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Indianapolis-Area Happenings 

Bethesda Car Show
Saturday, June 11
12:00 - 5:00 pm
Bethesda Christian Schools

Hillsong United
Monday, June 20
7:30 - 10:00 pm
Conseco Fieldhouse

2011 Apologetics Mega Conference
July 18-22
Florence (KY) Baptist Church   

Mercy Me & Third Day
Wednesday, August 10
7:30 - 11:00 pm
Indiana State Fair  

Santus Real, Big Daddy Weave, Three Union
Sunday, August 14
2:00 - 4:00 pm
Indiana State Fair  

Indianapolis-Area Kingdom Advisor Meetings 

KA TrainingJoin other Christian Financial Professionals to network, fellowship, and receive meaningful training, tools, and resources through Kingdom Advisors. Here are three
area meetings to consider:

2nd Tuesday of each month
@ 7:30 am
10401 N. Meridian, Ste 110
Contact: Kyle Foyer

2nd Friday of each month
@ 7:30 am
9951 Crosspoint Blvd, Ste 100
Contact: Brent Dunn

3rd Wednesday of each month
@ 7:30 am
70 E. 91st St, Ste 101
Contact: Brad Hulse
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Welcome to summer!
We were hoping to have the new newsletter format in place but bear with us. In the meantime, immerse yourself in the incredible story below of horror and humanity, perseverance and faith.
Making a Difference ... with Tessa Judge

Hope for Sierra Leone  

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. While this cliché may ring true to some, these diamonds serve as a source of evil and malicious war to others. In recent years, the people of the small African country Sierra Leone have discovered many truths about greed, power and warfare. The root of all of these problems is something that the people of this country do not consider a blessing anymore. Rather the root of these problems has turned into such a curse on the country that the people want nothing to do with it: the diamond industry.


In March of 1991, the Sierra Leone Civil War began. It was sparked by the disgruntled and power hungry Revolutionary United Front (RUF) which brought much destruction to the country. The people of the RUF wanted to disrupt what funded the government: the diamond mines. War broke about between the RUF and the Sierra Leone Army (SLA). On January 18, 2002, the war was finally declared officially over. However, in that 11-year span, horrors unimaginable to most swept over the country, leaving it broken and helpless.


While about 75,000 people were killed and about two million displaced, these things are not what people most remember about the war. Because they wanted to get to the root of the government's funds and destroy what they could of it, the rebels attacked the people of Sierra Leone. Doing this meant that they were destroying the work force that supported the government. In doing so, the rebels used a tactic that has left the country in complete shambles: amputations.

Sierra Leone Story 

Tessa's brother, Jack (16), created this incredible video that documents the endless aftermath of the Sierra Leone civil war.

While the number of people dead and displaced is mind-numbing, the 20,000 mutilated people are left for the world to see the true effects of this war. These amputees include the elderly, young adults, parents, teenagers, and even small children. With 68 percent of the population living below the poverty line, according to the CIA Factbook, and an average life expectancy of 41 years, there seems to be little hope for these people.


Dr. Cole

Dr. Ernest Cole

Having just finished my first year at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, however, I have found that there is hope for these Africans thanks to an amazing professor of mine, Dr. Ernest Cole.Dr. Cole is originally from Sierra Leone and by God's grace and by the power of education, he fled the country with his wife and escaped the attacks of the rebel armies. His life has led him to teach English at Hope College and in recent years, Dr. Cole has worked to set up a foundation that will send children of amputees to school so the country can begin to move past this and



Last year, Dr. Cole worked with another professor at Hope and with Hope Church nearby to raise money for 20 kids from these camps to have the chance to go to school. It costs 200 dollars a year for a student to go to school for books, uniforms, tuition and other necessities. These 20 kids are now in school, but unfortunately, the church only raised enough money for 4 of the kids to continue their education to high school graduation.


While the project is growing, it needs more support to continue on the track it's on. This is made possible by anybody willing to donate even the smallest amount to this project, if one feels called to do so. If so, there are two options. If you have a fund with NCFI, you may request a grant to Hope Church with a recommendation that it go to the "Sierra Leone Project" in the grant purpose field. Or you may send a check made to "Hope Church Sierra Leone Project" to Hope Church at 77 West 11th Street, Holland, MI 49423-3297.


God has placed us on this earth to be both servants of Him and those around us. Dr. Cole's project is just the first step in the right direction towards freeing these people of the difficult lives they have lived for so long.


Tessa Judge

Tessa Judge just completed her freshman year at Hope College and is studying English and German. She was named a Mellon Scholar by the Andrew Mellon Foundation and has plans to become a book editor.   

