Soul Level Astrology: Cosmic Weather Report
May 2, 2008

I'm pleased to launch this first edition of the new improved Cosmic Weather Report. Thanks to my indefatigable (and very pregnant) partner/lover/publicist Marcella Eversole, (who I met in the healing waters of Harbin Hot Springs exactly one year ago), the CWR, which I've been sending to a growing list of subscribers since autumn 2006, has been refurbished to accompany the launch of my first book, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future, published by Frog Books, along with Random House.


My tale's been out for two weeks and has begun to stir response from readers across the world. After forty years of writing books that didn't sell, and twenty years holding the fort as Soul Level Astrologer, my long-term labors are now producing concrete results (and a child on the way, due in September.) Thanks to those of you who've accompanied me on this wild ride through the decades, as well as those who've recently boarded this crazy soul train, I'm entering a whole new dimension of my work and my life. Thanks, especially, to those of you who've emailed so many warm responses to my book. Here's an example of one:


Hello Mark Borax!

I have been fascinated with 2012 since I first heard about it.  I've tried 
reading 2 or 3 other books; way too technical and obscure. Your book,    however, has been such a gift.  Talk about engaging; since I started it, I can't put it down. I am an avid reader.  With your book, I have had such a wild ride!  You have so clearly articulated so many of my beliefs, intuitions, longings, teachings, thoughts, secret desires, knowing, feelings and inclinations.  You are the first author to have ever impacted me in this way.  It has been incredibly validating, thrilling and joyous to have discovered your book.  Thank you so much!   I have already thoroughly marked up my copy, which is something I rarely do. I am a consummate networker and will be sharing your wisdom, perspective and book with many people in the coming times.  I was so taken by the Harmonic Convergence and so disappointed when nothing came from it.  It was so helpful to read about our collective forgetfulness; I've never read anyone who has addressed this. I know that we can no longer live the way we have been.  I know that we will need to learn how to work collectively. I KNOW that I have been prepared for the work ahead for not just this lifetime but for all the others.  And I know that I am not alone!  With gratitude and amazement,
Pamela Austin-- Santa Rosa, CA 

Sea God Riding the Dragon into the Music of the Spheres happybaby

A cosmic orchestration of expansion and inspiration is gleaming above us now as the giant outer planet Neptune (sea god of inspirational vision) heads for a rendezvous with the Dragon's Head (the twisting and turning path through collective karma.) In the sign of Aquarius (human evolution) these two forces meet on May 4th and stay close throughout the month, asking us to redefine each of our relationships with the collective. The old world's fading fast -- Which world are you going to usher in?


Many different worlds co-exist with the visible. Many futures vie for supremacy in the Species Dream Zone, where Grace wrestles with Karma, and inspiration struggles to emerge from the Trance of Normalcy that has taken over collective consciousness since the 1960s.


There are three types of karma: personal, ancestral, and collective. Personal karmas accrue from acts we took (or failed to take) in earlier lives. Ancestral karmas are programmings handed down in our bloodlines. Collective karma -- the kind up for redemption now, involves the core connection between each of us and our worlds, the individual-to-tribe issues that define how far our species moves forward our backward at a given time. The more we work our karma, the more we spring our shared destiny. Will you surrender your great potential in order to Feed the Machine, or stand up for your soul?


It requires great courage for mass consciousness to challenge the status quo and move forward into fresh cultural ground. We've got to separate true from false power. What system is your life force plugged into? What dream are you dreaming? In Neptune's wake the planetary ocean is swirling. Greater galactic forces are on the move. The world dream is up for grabs. The karmic beast of collective consciousness is summoned from long hibernation in its hoary cave.


Our planet is morphing and we each have some role to play in that. In January Pluto edged into Capricorn after thirteen years in Sagittarius. Wherever Pluto is marks where collective consciousness is caught many layers down -- the mass hell realms that must be freed for our race to go forward; the obsolete stories we carry inside in need of resurrection and renewal.


In the Pluto-in-Sag years, the bright spark of human spirit was caught in a political hell that derailed species evolution. Ironically, the good news is that US government got so bleak and bizarre in this time, that the sleeping counter-force of We Can Do It is now emerging from the midst of the strange collective distortion that passes for normalcy --the sleepwalking state we're starting to bust out of.


A ray of light is shining through the deep dark depths, as Pluto passes through Capricorn for the next sixteen years, till 2024. The last time this occurred was during the American Revolution in the US, and Romantic Generation in England. New vistas of what was possible for collective humanity emerged through poets Coleridge and Wordsworth, and especially through the sharp senses of the  great champion worldmaker of that generation, Beethoven, who stood at the rim of entire futures and brought the dreams of the gods crashing down into a sea of music.


Once again, as the Romantics were, we're poised on the verge of a whole new sweeping vista of human consciousness. Futures are struggling with pasts to get through to the present; dreams are wrestling with nightmares to blow our limited pictures of what we're capable of. Symphonies of cosmic magnitude blast the shores of the Possible. The Infinite is yearning toward the Finite. Soul hunger is on the rise. A great stirring of human consciousness is seething down below.


Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait?



Spreading the News 2012

Anyone who reads 2012 is welcome to post a customer review on amazon, borders and barnes & noble's websites.

Customer reviews actually work, and are considered by the publishing industry to be one of the best ways to let the huge potential reading public know of hot new titles. I feel I've crafted a gripping page-turner, a cosmic odyssey with profound ramifications for changing world consciousness. Rather than preaching to the choir, I wrote the book with a mass audience in mind, finding a way to turn metaphysical and spiritual ideas into an exciting real-life quest through love and sex and West Coast spirituality. Now I'm tacking the next formidable hurdle of letting people know of my story. Any help you can give will be most appreciated. Feel free to ask your local bookstore(s) if they have the title, because, even though it's out in all the big chain stores, many independent shops haven't ordered it yet. Marcella and I are currently working to crack into the top tier of publicity, outlets like the New York Times, NPR, and Oprah. If any of you have contacts, please let us know.

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Solar Spotlight

May forecast for Taurus:

Cranking the Dream Machine in the Age of Aquarius


During the month of May, as Neptune (planet of inspiration) meets the Dragon's Head (collective path forward) in Aquarius, the dreamy side of Taurus is called to the fore.


Taurus, the dreamer, is as inwardly fertile as the early spring, with much of its creative inventiveness held in abeyance, or hidden beneath the stuff of life that the Bull often gets burdened with.


Beneath the often placid or subdued exterior of the Cow, lush interiors and fertile fields of imagination are being stirred. Aquarius is calling to Taurus; species need calling to individual dreamers. When Taurus is granted room to move, and offered supportive elements to enhance its innermost vision, (as it is by Aquarius's revolutionary urge to overthrow assumed limits), the Taurean Dreamachine gets cranked.  This dream machine is capable of endlessly working overtime, producing strand after strand of dream, imagination, potential, possibility, and futures, any one of which is a throbbing seed strong enough to bear fruit.


All of you who are Taurus, or have Taurus strong in your chart -- now's the time to cast your dream seed into the strange brew of modern life, say a prayer, stand back and give it room to grow.

2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future 

Soul-Wrestling on the Transcendental Highway:
Springing the magical core of the zodiac to bring on the future
* Due to a West Coast trip the TeleClass will not begin until July.


Mark Borax

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