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13th Year  



John Beasley
Medicine Bluff Studio
Many artists and businesses contact the 
Handmade Tile Association asking advice on contracts with vendors, galleries, showrooms, public art sales and a variety of other issues. The Handmade Tile Association invited Attorney Perrie Heitler to our meeting at the Northern Clay Center on May 29th to address some of these issues. 
Perrie has been in private practice for 30 years focusing on assisting and maintaining long term client relationships in the areas of residential and commercial real estate, probate, estate planning, including wills and trusts, and small business organization and planning. 
She gave the attendees a list of four essential components you want in any contract (listed below). We have also posted this the full hand out she provided at the meeting on the "Learn"section Under Contract Essentials of the website. Click here to read it in its entirety. 
1. Offer. One of the parties makes a promise to do or not do some specified action in the future.
Margy Balztwiezer
Margy Jean Balwierz
Consideration. Something of value is promised in exchange for the specified action or non-action. This can take the form of a significant expenditure of money or effort, a promise to perform some service, an agreement not to do something, or reliance on the promises. Consideration is the value that induces the parties to enter into the contract. The existence of consideration distinguishes a contract from a gift. A gift is a voluntary and gratuitous transfer of property from one person to another, without something of value promised in return.
3. Acceptance. The offer is accepted unambiguously. Acceptance may be expressed through words, deeds, or performance as called for in the contract. Generally, the acceptance must mirror the terms of the offer. If not, the acceptance is viewed as a rejection and counteroffer. If the contract involves a sale of goods (i.e. items that are movable) between merchants, then acceptance does not have to mirror the terms of the offer for a valid contract to exist, unless:
(a) the terms of the acceptance significantly alter the original contract: or
(b) the offer or objects within a reasonable time.
4. Mutuality. The contracting parties h

ad  "a meeting of the minds" regarding the agreement. This means the parties understood and agreed to the basic substance and terms of the contract.

Kitchi Gammi Club Moravian  Historic Tile
Kitchi Gammi Club Moravian Historic Tile
This was a great meeting with lots of questions and answers on how to deal with clients, internet issues 

and other small businesses legal challenges. Perrie discussed hiring the right lawyer for your needs ie don't hire a divorce lawyer to handle your real estate legal needs.  
Perrie advised make sure your terms and conditions on your website are consistent with your other paper invoices and what you verbally say to clients.   We talked about how artists and most people always seem nervous to hire a lawyer because they believe it will be beyond their ability to pay. Perrie explained that for her, most basic contracts and common law issues a client should budget from $600 to $1500 and they will get their needs met. This can change with the complexity of the issue but is a good starting point. Bigger firms will cost more than private practice attorneys. Some of discussion had similarities to hiring a tile artist to make a project from the customer point of view. Most clients don't know how much handmade tile costs and believe it will be way beyond their budgets but in reality $600 to $1500 is usually affordable and in both cases will last a long time either as and installed tile installation or a contract artists can use in their business for years to come.
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Be a handmade tile ambassador
Tile Sale Opportunity at Northern Clay Center
Art A Whirl Recap
Minnesota Tile Festival
Rubble Tile's Grand Opening
New page on website
Welcome New and Renewing Membership
Thank You Volunteers!
Spotlight on Artist Schedule
Minnesota Tile Festival
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Be a handmade tile ambassador

 Trebuchet Communications the marketing firm that the Handmade Tile Association hires to promote the HTA get lots of invites to parties where tile, arts, and industry meet. The Handmade Tile Association would like to invite any interested member wanting to be a part of these VIP events to submit their name to the HTA to be our ambassadors for the association.  This would help us have a face at events like ASID showcase homes, gallery openings, industry events like National Kitchen and Bathroom meetings, etc. 
What to expect. In almost every case Lisa and her team will always be at the event and will introduce you to important people that could help your career. There is almost always great catered food and drinks, all would be free to you. You can promote your own business and if people have question about the Handmade Tile Association you would be able to tell our story. Easy, free and fun if you are interested please contact Josh
This goes out both local and nationally too. Last month we received a request from the Tiles of Spain organization requesting members in Seattle and New York City attend one of their parties. We have sent out e mails to members in those areas to be the face of the HTA. It is the perk of being a Handmade Tile Association member you get opportunities that would not be afforded to individuals. 
Tile Sale Opportunity at Northern Clay Center

NCC is re-considering the purpose of the tile wall behind the front desk. Over ten years ago, contracted gallery artists donated a tile to the back wall for display. Those tiles are being moved in to our permanent collection, and the space will now be used to sell tiles. Year-round artists represented in the gallery have been solicited for tiles; we are now opening this opportunity to artists not regularly representing in the gallery.


5 Hours buttonThis opportunity is for the display and potential sale of tiles. Ideally, NCC would take in and maintain 3-5 tiles in inventory. Artists are paid on a monthly basis, and we would expect a responsive turn around time to replenishing inventory in the event of sales. Sales through the NCC gallery result in 55% (or 50% for sales to members and staff) commission for artists. Should commissions come from the display of your tiles at NCC, the gallery will take 20%.


To apply, send the following information:

- Four digital images of tiles representing current or recent inventory

- Corresponding prices

- List of galleries or outlets where your tiles are currently available


Send the information to

Submissions due by June 15, 2012.


