existence, several steps removed from who we are. The former truths brought to us by those visionaries are still relevant. Love is lord of all, and a fierce love will get us through the strangeness of these times. The simple but revolutionary act of remembering who we are, and standing
up for that, will, bit by bit, overthrow the distorted corrupt system that's taken over our world, regardless of who wins the election.
The Age of Pisces began in bloated corruption and fear, religious zealots pushing doctrine on others, the crumbling of an empire, and the birth of rationalism. Here at the end of that age, only an irrational outlook will take us through. Only by dreaming the impossible will the future get to the past. Only by openly seeing through the charade and claiming a deeper truth will we make it out of the old into the new.
Once again the soul is pressed into service to dream a new dream for the world, and boost us out of the muck of ignorance. Insane leaders have been running our country for so long we've become numb to it. A burning force of spirit hunger is needed to draw the world out of the world. Now we must breathe and push, breathe and push to birth the New Earth.  

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait?
Lunar Currents:  
Rare Moments of Destiny
The New Moon on September 29th in 7 Libra ushers in a new field of awareness for us all, which Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are particularly sensitive to. The interchange between beings is rich now. Collaboration is key. Every circumstance is secretly designed to release some deeper response from your soul. All things exist to liberate you. Out of the bondage of limited thinking,  a wildfire of souls spreads at the very brink of world darkness. Agents of change, cleverly disguised to look like you and me, are roaming through the collective. Nothing is what it seems. All things are being pervaded with deeper essence. This is the raw creativity of your own nature.
The Full Moon on October 14th energizes the ability to meet your destiny as a living force brought to you through others. This is not the time to go it alone, but to weed out of your life false and superficial relationships, or ones who've run their course. Get ultra-clear about who you take advice from. Someone in  your life knows who you are more than you do. Review rare moments of destiny, when somebody saw into you. Consider that your greatest challenge in relationship comes from the fact that the other is mirroring your own disowned shadow, rather than actually standing in your way as much as you think.

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Star Genesis: Aqua Star Portals
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starStar Genesis: 
Delving Deeper into the 12 Lifestreams  
Mark Borax
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Solar Spotlight

Solar Spotlight

October  forecast for Libra:

Flashing Like A Comet 

This year your birthday coincides with the Dragon's Head passing through Aquarius. The Dragon's Head is the portal through the stuck gate of the collective-that blowhole in limited consciousness that opens the way to evolution. Libra and Aquarius work great together, are each other's allies in Outlaw consciousness that can undermine the system. Aquarius carries the map of how we get to the future. Libra has deep desire, a soul hunger that can push normal consciousness to the breaking point in the name of creativity.
Has your anger trapped you in a cage of your own making? Are you sitting atop a volcano? Is your sensitivity being used to compromise your truth until nothing's left? Why so eager to fit in with a dying world? 
Step outside your limits to see they're self-imposed. Your destiny is to live on the edge rather than the cushy safety zone. Throw it all up in the air before compromising yourself to death. Change happens the instant you stop fighting it. Here in the pre-dawn hours of the Aquarian Age, the air-sign chemistry is right for you to collaborate with others who are busy changing the world. Speak of what's in your heart. Listen to tales of far-off places. Stop using your power of communication for trivial bullshit. Make love to life. Speak the words that change the world.
A fully-activated Libra flashes through the world like a comet. Think of Ghandi. Rumi. John Lennon. Nicholas Roerich. Ani DiFranco. Just 'cause it was always done this way doesn't mean you have to do it. This is your time to dream great dreams.

2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future 


Mark Borax

Soul Level Astrologer


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