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Soul Level Astrology: Cosmic Weather Report
   August 5, Putney VT 
Roar, Lion of the Soul!
Open Your Eyes
 In the last five months I've done a hundred 90-minute Soul Level Astrology readings. For the first time in my twenty-one year practice, most of those readings were for people all over the world rather than on the west coast of the U.S. I begin each session asking, "What would you most like to get from today's work?"
I've been hearing the same answer from Nantucket to New Zealand, Ireland to Alabama: "Where is my optimal path through the coming Changes?"
We all know the world is changing, clients report this internationally. Evidence is everywhere. Global Change is no longer a rumor whispered along New Age buzzlines in Sedona, Eugene, Santa Cruz, Boulder and Maui, as it was twenty-one years ago this month during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. It's now become an unmistakable truth blasting the world from every direction.
We're being swept into a universal tsunami of millennial proportions and not everybody likes it. It's hard to know which path to take amidst so many collective surges. Specters of doom and gloom pervade mass consciousness. Many readers have been drawn to my book because it puts a positive spin on this cusp of ages, which my teacher Ellias Lonsdale dubbed a death scene in the Karmic Theatre piece of our times: The Final Act of A False Civilization.
The Total Solar Eclipse in Leo four days ago is heating up this Karmic Theatre Act. Eclipses are wild cards of the zodiac; least predictable of all astrological cycles. They cut across the regular movements of the spheres in flashes that spotlight our investment in ego. There's always something primal about an eclipse, leftover from ancient memories of how our first ancestors reacted when Night extinguished Day.
When Leo goes dark, ego is eclipsed. Places we're invested in showing how great we are are cast into shadow. When ego darkens we gain a path to the Self-beyond-self. Down beneath who we think we are is a nameless radiance. Packed into our core is a force beyond words.
Each of us has an innate genius, a sleeping giant-what the poet Rumi calls The Lion of the Soul. The effects of an eclipse tend to last from one-to-six months. The eclipse in Leo and the one on August 16 in Aquarius at the full moon, gird us to take the friction of the coming months into a deep enough part of ourselves that we free the Lion of the Soul and release the full creative power of our individuality. Full creative individuation is a gift we rarely claim until we have to. The world's losing its head, which is great news because then the heart can take over.
Leo is the greatest sign to respond to Karmic Theatre from.  Karmic Theatre is a term coined by Ellias Lonsdale. It means that everything that happens between birth and death is a ritual designed to release the full force of the human soul into physical existence.
Normally our soul force stays hidden. We live at half-strength, or less, a vicarious existence that barely taps the magnitude of what we hold inside. We get caught in masks that conceal our inner brilliance. We play at being so much less than we are.
This Eclipse time challenges us to harness the friction of whatever's not working into a bursting apart of false ego, releasing the bright force within. In a time before time, tremendous light was packed into your soul. Back down the reincarnational chain, when you originally separated out from the galactic light into the physical container of your first human life, you aimed your soul down the spiraling journey from Spirit to Matter. Your soul had good reasons for leaving Cosmos to take up Earth. It had one special gift to give to the world that the world desperately needs: the gift of presence. Your greatest treasure is the enactment of you fully coming to life, holding nothing back.
Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait?
Lunar Currents:  Great Dance of SpiritMoon
The New Moon in 10 degrees Leo on August 1st ushered in a lunar cycle that asks us to physicalize, physicalize, physicalize, to mold the clay of our bodies into a vehicle which frees the spirit. Normal New Moons launch month-long cycles, but because of the total solar eclipse, this one may spread out from summer to winter. The paradox of Leo is that in spirit we're already free, but once the soul incarnates into the body we have to restore that cosmic freedom down here on earth where we most need it.  On the Leo level, the greatest downfalls produce the deepest breakthrough and transformation. Everything we didn't handle in former lives comes back in some new form to force us to awaken. Everything un-free secretly points us to the way of freedom. From the viewpoint of the soul, no one is cut off from anything. All cosmos invites us to dig into the Great Dance of Spirit from heaven to earth and back again, in life after life. Everywhere we go we find ourselves. Every pressure is only the wine press of the gods pushing soul deeper into body to release the sweetness within. Let all the pressure of the next six months recharge the sheer life force deep within you, and you'll ride the dark and light waves of this eclipse.
Issue: 13
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Roar, Lion of the Soul
Lunar Currents
Solar Spotlight

Solar Spotlight

August forecast for Leo:

Inner Brilliance Rising

Everything currently difficult in your life is spirit's summons for you to dig deeply down into the bottom of your soul and muster up a force of unconquerable radiance. You've always known what you're capable of. You've made tiny compromises, small self-betrayals that come back to haunt you. As the eclipse darkens some part of your life, take heart in the inner brilliance rising to meet that darkness. You are the one sign so close to yourself that you can't see it. Follow gut instinct now when the lights go out. When you trace the path of the soul down into the deeper regions of yourself, you come upon a moment of truth-a reckoning between you and You. This is your time to make a vow of how to be so true to yourself that no obstacle can sway you, no hindrance remain in place against the roaring of your inner lion. With that much soul force on tap you can light up the world, and turn out to be as generous and true as you imagine. The great Leo irony is that the more you give your true nature away, the more you'll find yourself, and the less this will all become an issue. Dream the dream that wakens your inner self. This is paradox. 
2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future 


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