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Soul Level Astrology: Cosmic Weather Report
July 2  
June 2009: Ignition Point of 2012Open Your Eyes 
July, 2008: Sneak Peak at the Ignition Point happening in June 2009.
 I'm two days away from winding up my six-week cross-country road trip to promote my book, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future, and I want to share the cosmic weather report I've been discussing with audiences around the country this summer. On the eve of my first bookstore talk, June 5th, at Gateways Books in Santa Cruz, California, my teacher Ellias Lonsdale drew my attention to a key upcoming timing in the saga of 2012.
As described in the opening pages of my book, in 1987 I learned to look at the 25-year period from 1987 to 2012 as a great and necessary purging of our society, which had gotten way off-track and needed to be realigned by the Harmonic Convergence. In the mystery school classes described in my book, we studied this period as a necessary prelude to construct a bridge to the future. In order to bring on an optimal destiny for humankind, everything blocking the way first had to be flushed up and out of our society. Prior to 1987 the obstacles were too hidden within things to be apparent to mass consciousness. At this point, however, 21 years into the purging, the screen of mass consciousness has become filled with daily evidence of what needs to be changed. Each of us has a personal part to play in the flushing, as well as a shared role in our overall membership in the human race.
When I spoke with Ellias on the eve of my Santa Cruz talk, he pointed out the single most important astrological event between now and 2012, the Ignition Point of May/June 2009, a little less than a year from now. This planetary event will be formed by a triple conjunction at the end of May and beginning of June next year, when the giant outer planet Neptune goes retrograde in 27 degrees Aquarius, at the same time (Chiron) Alpha-Omega goes retrograde in the same degree, while Jupiter passes through 27 Aquarius as well. 
Three powerful planets in Aquarius take on huge significance in the Changing of the Guard, because Aquarius is the Age we're entering into, in the grand scheme of things. Astrologers call the 26,000 year period of the Earth's  precession, a Great Year, composed of 12 Ages of the Zodiac. In this 26,000-year period, the Earth's north pole points to each sign of the zodiac once, backwards.
Neptune is the World Dream.
Alpha-Omega is the healing bridge which links the negative past with the bright future.  Jupiter is the Grand Design for the unfoldment of humanity-in-Earth.  When these three celestial forces combine in Aquarius a tremendous threshold initiation will ignite deep within our species. Like viewing a speeded-up stream-of-consciousness film, humanity will relive the previous 2,100 year-long Age of Pisces in fast-motion collage, like a William Burroughs or Jack Kerouac novel. The highlights of the rapidly-diminishing Piscean Age, since the time of Christ, will flash across the screen of our mind's eye, enabling us to overthrow the old and ring in the new.
Pisces has been the time when priests and kings held the fate of the masses in their elite hands. The last gasp of a corrupt power structure will play its hand in fast motion, revealing its underlying folly, before giving way to something new. It's crucial now for each of us to put our own lives on track in a future-worthy direction, so we don't get fooled again by the coming intensity. Our world is acting out now because obsolete power structures fear their diminishment and are grasping at straws. Don't take the bait.
As the instant replay of the previous 2,100 years unspools itself on the screen of mass awareness, we then get pulled through a time tunnel 2,100 years into the future, previewing the upcoming period. This will be the true Dawn of the Aquarian Age, which so much has been speculated about during the last fifty years.
Between now and the Ignition Point of next spring, a great flushing action is taking place. Everything in the way of a gigantic cosmic clearing is coming up to be cleared. We're in the midst of one big booming badass death-and-birth spasm of a planet in labor, a civilization in the midst of throwing off its false outer layer, to expose its raw inward nature to new cosmic growth rays. Everyone is affected.
You may feel this spasm rippling through your own personal life as well as the life of the world. As intense as it can feel, it's only one huge pang in the overall birth-and-death pains needed to wean us off false consciousness, and open our mind's eye to the light of a whole new future that is aching to come all the way in. I give many clues as to the nature of this future in my book. But all of those words are really not that important in themselves. They're secretly designed to ignite a force of consciousness in your own nature, to impel you to claim the future you were born to live rather than pissing away another incarnation.
Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait?
Soul-Wrestling on the Transcendental Highway:
Springing the magical core of the zodiac to bring on the future
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Mark Borax's Summer TeleClass Series is happening every Monday evening beginning with a free half-hour introduction on July 7, and ending on September 29.  We've updated the class schedule for your review and hope that you will join us for the series.

