Soul Level Astrology: Cosmic Weather Report June 1  

On Fire With Evolutionwoman with earth

On Sunday, June 8, at 9:22 PM Pacific time the Sun conjuncts Venus.  While not a rare aspect (it happens about once a year) this conjunction is significant. The Sun stands in for the Infinite. It's the focal point where all our vast greater potential streams through into the current moment.  Venus is the innermost voice of a knowingness and a beingness that lives deeply inside each of us - our heart of hearts. The Sun is our future self, a bit out ahead of us, wanting to come in, while Venus is our innermost self, wanting to come out into expression, which it will, if given supportive circumstances.
When these two bodies come together, a creative spark is released, that is most distinguished by its feeling tone. The feeling is of a radiant possibility being offered, a distinct possibility that something positive is about to happen; that the inward bounty of our soul gifts will find some new way to be released into the world around us. This is a high vibrational possibility, a feeling tone that may not be immediately obvious, and could easily be overlooked, but is nonetheless vital to the next step we each take. In June each of us receives a personal invitation to enter the next phase of creative unfoldment of who we are and what we're doing.
When Venus meets the Sun a subtle inner note is sounded, an interior gong best characterized by a new sense of longing, of potential, of hope and release. This ray of possibility must be nurtured by our own receptiveness to what lives within. The more we tune in to this new possibility, the more our imagination is stirred. A brightening, a quickening, a release of some heavy burden, an upswell of new confidence, an illumination of what we carry inside, that longs to be released, will become available from the second week of June and continue through the summer.  
The conjunction takes place in 20 Gemini, which is a crossroads of vision. This degree marks one of those intersections of the Mystic Highway we all walk from birth to death. Even when it's not visible, a grand design exists, which occasionally reveals itself to our personal understanding. The beauty of Gemini is that others can often recognize our true nature quicker than we ourselves can. In chance conversation, in idle gestures and poignant looks, the curves of this mystic road are charted. Through the Sun and Venus meeting in the Sign of the Twins, the strands of possibility of how we can align with our greater macrocosmic design become quickened inside us. Inner vision reveals a juncture where different paths of possibility meet. 
To cross the crossroads is to imagine fresh new ground, virgin territory that is best entered by our willingness to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt that we're here to do something valuable and necessary in the course of human events. If we embrace the summer of 2008 from this vantage point, the Sun/Venus conjunction will empower us to become wildly on fire with an evolutionary current. The junction where our own personal path flows into the greater stream of species evolution will be navigated with right timing. Fresh forces of creativity will be released.
This degree packs a sting to it. The Chandra symbol of 20 Gemini is A bull stung by a scorpion. The massive bullish nature of the human ego is going to be pricked by the dark tail of the scorpion. We have to do some shadow work here, have to imagine we're not limited by mistakes of the past, and that we can rise above our lesser attributes.  We have to be willing to give human nature the great benefit of the doubt that something new can happen under the sun, that we're not all doomed to repeat the darker parts of history ad infinitum, that our bright Venusian dreams of compassion and harmony might just possibly be more than a dream. The scorpion is the Great Awakener who pierces the skin of who we thought we were, to explode open the true power that we carry deep in our souls. If events in the coming weeks jab you and prick you, remember that it's just another of the many deaths you're being asked to achieve in the crazy course of your reincarnational journey from life to life. It's only earth, shedding another layer of skin to release the beautiful bounty deep within.
Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait?

Santa Cruz Talk & Readings2012

On Thursday June 5 at 7 PM, I'll be speaking at Gateways Books in Santa Cruz, California. This will be my first talk and book signing to promote my new book, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future, which has been out for six weeks now and is doing well. This story is set in Santa Cruz, and tells the tale of my seven-year mystical apprenticeship to visionary astrologer Ellias Lonsdale. In mystery school in the Santa Cruz Mountains we studied the year 2012 and what it means to human transformation. Because my first book talk will take place in the same town where the book is set, I'm very excited about this event. I know that several fellow students in our old mystery school will be there that evening, marking an informal reunion of the class. In conjunction with the Gateways event I'll be doing in-person astrology readings in a private office between June 5 and 10, and there are still several openings that week. Please let me know a.s.a.p. if you'd like to book a session.
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June forecast for Gemini:

Envisioning The Future

During the month of June, time of Gemini, six of fifteen planets are in air. That's a lot of air! Air is the element of communication and exchange, especially the exchange of ideas and artifacts. Air gives us perspective, detachment, and distance - the ability to sit far enough away from something to be able to see it. Volatile, air also plunges us into stormy states of disarray or destruction (like several tornadoes have recently done in the Midwest.) The soul purpose of Gemini is to clear whatever blocks are in the way of the future. The imagination is a powerful airy tool, an instrument that can be used to live into a future state before it occurs in time. Time itself can be conceived of much differently than the normal cultural definition.
With the Sun conjunct Gemini this month (see the current Cosmic Weather Report) all of us, especially Gemini's, are being given a chance to open up the customary limits and confines of how we see things in order to probe the radiant center of things. This is the time to get out of our own way and re-imagine the course of the future. Gemini is perhaps the most contagious sign of all. When Gemini's on fire with something, it spreads instantaneously. With so many planets in air, future-directed dreams and initiatives get much more support than normal this month. Thought waves that go into redesigning our next step now have a great chance to combine with other similar thought waves from others, to bring on an optimal future.
Always, with Gemini, the key task is separating those strands that are actually forming organically deep inside, down below, from just another wild and crazy Gemini notion. Air includes a lot of hot air! There's a difference between lashing-out in just any direction to get things moving, versus breathing deeply into those directions already in motion. When Gemini's vast creative potential aligns the self with the macrocosm, magic doors open.


Denver Talk, June 28
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2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future 

Soul-Wrestling on the Transcendental Highway:
Springing the magical core of the zodiac to bring on the future
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