A Word from Jim Cotterill

Ambassadors for Christ 

TGIF...I always get up extra early on Friday. It's a day I look forward to all week, but not because it's the last work day of the week. After all, I'm blessed to serve joyful people who want to give their time, talent and treasure to help others. How could a calling like that make a person eager to escape for the weekend?


Men PrayingNo, I get up early on Friday's, because, at 7:15 am, a band of brothers gathers for what just has to be the best bible study in the State of Indiana. I'll admit, there are some early Friday mornings when my alarm goes off, after nowhere near enough rest the night before, and I really want to just roll over and go back to sleep. But I don't, and I'm always so glad that I make the choice to participate. Somehow, each message seems to hit me square between the eyes; it's either exactly what I need (notice that I didn't say "want") to hear, or it applies specifically to a situation that a good friend is experiencing.


So last Friday our lesson was about citizenship, which is more than simply being citizens of the U.S. and visiting other countries as a guest. By the end of our hour together, scripture lead us to the realization that our citizenship here is just temporary. I'm just visiting. My real citizenship is in Heaven, and God sent me here to be his ambassador. I'm His representative, so I must reflect His values, rely on His protection and look to Him for His provision. This changes the way I look at least it should, right?


I experience almost 50 incredibly meaningful sessions like this throughout the year as a result of my involvement with these brothers in Christ. I don't mean to minimize in any way the benefits of individual time spent in the Word. But, my point is that bible study in community multiplies the impact of the experience exponentially.

Last Thursday afternoon, a member of our National Christian Foundation Indiana (NCFI) community, joined me to take part in a newspaper interview. The reporter was interested in the niche our foundation has carved out in the area of asset based giving, namely accepting shares of closely held businesses, and she specifically wanted to learn why a giver would make such a contribution and how it has affected lives. Our giver, Dave Garrison, is one of the most humble people I've never met, so I know he didn't see this as an opportunity for self promotion, but rather an opportunity to glorify God.


He answered every question he was asked. I was amazed at the amount of detail he added willingly, outlining what he had done and explaining why he had done it, as well as the impact the gift has had on his entire family. Knowing him as a private person, I was astounded by his openness. Then it struck me: This is what our community is all about. He was selflessly sharing the wisdom he has gained from his experience, focusing very little on the process of how through tax savings, he was able to give more. Rather he emphasized how the gift he thought he was giving has been such a gift to him, his wife and children.


People like Dave--a true ambassador for Christ--are what make NCFI a community. He's more than willing to share his wisdom and experience. Other NCFI community members, like Cindy Palmer and Barb Tait, are like minded and will help you understand how their vision for a giving circle, Kaleo, as the hands and feet of Christ to women and children of Indianapolis, has touched hundreds of lives. There's also David Helmer, who is delighted to share how he is creating a culture of generosity in his company, Helmer, Inc. Through Helmer Global Initiatives, his employees are not only having a positive impact throughout the world; Helmer, Inc.'s absenteeism is down and productivity is up. This creates additional profit, which results in increased giving, caring and sharing.


I could give many more examples. Suffice it to say I am blessed every day by all those in the NCFI community who truly understand their roles of citizenship in this temporary place. And mornings on Friday? I might be a little tired when I get up, but test me on this...He fills me every Friday! I'll be ready for your calls!





Jim Cotterill 

President, National Christian Foundation Indiana 




Mobilizing an unprecedented abundance of Kingdom  

resources to accomplish every good work.  

Welcome Gary Martin 

Gary Martin

Gary Martin

Please join us in welcoming Gary Martin as NCFI Vice President. From his home base in Fort Wayne, Gary began serving givers in Northeast Indiana in May 2011.


Gary grew up in Indiana and attended Purdue University where he received a BS in Electrical Engineering. After graduating and marrying Kathy, his wife of 42 years, he began working for General Electric in Fort Wayne. That career spanned 30 years and took the Martin family to several locations in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Tennessee. In 1998 Gary retired from GE to pursue another season of life in ministry.


For the past 12 years his focus has been on activities at Christ's Church at Georgetown in Fort Wayne as well as serving as Treasurer of Developing and Shepherding International and a Seminar Instructor with Crown Financial Ministries since 2004. Responding to a local movement of generosity, Gary began exploring affiliation with The National Christian Foundation in 2009.


When not doing the Kingdom work, Gary can be found playing golf, rooting for Boilermaker football and basketball and enjoying the company of his family, which now numbers 4 adult children, their spouses and 10 grandchildren.


Email Gary.


Direct Line: 260.437.9998

Did You Know? 

As of July 1, there will be a few changes made to our Giving Funds. These changes are being made to help simplify your giving and multiply the impact of your gifts. Read more


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