The classes will debunk astrological clichés, and explore how each of us can align our inner path with evolutionary currents.  For those of you that have read Mark's book  2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future and found yourself interested in learning more about Star Genesis, the form of astrology being conjured up by Ellias Longsdale in his mystery school, this will offer a peek into that system. 

Each class will be recorded, with telephone access to the class recordings available to those that have signed up for the series. If you miss a class, you can keep up to date between sessions by calling in and listening.

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July 7th: Free Intro

July 14: Taurus - The Well-Lived Life Within

July 21: Virgo - The High Zen Art of the Ordinary

July 28: Sagittarius - The Indefatigable Passion of a Great YES!

Aug 4:   Pisces - Walking Your Ancestors Home

Aug 11: Leo - Freeing the Creative Spark

Aug 18: Aquarius - Dreaming Up a New World

Aug 25: Aries - Like a Rubber Ball in a Mountain Stream

Sept 1:   Libra - Making Love to Life

Sept 8:   Capricorn - Bringing the Stars Down to Earth

Sept 15: Cancer - Living Inside the Things that Things Live In

Sept 22: Gemini - The Maddening Perfection of Duality

Sept 29: Scorpio - Soul-Wrestling on the Transcendental Highway

Class Description

Phone in to join author Mark Borax on a shared journey to the soul through the twelve signs, one by one.  This series will debunk astrological clichés, and explore how each of us can align our inner path with evolutionary currents seeking to bring humanity forward.

Join Mark and company via telephone each week as we advance sign by sign through the sequence of Atlantean Astrology (Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer, Gemini and Scorpio.) Besides being a living entity of its own, each sign is one stage in a process of lifelong embodiment that draws the human soul into vibrant engagement with physical existence.
Since we each have all twelve signs within us in some unique blend, every class is designed to be relevant to all.

Classes will be held Mondays from early July through late September.  Class schedule is above. Registration is required at least three days in advance.  After you register, you'll receive a telephone number and access code with instructions on how to participate. All callers are welcome. In addition to the cost of the TeleClass, participants will be charged whatever normal long distance phone rates apply.

BONUS: Each TeleClass includes an up-to-the-minute Cosmic Weather Report, different from the one Mark emails for free and posts on his website. 
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Solar Spotlight

Solar Spotlight

July forecast for Cancer:

Facing the Dying Machine

How long are you going to labor under false gods, Cancer? Isn't it time you stepped into that higher knowing that has thrilled you, taunted you, and eluded  you so many earlier times, which now must be claimed all the way, enabling you to rise to your full nature? Relationships are being revealed to you in a stronger light, which can feel harsh, until you wean yourself of false dependencies. Due to your direct link with the Great Goddess who giveth and taketh away all life, you're one of the people most susceptible to the organic growing pains of our planet, mentioned in the current Cosmic Weather Report. However, feeling the raw brunt of these birth-and-death spasms is infinitely better than your only other option: numbness as you lubricate the gears and cogs of the Dying World Machine. This is your time to get ultra-clear as to what work you're here to fulfill, what service your soul chose to provide. Stand strong in your knowing. Even when your inner clarity is not supported by those around you, you're called to unite with that innermost knowingness, regardless of the cost. That knowing will never fail to guide you into the exact places you need to go. 


2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future 

Soul-Wrestling on the Transcendental Highway:
Springing the magical core of the zodiac to bring on the future
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