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Mark Borax, Soul Level Astrology:
 Cosmic Weather Report
   September 3, Putney VT
Days of Soul & Circumstance  
This is the end of the Pluto-in-Sagittarius years. From December, 1995 through December, 2008, Pluto passes through the fiery Sign of the Archer, the Man-horse who gallops beyond the limits of the past, out of the confines of the Known. On the edge of a cliff he draws his mighty bow and fires a flaming arrow directly at the transformation of our species. The arrow is the hope of mankind for our world to be better. Its flight marks the aspirations soaring through the collective consciousness, the yearning search for a new dream to replace the broken dreams of the past. For thirteen years the World Dream has been the target of the Dark God who slays illusion in order to rebirth truth at the profoundest level.
What does this mean to each of us?
How can we deepen our dream?
What old ideas must we sacrifice for the new?
Dare yourself to be different. Break out of the confines of what everyone expects. Prove the skeptics wrong. Crack open your disguise. Recognize that nothing on earth can match the deep force of your soul's hunger to live out your truest truths. Put everything you have on the line now for the sake of change and renewal. Cast your vote for the bright hope that the future can be better than the past. Release the rising force for liberation within you that matches similar forces rising throughout the world - a need to be done with lies and deceit, and get on with the business of change, the business of love and miracle and wonder.
Here in the dregs of Sagittarius a great unmasking is at hand. Wherever your dream is crumbling it's in order to open the stuck gates of evolution. Wherever the old structures are failing, it's to clear falsehood. Wherever you're most dying is where you're asked to come most alive, on fire, seized with the creative urge to rebirth this world.
A radical metamorphosis is eating away at the roots of Normalcy. A new vision is pounding on the doors of the Status Quo. The Gods of Change are daring you to get innocent enough to trust what your heart has always told you about who you are and where you belong.
In December, Pluto leaves Sagittarius for the rest of our lifetimes, and enters Capricorn for the next sixteen years. Sag is a fiery sign of imagination and dream; Capricorn, an earthy sign, the most capable of mastery, hardest working of all. What fire illuminates, earth substantiates. What the imagination seizes, the willpower makes real. What Sagittarius dreams, Capricorn creates.
All children born in the next sixteen years (who will have Pluto in Capricorn) have one common denominator: A New World to build and the greatest ability to build it. A whole new civilization to manifest from the ground up. These junior world-builders need all of our support and imagination, those of us born in the end times of a dying culture, to point them in the right direction.
Fire burns old growth and fertilizes the new. Here in the final stages of Sag it's up to you to dream the dream that will be the foundation of the future. Never mind all the so-called experts who say it can't be done. Never mind every reason why love can't flourish and miracle can't happen. A great liberation is at hand that transcends gender, religion and ethnicity. It's time for the human being herself to come out of hiding. It's time for all mankind to cast off the shackles of being so much less than we are. These are the days of soul and circumstance, where every circumstance is designed to release some deeper response from your soul, every challenge threatening to upend your life is daring the new to be born right here in the ashes of the old.
The Old Powers are crumbling. Time is accelerating. The world is changing fast. What we dream here in these latter days of Sag will be the stepping stones for the next generation. Children who come of age in coming decades will inherit the legacy of the present moment. We've reached the verge of a peak period of human attainment. We stand poised on the verge of a whole new world. 
Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait?
Lunar Currents:  Shine This Harvest MoonMoon
The New Moon in 8 degrees Virgo on August 30th broke the recent cycle of eclipses, restoring some sense of normalcy to the monthly karmic outworkings of the lunar cycle. The Moon presides over how we work out our fluctuating life rhythms, how we connect with the changing tides of circumstance, where our inner nature gets caught hiding, and where we find breakthrough. The Chandra symbol for 8 Virgo, which presides from late August through late September, is "A man thinking up names for colors." In this period we're asked to blend the fuller breadth of our imagination in with the precision scope of analytical intellect. When the soaring peaks of our creative imagination come to the aid of the down-to-earth realness of our normal intelligence, both parts of our consciousness become each other's allies rather than opponents. It's time to believe in the imaginative premise that life can change, that the world beyond your doorstep is in deep metamorphosis. If you can't get to this place with rational intellect, try the flying carpet of your imagination. The more you do this, the less splitting will be the full Harvest Moon on September 15th, in a dark degree of Pisces, 23. The power of that degree is to highlight our internal split - how we work against ourselves, unwittingly manifesting our own fears, ambushing our higher intentions. Are you at odds with yourself? Have you gotten stuck in some life that runs counter to the pull of your soul? Let the full moon's intense light reveal the relationship between what you're doing and who you are, and imagine that everything wrong is merely an invitation for your soul to come out, come out, wherever you are, and fill the world with the great silent news of its own presence.
Return of the Wizard  star
My book chronicles the mystery school I attended taught by Ellias (formerly William) Lonsdale.  After many years wandering the world without teaching, in response to the added interest in his work produced by my story, Ellias has decided to teach again, and I'm very excited to help him design his first TeleClass. He's just received a spirit download of all-new material that he's very passionate about, that he'd like to present to the world through the TeleClass. I've rarely heard him sound this excited. I just learned of this last night, so details are still fuzzy. The telephone class will probably be weekly, and should start in October, and may be 90 minutes long. He's talking about this new breakthrough material as the 12 Hidden Dimensions of Existence. In the coming weeks Marcella and I will keep you posted as to the specifics. This will be a rare chance for those of you who read the book to actually step directly into our mystery school, through the magic of modern technology. Students who can't attend each class are free to register and follow along by getting class recordings via email, each night immediately following the class.
Rate Increase
Thank you, everybody who wrote in with your feelings on my suggested rate increase during the last nine months. From considering your input, reviewing various pros and cons, I've finally come to a decision. After keeping my Soul Level Astrology sessions at the cost of $225 (plus $7 PayPal fee) for the last five years, I've decided to give myself a $25 raise. The new cost will be $250 (plus PayPal fee.)
I usually raise my fee once or twice a decade, so this new rate should be in effect for a good long while. My gratitude goes out to all the new and returning clients who are currently supporting my family lifestyle in the Green Mountains of Vermont, where Marcella and I are expecting our first child together in the next few weeks.
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Solar Spotlight