New tiles may be taken in as soon as July 1, 2012. Thank you for your interest,


Karen McPherson


Gallery and Special Events Manager

Northern Clay Center

612-339-8007 x 300

Art A Whirl Recap

Mercedes Austin of Mercury Mosaics volunteered for the second year to organize a presence of the Handmade Tile Association at Art A Whirl. The United States largest art studio tour. She paired down the concept from last year where many HTA artists had spaces to show and sell their work to a display showcasing many artists of the Handmade Tile Association. Four volunteers staffed the display Stephanie Kaczrowski, Wendy Penta, Alex Chinn and Rebecca Ryman. They handed out over 200 directories and sold six pieces of donated tile artwork generating $256.67 of sales. 

Tiles donated were from Lea Way Design, Stone Hollow Tile,  Stephanie Kaczrowski, Ceramic Chin, Pewabic Pottery, Clay Squared to Infinity, Dean Tile, Margy Jean Balwierz, Mercury Mosaics, Mad Zebra Tile, and SoMi Tileworks.THANK YOU!

As one of the goals of the Handmade Tile Association to have a better presence of who the HTA is. We had three banners designed and made for the space. Melissa Mobley Copon who works for Mercury Mosaics made some great banners for us. The image to the left is one of them. Thanks Melissa they looked great. We now can have an instant booth anytime and any where the HTA is asked to show. 


Minnesota Tile Festival  Registration Continues
The MN Tile Festival registration is still open. One of the concerns we have heard is artists who only show inside are nervous about having a booth outside if they do not have a tent. The HTA is working and looking to find artists or members who have tents they would be willing to loan to interested artists so they can show. If you have a tent and want to help please contact Josh and we will link artists up with your tent for the show.  
We are looking for tile and mosaic artists, designers, tile showrooms, tile setters, tile tool makers, frame makers and other tile related vendors. The MN Tile Festival is about educating the public on the resources available. Your presence is essential to continuing to broaden the knowledge of how handmade tile is used.  
New this year we are offering a Free extra 5'x 10'  foot space to any artist that wants to show a tile process. Example include mold making, glaze technique, stamping clay, mesh mounting, etc. What ever you can do to showcase that we make the tiles right here in the United States in your own studio. We believe this will be a great talking point and sales tool to showcase your work.     
Rubble Tile's Grand Opening

5 Hours button Rubble Tile's Grand Opening of their new space in St. Louis Park, MN was definitely "grand".  The new showroom has an energy that is contagious!  The space is very "urban' feeling with great light that spotlights all the wonderful fashion forward tile.  The location of the showroom (Hwy 7 and Louisiana) is so easily accessible and convenient and near other home related suppliers.  Over 250 industry people attended the opening and were in "awe" of both the space and the products. It is wonderful to have such a prestigious showroom honor local artisans, and be willing to collaboratively create.  It is also a great link for exposure with NKBA, ASID, and other members of the design industry.

Rubble Tile has a wonderful reputation as a women-owned business and leader in the tile industry for over 80 years and the new showroom and fashion strategy definitely will catapult them into the future.  Rubble Tile definitely takes "your style" with "our Tile" and makes your dreams come true.

Submitted by Sheryl VanderPol of Untapped Resources



New page on website-we need your images



5 Hours button The Handmade Tile Association has added a new feature on the website. In in effort to help web viewers looking for handmade tile projects we have created a section that features artist members work of Kitchens, Fireplaces, and Bathrooms as large images. This will help people visualize what handmade tile looks like installed. 
Members wishing to add to the pages please send images of 600 pixles to the HTA by clicking here


Handmade Tile Association Meeting


5 Hours buttonAugust  29th              
Handmade Tile Association Meeting  
6 - 8:30pm    
Where- American Swedish Institute
2600 Park Ave 
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Tour the Minnesota Tile Festival space before the show 

Pot Luck!


If you are not in the Minnesota region consider creating a meeting of tile and mosaic artists in your area.  The HTA can promote your meeting through this newsletter and on the website, Facebook, and Linked in. It is a great way to learn and promote tile ideas.



Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association.LLC
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Thank You Volunteers!
Thanks to our 5 hour volunteers for the Month of May Mercedes Austin, Stephanie Kaczrowski, Wendy Penta, Alex Chinn and Rebecca Ryman. Also thanks to Melissa Copon for making the banner designs for Art A Whirl

 5 Hours button

We are looking for volunteers for the MN Tile Festival  and the Arts & Crafts show both in September. Contact the HTAif you can help.

Spotlight on Artist Schedule
USA MapSpotlight on artists for 2012. 
If you are next Please send us any new images, information or news that you would like to be highlighted by the first of your month to the the HTA.

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Events, Show, New Products, Art, Classes, etc!
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Four times a week the HTA does a Facebook post on the Handmade Tile Association page. We are looking for , members and advertisers who have events or anything they want to publicize, click here to send your info 

We are looking for more events to post. Please send us your classes and workshops, and gallery shows. 

The same thing goes for artists chosen for the HTA "Artist of the Month" spotlight. If they connect with me early, I can integrate more of their work and interests in the press release.


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