Solar Spotlight

September forecast for Virgo:

The Portal of your own Mastery

You're a master of something that takes long practice to come to fruition, but is never further away from you than your own brain and body. It's the High Art of Ordinary Magic. How can ordinary life be magic? When you see through the madness of everything broken, to the saner perspective of all things connecting in interrelationship, all diverse ingredients feeding into some larger whole that you are a vital part of. The distance between the dream you dream and the state of daily life is the precise gap in which you're being asked to gain mastery. The dance that has no dancer makes no mistakes that don't ultimately serve the whole. The tension of everything wrong sharpens your focus of what's real and true, so that a spiritually-attuned consciousness cuts falsehood away. This type of high magic starts when you correct your perspective of how the microcosm serves the macrocosm, how every little detail resolves into some harmonious whole, once you step back and view it that way. When you're caught up having to fix every broken piece you lose sight of how your sheer urge to fix things creates more and more things to fix! When you step back and shift perspective to the larger cosmic mandala that your tiny life-thread is part of, your brain changes. Why should this brain change matter much in the grand scheme of things? Because Virgo is the tuning fork of the galaxy. When you attune your thoughts to the way things are, beyond the way they seem, ordinary life reveals its hidden inner dimension of miracle and wonder. Everything broken gets to be met by an unbroken consciousness.
The vicious circle of getting amped up to put things right, which then reveals other things that need to be put right, that you didn't notice until you put things right in the first place, clears.  A pure stream of breathing in to life's fullness, even now, this moment, the way things already are, with an overarching sense of the rightfulness in the Big Picture,  becomes its own reward. Compassion produces release. Ordinary life then serves some higher calling, and cosmos comes that much closer to earth, via the portal of your own mastery. Make this your practice in this month of Virgo, and the current conjunction between Sun and Saturn in your sign will enable you to see how the full shining of your inner nature becomes synonymous with service; how beingness and purpose are one and the same.
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